Zoey Deutch Keeps Getting Zooey Deschanel’s Emails

Zoey Deutch Keeps Getting Zooey Deschanel’s Emails

-[ Imitating crying ] [ Audience “aws” ] Thank you so much.
-Happy Valentine’s Day. -That is so sweet.
Thank you so much. I appreciate that.
-No, it’s perfect. I know you couldn’t spend it
with your one true love, Justin Timberlake, so —
-Oh, my gosh. -But you got to spend it
with another Justin, who’s also a really good dancer. -That’s true, yeah.
You’re right. -And me. -And you, of course,
which is the best. Come on.
Happy Valentine’s Day, come on. I love that you’re here.
-I’m so happy to be here. -We have fun
every time you’re here. Last time, we were talking
about “The Politician,” and I said
how good you are in it. And it went on to get
Golden Globe nods. Congratulations.
No big deal. No big deal.
You’re just fantastic in it. Did you like the Golden Globes?
Was it fun? -Yeah, they’re really fun. I mean, no one knows
who I am there, but, I mean, I don’t know
who anyone is, either. I keep doing this thing where
I think I know Jeff Bezos. But I don’t know Jeff Bezos. -Wait, what?
-At all. -Wait, what are you
talking about? -Well, I’ve done it
three times now, and most recently
at the Globes after-party, where I walk up to him,
give him — -To the real Jeff Bezos.
-To the real — At the real Jeff Bezos. And I hug him. And I say, “I’m so sorry I haven’t
responded to your e-mail. I promise to get back to you.” He never e-mailed me.
He doesn’t know who I am. And I go to my friends,
and they’re like, “How do you know Jeff Bezos?” And I’m like, “Oh, no.
That’s Jeff Bezos? [Bleep]
I did it again.” -Wait. -Yeah, I don’t know.
I just keep doing it. It’s no wonder that Amazon
hasn’t hired me. -But why him? You just feel like there’s
some connection there, or do you just think it’s funny? -No. I feel like he looks
like someone I know. I don’t know.
I don’t know why. I just — I have a mental block.
And I think I know him. -But when you hug him,
do you say, “Hi, Jeff Bezos?” You go, “Hi.”
-No, no. I don’t know that it’s him
at the time. -Oh, you think it’s a different
person you might have e-mailed. -Maybe a friend’s dad.
Maybe an agent. Maybe somebody who’s not
the most powerful, richest man in the world. I don’t know.
It’s a mental block. -Jeff, you have to —
you have to talk to Zoey here. She’s really cool.
-I’m sorry. -She’s sorry for hugging you, but next time, you know,
respond to her e-mail. Okay, yeah. Please.
-I’m so sorry. -And then do you go
to the parties afterwards? Are those fun? -Yes. They’re — They’re fun.
They’re very fun. I got to meet Zooey Deschanel,
who I’m a big fan of. Yes, and I sometimes get e-mails
that are meant for her sent to me
’cause our names are so similar. So, I got to exchange
information so I can, you know, forward those things
on to her. -Zoey D. and Zooey D. -Yeah, one time I got a — Actually,
I didn’t tell her this. I got a picture texted to me
of a foot, and then like an hour later,
it just said, “Sorry, wrong Zoey D.” So…
[ Laughter ] -That’s weird.
-I know. I got questions. -Wow. Do you forward
those things to her? -Now, I’m gonna.
-Yeah, of course. Any other mistakes with her
that you get? -Mista– Um… Oh, one time I was walking
through security at the JFK airport, and a TSA agent was like,
“Are you an elf?” [ Light laughter ] And I very earnestly responded,
“No, sir, I’m not an elf.” And I just kept walking
and thought, “TSA agents are really asking
different questions in 2020.” -Are you an elf? Do you think they meant,
“Are you in ‘Elf’?” -They meant am I an elf,
which I’m not. I’m not an elf,
and I’m not in “Elf.” -Yeah, Zooey Deschanel
was in “Elf,” but she was not an elf in “Elf.” -You heard it here, folks.
Right here. -I’m confused, as well. I want to talk about
“Buffaloed.” You produce and star
in this film. Where did you hear about
the script first? -I was actually shooting a movie
called “Set It Up,” which is a rom-com on Netflix,
not Amazon. -That’s right. [ Cheers and applause ] -And I’m usually attracted to
parts that are super different than what I’m playing
at that exact moment. In “Set It Up,” the character
was super bubbly and a people pleaser. And “Buffaloed”
she’s this really greedy and insane
total opposite character. And I was on a mission
to get the movie made and cast myself in it. So that’s why I produced it. -Very smart.
You do a great job in it. Yeah.
Tell me what — The movie studio is doing
something very interesting with this film.
-Oh, yeah. Yeah. They’ve cleared $1.5 million
of medical debt to everyday Americans,
which is really cool. -So pay out debt.
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s pretty cool.
-Yeah. -Can you set up the film
and what it’s about? -Yes, it’s about a woman
who is obsessed with money and getting out of
her blue-collar existence and finds her calling in an
ethically debatable industry, which is debt collecting. -Yeah, and you have a great
accent in the movie, by the way. -A Buffalo accent? Is there anyone
from Buffalo here? No, absolutely not
a single soul. Well, I’ll see myself out.
-No, we don’t allow — On Fridays, no one from Buffalo
is allowed to our show. It’s a rule NBC made years ago.
-Oh, my God, I’m an idiot. -NBC made that rule years ago.
Yeah. -Yes, yes, I forgot
the fine print. -I’ve been to Buffalo
many times. -You have?
-Yeah. -Have you had
some Buffalo wings? -I actually went to the bar – –
Is it the Anchor Bar? -Anchor Bar and Duff’s.
-Yes. I went to — Yeah.
I had a Buffalo wing there. -And you liked it?
-It was like, yeah, ahh! It was amazing, yeah.
Of course. It was the best. -They’re great. They’re Buffalo wings
from Buffalo. Yeah, and there are really
interesting words like “jagoff,” words that don’t exist
anywhere else. -What are you doing, you jagoff? -Yeah, you jagoff. Who you calling a jagoff,
jagoff? -Hey, what are you looking at,
jagoff? -What are you looking at? -It’s a term of endearment,
as well. -Hey, jagoff.
-Aw, thanks, jagoff. Hey, I got something
for you, too. Here you go, jagoff.
-Thanks, jagoff.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Can we campaign for Zoey to be the next April O'Neil in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film? She's look like her with the yellow and the red hair. 🐢

  2. her story about jeff bezos literally made no sense.

    so she walks up to some random man she doesn’t know but thinks could potentially be her friend’s dad or someone who once emailed her so she goes up and tells him she’s sorry for ignoring his emails even though she doesn’t even know if he emailed her?

  3. Anyone…no simply everyone, and I do mean EVERYBODY looks bad in yellow accept for Zoey…damn. Oh and Jim C. of course duh! Lol

  4. Big tiny big ting big ting now you are now you are not now you are now you are not ‘ting big ting ,,,,,,,she is so lovely in pink.

  5. Her stories were confusing and awkward since they both acted like we already knew what they were talking about.

    She made the Jeff Bezos story sound like she hugged him knowing it was him but didn’t want him to know she knew? It made no sense. When they said that she didn’t know it was him, it made even less sense because why would you randomly hug someone because they look like you MIGHT know them and look like you MIGHT need to respond to an email? What??

    Then they didn’t explain the TSA/Elf story by making it clear the agent thought she was the other Zooey by asking her if she was in Elf. Instead they both made it more weird by acting like we knew what she meant and that it was quirky that she thought he asked if she was AN elf instead of IN Elf 😒💆🏻‍♀️

    The “Jack off” jokes were even more painful to witness…. terrible story/joke teller and interview sheesh

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