YouTube GOLD – This Ain’t Your Grand Pappy’s Mine Site (s2 e21) | RC ADVENTURES

YouTube GOLD – This Ain’t Your Grand Pappy’s Mine Site (s2 e21) | RC ADVENTURES

– [Rookie] And I don’t think
(speaking away from mic). – [RCSparks] Well, I’ll be. – Hey. – [RCSparks] I never thought
I’d see the day where Krazy Joe was out-safetying Rookie. – Kinda bright. – [RCSparks] What’s going
on, where’s your hardhat? – Where’s your gear? – [RCSparks] It’s early, it’s early, we just finished coffee. – What, what are you looking at? – [RCSparks] Your sandals. – Well. – [RCSparks] Rookie beats
you though, he’s got runners. – I got you both, steel toes. – You guys got no hard hat on. – [RCSparks] Hey, don’t know
that, I’m behind the camera. – It’s true.
– I can see you. – Fire up the pumps. – Firing up the pump. We’re plugged in.
– You’re literally right there?
– Yeah. You coulda said you were there. – [Rookie] Yeah, he’s here. (motor chugging) – [RCSparks] A brand new day of mining. Firing up the pumps. One side. (motor humming)
(water gurgling) One side. Uh-oh. I see we have a leak under
that sluice, it’s dripping and I see we have no power on this one. – [Rookie] Oh, there it
comes, there it comes. – [RCSparks] Oh, is it, trickling through? Okay, so we got a leak
under this one, big time. – [Rookie] Yeah, this is the one we fixed. – [RCSparks] So we’re gonna
have to swap this one out, Rook. We can’t have it washing away the platform underneath the whole trailer. It holds the trommel. – [Krazy Joe] Where are we leaking?. – Where is it leaking?
– Oh I see, nevermind. – Is it, it’s–
– Oh, it’s pouring from the back of the fitting here. – [RCSparks] Oh, is it? Yeah. – [Rookie] Yeah, right here,
you can see it pouring out. – [RCSparks] Oh yeah, it’s pouring out. Okay, I got one on reserve. – [Rookie] Okay, shut her down. – [RCSparks] Shut her down. Oh, God. Shorthanded today. – That was the wrong pump, Joe’s got it. – [RCSparks] I should know that. – You should, don’t you–
– Good job. – Own this place? – [RCSparks] I do, I didn’t
get a lot of sleep last night. Kevin, behind you up against the shop is the reserve sluice box. Oh we got no water coming through there, it’s a good thing I shut it down anyway. – [Rookie] Yeah she’s dry as a balloon. (motor whirring) (motor revving) – [RCSparks] Let me feel it, feel action. – She’s spinning?
– Yeah. Just need to prime it, yeah
(whirring drowns out speech). – [Rookie] Shouldn’t have to. – There it is.
– And she’s starting. – So I think you gotta
tip it on it’s side, get those air bubbles out. That’s it.
– Interesting. – [RCSparks] Get you gold, baby. So let’s clean out those shaker trays, both trays have stuff in it and have a clean start. That grass gets mixed up
in there, it’s no good. – Water off.
– Water off. Kev, that’s you brother. I’ve seen some fan mail. There’s some ladies in the comment section that find you incredibly attractive. Have you also seen these comments. – I saw that spammy
thing, that was (laughs). Who was that?
– Rookie101, baby, fan club all the way, work that hose. Krazy Joe, brand new but as you can see. – Yeah we’re just getting
everything set up, I think we’ll get a good setup going here – [RCSparks] You are ready
to pull some gold today, or what? – [Krazy Joe] I think so, yeah. – [RCSparks] Crazy, hey rock crusher. Everybody has been asking for
us to use the rock crusher. Of course, being at this
point in the season, we could definitely use
a big pile of gravel. We’re gonna try to sort
out some of the rocks we have around here to run through it. Of course, the new trailer is also here to help start sorting
out the different types of pay that there are. Getting really kind of rid of the rubble and putting in the more of the finer stuff right through there, we’ll be
able to see what’s going on. Run it through the two
plants respectively. more of the harder aggregate goes into the shaker plant
to get washed over there and the trommel gets the finer stuff. I’m actually just kind of spellbound at what I’m looking at here. – My (horn honks) work shoes on man, quit busting my (horn honks). – [RCSparks] Oh, switched over. – [Krazy Joe] Got on my gear. – [RCSparks] Nice, oh
making Rookie look bad now. – Hey, nobody ever makes me look bad, except me, I make me look bad. (laughing) (motor chugging) – [RCSparks] So here is the new sluice. Of course this is a
more conventional style. We were going with GoldHog mats, but just having to swap
it out at the last second. This is a larger aggregate
area that we have anyway. This is how the trommel
works when it spins around, it kind of sorts the pay into
different types of aggregate. Anything too heavy comes off the back, gets conveyed all the way
up to our second conveyor, which goes into the shaker plant, which is usually running right now. Shakes it all down and into
the final sluice there. If anything is missed
on these two sluices, we’ve got a recovery sluice box before it goes into the tailings pond, which is then filtered down
into the freshwater pond. Shaker on. (motor rumbling) So it is variable-speed. You can see the shaker
is actually starting to shake itself apart and rust over time, but man, this thing
has washed so much dirt over the last two seasons. Right on. One dump truck full of pay. Who wants the pay? – Me.
– We got one dump truck full, ready to go. – Me. – [RCSparks] So this Volvo
is actually a huge truck, it’s really hard to see
the scale of this machine. Very heavy, it is a full
hydraulic machine also electric. So you can see here, I’m
just going to back up. (motor chugging) And I’ve mixed the articulation
with the hydraulic pump, so it’s all on one stick to control. So forward backward left and right. (beeping)
(motor whirring) – [Kevin] Big pay. (whooping) Pay. – [RCSparks] Kind of a
darker day here today. It’s been a crazy season full of different types
of weather and rain, (truck whining) but it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, doesn’t
matter if it’s shining. We’re out here gold mining. Away it goes. Kevin with the first load,
straight into the hopper open for some good pay. Do you wanna turn that hopper speed down just a tad there?
– Yeah. – [RCSparks] So people always
say oh get bigger buckets, but of course the machine can
only operate so efficiently. So we have this one conveyor coming from the hopper at a quick speed, which loads up a decent
load onto this part of this wider conveyor. And then into the grizzly
bars, straight into the machine and then it gets pushed
through with an auger. Then it comes through on a screw drive, filters through the
cloth that I have there screening the aggregates, down out onto that conveyor. All the while getting
washed into the sluices. (motor chugging) Joe’s cutting a road out of the cut here, might as well use the
overburden for some good. Got quite a bit of experience
on the bulldozer this season, quite a bit of experience on all equipment this season, Joe. – Yes sir.
– Yeah, got to make her way around the mine though quite a bit. – [Krazy Joe] That’s right,
no I love running this stuff. So much fun. – [RCSparks] So you do a lot
of this for a living right? – Oh, some of it, yeah. – [RCSparks] Yeah in your off-season? – [Krazy Joe] That’s right. – [RCSparks] And so what do you think, riding RC Is still fun or like? – [Krazy Joe] Oh gosh yes. – [RCSparks] I figured
if you did some of this in your off time you
wouldn’t wanna be doing this for your job time, kinda idea. – [Krazy Joe] Oh well, it’s so much fun. – [RCSparks] Look at that, good cut. – [Krazy Joe] Like you
know, a simple task of say building a road, it takes like 50 cuts to
get that road in right, ’cause you can’t take a huge bite. So it’s actually a
little bit of work but– – Takes time.
– It’s all fun. – [RCSparks] It pays off. Anything to get to the gold. – [Krazy Joe] That’s right,
it’s just right there. – [RCSparks] Rookie getting a pile of pay straight from the cut. This new area seems to be
paying out pretty rich. We’re hoping that we’re on the vein now. I don’t know how long it’s gonna hold out or how many more days we can do this. But the more dirt we can
move and wash right now, hopefully the more gold we’re gonna get. That is the theory. Such a good-looking machine. Back goes Kevin, in for
another pile of pay, a whole bucketful. Looks like it’s getting pretty low, he’s having to go that low for it. More pay up to Kevin, guys. He makes it look so easy. (chuckles) Don’t let him fool ya, he’s being humble. We got a wind blowing in boys. – Fire.
– Whoa. What the (horn honks)? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay shut it down, fire extinguisher. Bring it in, oh whoa, whoa,
hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. It looks out, hit it
anyway, hit it anyway. Yeah. Holy cow. That’s good, oh yeah,
yeah it’s still going. (motor chugging) LiPo, LiPo, LiPo.
– Careful. – [RCSparks] There it goes. Well you just made that incredibly toxic. Fire. – I think we’re okay. – [Rookie] She’s still
bubbling down there. – [RCSparks] What the, look at that. – [Rookie] She’s still firing away. – [RCSparks] Okay we’re
gonna need the pool skimmer. Pool skimmer. – Pool skimmer. – [RCSparks] What was that? – That was a fire, it was horrible. – [RCSparks] Why, was the
conveyor moving properly? – Seemed to be, it’s dead now obviously. – [RCSparks] Whoa look at the mine site. – [Rookie] What the hell? – [RCSparks] As the storm blows in. Okay.
– This is like powder. – [RCSparks] Just keep loading the pay. That’s not awesome. I have an extra box. – [Kevin] You got an extra one? – [RCSparks] I got an an extra box. – Well go get it. Keep going. – [RCSparks] Don’t quit, Kev, keep going. One little LiPo fire ain’t
nothing, we got it out. – This is just a small fire, we’re okay. – [RCSparks] People are
gonna think we staged that. – It’s okay. – [RCSparks] Yeah it’s pretty convenient that we had a fire extinguisher here. – It was only a small fire. – Pretty.
– You always gotta have one on a mine site. If that safety guy was
here, he’d be proud of us. – [RCSparks] Safety guy? – Safety guy would be
proud, we put that fire out. – [RCSparks] It’s raining. – [Rookie] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Short circuit. – [Krazy Joe] It was only a small fire. – [RCSparks] Good thing
it’s biodegradable. – [Krazy Joe] I think we
just lost the one box. – Wow.
– Yeah. – [Rookie] That really went up, hey. – [RCSparks] Yeah, yeah,
must’ve short-circuited. Good job.
– Careful. – [RCSparks] Thank you, let’s
clean up the pool, please. (dings) Good man. Kevin, it’s storming, brother. – I’ll get the gold no matter what. – [RCSparks] Turn up the conveyor. – [Rookie] Turn ’em up. – [RCSparks] Turn ’em up. Yeah. (machines chugging) Keep going until they’re too wet. (sighs heavily) The cost of doing business. – Have you got a shower cap? – [RCSparks] A shower cap?
– I’d like a shower cap. – [Kevin] You’re gonna
get yoUr hair wet. Rookie? – Exactly. – [RCSparks] Bring me that gold, baby. – [Kevin] Oh, heck, yes. – [RCSparks] Rain it down. (machines chugging) Even the camera lens is getting wet. We can go until these conveyors just get too wet and start
sticking on to the mud, ’cause then they start backing up. But no matter what we
like to move the dirt. – Keep it flowing.
– Keep it flowing. Yup, Kevin, just start, full buckets, man. Just get that hopper full ’cause that winds gonna
be unbearable soon. (low rumbling) All the aggregate’s getting stuck on this, this has to be moved down. At least we got some good flow, same with this one I
wanna change the angle. This isn’t our usual, yeah. – [Kevin] You got aggregate sticking on the outside of the trommel. – [RCSparks] What, oh yeah,
it’s starting to stick. – [Kevin] Yeah, it’s coming
around right here as well. It’s all building up right in there. – [RCSparks] Okay, I’ll
start shaking it down. Yeah there’s a lot in there. It’s just ’cause it’s getting wet. (metal rattling) Thank you for the alert. (metal rattling) We’ll go until it’s impossible. Getting better, Rook. – [Rookie] Occasionally. (chuckling) – [RCSparks] Krazy Joe,
still ripping away. – [Krazy Joe] Almost there. Start trucking pay outta here. – [RCSparks] A direct road, we no longer need to use the excavator like we had to last episode. Get the rock truck right in here. That just looks great. Yeah, let’s power up the plant. That radio’s over here. Both excavators in here. Mine is on the fritz, I discovered, with a very leaky top boom. You can see lots of
oil has come out there. Unfortunately the devil’s
claws will not be able to come out today, the fangs. Okay, we have switched this trailer over to a different radio system, where we can have it constantly moving, constantly feeding. That way we’re hoping to
avoid any kind of big pile ups from the top and the
conveyors keep moving. Thanks for coming down
from the top there for– – Well done.
– Load this up for us. (machines whirring) Beautiful, now it can start separating. Away it goes. (RCSparks exclaims) – [Rookie] Did a little paint job. – [RCSparks] Oh I saw
the paint get processed. That’s coming off your paycheck Rook. (Rookie groans) So a mobile trommel trailer allows us to sort dirt wherever we are, put it into two separate piles making it easier to wash. Starting to rain a little harder now. – [Rookie] She is, she’s gonna get wet. – Yeah.
– Starts, gonna get mud. – [RCSparks] Okay, Rook. – [Rookie] Yes sir. – [RCSparks] Let’s get you back up, now the viewers got to see the trailer, let’s get you back up processing at the top so we can get
as much gold as we can before we have to shut her down. Yeah, I can see.
– Clear it out. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I can
see it starting to stick. Okay, the sky has opened up. Guys shut her down. – Shut her down.
– Shut her down. – It’s way too wet.
– Shut her down. – [RCSparks] Shut her down, get your machines to the shop ASAP. (machines chugging) Hey, how are ya? What a weird day of gold. – It’s getting a little wet. – [RCSparks] Let’s do this, brother. (Krazy Joe laughing) – [Krazy Joe] Unplug it all. – I got pooling water in the truck. (footsteps shuffling) – These are damn heavy, stupid bulldozers. – [RCSparks] Show the man
bringing the rock crusher, buddy. There’s no way we can
wheel this across the mud. – We can’t run mud. – [RCSparks] No. – [Kevin] Aron. – [RCSparks] Yes. – [Kevin] We got (speaking away from mic). – [RCSparks] What? – [Kevin] We got (speaking away from mic). (breathing heavily) (RCSparks exclaims)
One, two, three. (exclaims excitedly) – [RCSparks] You did get. – [Kevin] Holy crap. – Look at that one.
– They just keep getting bigger.
(laughing) – [RCSparks] Yeah, told you
it was over in the wheat. – [Kevin] That excavator
finds so much gold. – Cut’s paying, I’m getting paid paid. – [RCSparks] The wheat
fields, they keep paying out. – Paying, paying. – The wheat always pays.
– Well I guess the trees. (chuckling) That’s insane, bro. – [Kevin] Yeah. – [RCSparks] Can I see
one of those please? – [Kevin] Absolutely, the
biggest ones right there. It’s like a hook. Nice. – [Kevin] Holy schnitzel. – [RCSparks] Nice, I’m glad
we started collecting them. Guys are you kidding? These are like the biggest
chunks we’ve seen yet, you got– (screaming excitedly) Well thank you. You guys are getting all rained on. (whooping) – [Rookie] It’s a little damp out here. – [RCSparks] I don’t care
about the water, boys, it’s the gold I’m after. Look at that. Straight, there’s some dust back there. I’m so glad I put this carpet in here. Some got washed through to this side. You can see we wash it all. I don’t really like seeing gold down here but it’s always a disappointment
when I don’t see it. You know what I mean? – Well that’s right. We wanna still be catching
it even if it’s down here. – [RCSparks] Yeah, but it’s
all the way down to here. – [Krazy Joe] All the way down, it washed. – [RCSparks] That’s good,
hopefully there’s lots in between this piece and the top piece. – [Krazy Joe] Little bits
up here, little stuff there. – [RCSparks] I don’t see
too much in here though. – [Krazy Joe] Not supposed to, not supposed to.
– That’s good. – That’s good.
– That’s good, I’m glad. Like I told Joe, I’m always
a little disappointed though when I see no gold. Favorite part of the day. – [Kevin] Oh, look at all the gold, man. – [RCSparks] Get that grass outta there. – [Rookie] Yeah, we’ll
just get rid of this guy ’cause I don’t think
there’s anything in it. But we gotta clean it, so let’s start. – [RCSparks] Good luck. – You want some hose?
– No, that’s fine, you can do this too. – [Krazy Joe] I just put it on photo. – Oh did ya? – [Krazy Joe] I don’t know how I did it. – [RCSparks] It okay. (beeping) – Good, good, good, good. – [Rookie] Next. – You can see–
– Look at there, look. (whooping) – [Kevin] Heck yeah. There’s tons of gold in there boy. – [Rookie] If only there was some white. (beeps) – [RCSparks] And you were correct. You just punch it a bunch of
times to get it back to video. Yeah, yeah. (water swooshing) Can’t see it just ’cause it’s so darn shadowy out.
– So overcast right now. – Yeah.
– It’s a little dark. Yeah, the weather turned on us again. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – [Krazy Joe] The
weather does not like us. – [RCSparks] That’s all right. Hey, as long as the ground is paying, I ain’t caring how, it can rain, whatever it wants, as long
as we can run, we will. – [Kevin] One more. – [RCSparks] One more. – [Rookie] And it’s loaded
too, all from my plant. – Hell yeah.
(cheering) – [Kevin] Yeah. – That’s nice.
(whooping) – Hell yeah.
– That’s what we like to see. Good job, good job. (exclaims excitedly) – [Rookie] Look at all that. Huge. – [RCSparks] River of gold. Beauty right there, Kev. – [Kevin] Yeah, there’s
some up top as well. – [RCSparks] The plate of gold. So if you guys ever wonder why the gold pans are green, anybody? – [Rookie] See the gold better. – [Krazy Joe] So you
can see the gold better. – [RCSparks] That’s exactly right, ’cause the contrast against the green proves to be the best for gold. That way your best best
chances at recovery is there. Look at those beauties. – [Rookie] Those are massive. – [RCSparks] Those are massive. Yes. – Get all this–
– And here Kev. – [Rookie] Too good. – [Kevin] Freaking awesome. – Yup.
– Ridiculous. (chuckling) – Yup, all of ’em.
– Look at them, they’re so huge.
– I know. – [Rookie] More water, lots of water. – [RCSparks] That’s the first time Joe, you would’ve seen a piece this big here. – [Krazy Joe] There’s tons. – Okay open up.
– Watch it– – Gimme. – [RCSparks] Let’s get this,
just hammer it in there. There you go. (mimicking buzzer) Can you bite on it? Yeah. (laughing) Does Joe get his tooth? He does. (laughing) Nice. What do you mean it’s
stuck and you can’t get it out? Get the pliers. Dude, big enough. – [Krazy Joe] Look at it,
it’s like half the size of my hand, man. Awesome.
– Good, good. – [Kevin] Watch yourself,
hose is coming by. – [RCSparks] Hose going
through for the table. – [Krazy Joe] The big one’s back in the pan.
– Fresh water. (machine whirring) Sorry boys, wish we could
mine a little longer today. – [Rookie] It was a short day. – [Krazy Joe] Ah, it is what it is. – It was good day though, it’s a gold day. – It was a gold day.
– We got a lot of gold. – It was a gold day. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – And I think the clean
out is gonna be fantastic. – [Rookie] Oh I think so. – [RCSparks] Golden showers, boys. (whooping) – Stop saying that, no, no, no. – [RCSparks] The man of few words today. – Golden showers, golden
hours, golden whatever, we got a lot of gold. – [Rookie] Joseph. – Thank you sir. – [Rookie] Paint brush for you. – I don’t need no stinking paint brush. – [RCSparks] Nice, oh looks good, hey. – [Rookie] Come on there
bonny maid, hurry up. – [Kev] Gold, gold, gold– – [RCSparks] Whoa, hey. Moods are high, I like that, when we can see visual gold on the top of the first hand.
– We got to get the gold. – That’s one thing about seeing something, you can really only do it visually. – [Kevin] Okay, quit yakking
and start feeding, let’s go. – [Rookie] See visually ’cause
that’s the only way to see. – [RCSparks] Hey, these giant rocks don’t need to go on the table. – What?
– I thought these were filtered out. – [Rookie] Oh they were
sitting in the tub. – [RCSparks] Well come
on Rook, it’s not gold. – No it’s not, it could be. We could break them open. – It’s not gold.
– Put ’em in a rock crusher. – Not gold.
– We have a rock crusher. – [RCSparks] We could, we could. – [Krazy Joe] There may be gold inside. – [RCSparks] Why haven’t
we seen more rock crusher? – [Rookie] ‘Cause we’re shorthanded. – Shorthanded.
– We’re a little bit shorthanded today.
– We’re looking for miners, it doesn’t pay well though. – Yeah.
– Oh, what? Best place to work. – [RCSparks] I like him is foreman, I think he should be foreman. – Is okay, but hey–
(exclaims in shock) – [Rookie] Hey, we got gold. – [Kevin] Hey, that’s a huge one. – [Rookie] We got three. – [Kevin] Three huge ones. – These are the three.
– In one scoop. – [Kevin] Did you see it? – Yeah.
– That’s really huge. That’s– – [RCSparks] Look at
it along with the size of the other rocks, it
really gives it perspective. – I’m singing for gold. – [Kevin] Were you singing? – [RCSparks] I thought you
had a no singing rule here? – Oh, just for you guys. – [Kevin] I heard you singing. – [RCSparks] He’s in a good mood, he was able to see the gold. – [Kevin] Maybe the hat’s helping. – [RCSparks] Yeah, that might be it. – [Kevin] ‘Cause you know, it’s squeezing his head a little bit. – [Rookie] You catching, Joe? – [Krazy Joe] Yes, let’s call it yes. – [Rookie] Gold, catching gold. – [Krazy Joe] Yes, I’m catching some gold. – Whoops.
– Nice, yeah it moved out. – [Rookie] We need an extra. – [RCSparks] Yeah, just need
to clamp it, right there. – [Rookie] Need and extra
hand, I wish I had a third arm. It’d be so handy. (spoon scrapping) I see lots of color in here. Lots of color in here. – [RCSparks] For the amount
of dirt we were able to move, I doubt we’re going to see that much. – [Rookie] It was a short
work day, it really was. – Yeah.
– There we go. I pushed it back through there so. – [RCSparks] Lots, lots,
oh my gosh, boys, lots. Yes, oh. – Look at all that gold here.
– Whoa. Holy cow. Holy cow. Nice.
– Oh, we’re not done yet. – The new cut.
– Oh my goodness. – [RCSparks] Is that all,
that’s not all of it? – Oh no.
– What’s the name of that cut? – [Krazy Joe] We got more. – [RCSparks] Look at
all that little stuff. – Oh my.
– Look at that. – [Krazy Joe] That
little stuff all adds up and become the big stuff. – Still some up top.
– Oh yeah, I mean there’s a ton of it. – [RCSparks] Yup. There, yeah. (whooping)
Everyone’s wondering why we left it in the bowl. (laughing maniacally) We could’ve just picked it out. – [Rookie] That’s no fun. – [Kevin] Why, I like the wheel. – Yeah I like the wheel too.
– Don’t you wanna see it go up the wheel? – Of course.
– Yeah. – [Kevin] Turning on the wheel. – [Rookie] Turning on,
is the bucket in place? – [Kevin] Yes, bucket is in place. – [Rookie] Here you go sir. – [RCSparks] Here you go. – [Rookie] Put it up the wheel. – [RCSparks] Nice, scoot
it in there gentlemen. – [Kevin] Let’s just watch it climb. Look at it.
– Where’s the spoon? Spoon some in. Spoon Joe. – [RCSparks] You wanna
have a consistent feed going on here for it to work. There it goes, first gold, I love that right off the hop, a riffle rider. – Massive chunk.
– Yeah round and around, yeah. – That is a big chunk of gold.
– Good, good. – All the gold’s gone in all the way– – [RCSparks] Look at it all the way up. (exclaims) – [Kevin] Here comes a bunch. – [RCSparks] Oh huge. – Do you think the
viewers are getting bored of the show now? – I don’t care, it’s so much fun for us. (laughing) (exclaims) – [RCSparks] Nice. Man.
– That one’s still riding the riffs. – It’s just so great.
– Getting ready to go in. – [RCSparks] Great
reason to hang out, man. – [Krazy Joe] I can see
gold on the spoon already. – [RCSparks] That
concentration table allows us to get this finer– (exclaims in shock) – [Krazy Joe] Look at it. – [Kevin] Oh, pow. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Yes. – [Krazy Joe] Your turn. – [RCSparks] Yeah, this is
exactly what I like to see. Wow. – [Rookie] My turn you give me like– (laughing) – [RCSparks] It’s like empty. – [Rookie] Like what’s in here? – [Krazy Joe] Hey, there’s
some gold right there. – [RCSparks] That’s fine powder. – [Krazy Joe] There’s gold there. – [Rookie] Let me get rid
of some of that water. – [RCSparks] We didn’t get a lot today. I can’t believe that
one’s just rolling around. – [Kevin] it’s so heavy. – [RCSparks] Look, it’s too
big to go through the end. – No.
– There, there, there, there. – [Krazy Joe] Next time around. – [RCSparks] Okay boys
I’m taking bets on this. Third round, we’ll give you 10 to one. What have you got, anything? – Not yet.
– Any takers? On on two spins, three spins. (laughing) – [Krazy Joe] Two more. – [Rookie] When I give
it a push, it’ll go in. – [RCSparks] Yeah, I’ve
never seen this before. – It just–
– Wow. – [Rookie] Look at all the gold that just bucked out there.
– It’s still pouring out. Wow. It’s just–
– And it flipped through. – [RCSparks] We were like
digging in the wrong area the whole time.
(exclaims) – [Kevin] Yeah, yeah. – [RCSparks] And the crowd goes wild. (whoops) That is awesome. Is there anymore down in there? – Oh yeah.
– There’s a load up there. Put in there my man. – Rookie.
– Look, there’s a piece of gold right there. Holy (horn honks). That’s gorgeous. Oh that looks nice. – [Kevin] Oh my gosh. – [RCSparks] River of gold. (whoops) – [Krazy Joe] Look at
it lather and beautiful. – [RCSparks] Wow. – A whole stream.
– Wow. – Whole wheel.
(whooping) – [Rookie] Huge amount of
gold sitting on the wheel. – Wow.
– wow. Look at it go.
– Oh my. – [Krazy Joe] We might
need a bigger wheel. (laughing) – [RCSparks] Wow. – [Rookie] It’s, a lot
of fine, still coming up. – Amazing.
– That is amazing. – Wow, there’s still a bunch
of stuff in the riffle there. – Yeah. – [RCSparks] Bring it in buddy. Three, two, one.
– GOld. (whooping) – Oh those three nuggets
are really the pieces, hey. Yeah those three has really
been the showstopper. (low rumbling) Oh nice. Yeah another solid line. – [Krazy Joe] That is amazing. – Wow.
– Wow. – [Rookie] Great clean out, no mud. – No mud.
– No. – [RCSparks] Yeah,
that’s really clean gold. – [Kevin] Yeah. – [Krazy Joe] Now we’re
down far enough below– – Yeah we’re there boys.
– There’s no mud. – [RCSparks] We’re there. – We are.
– It’s all gold. – [Rookie] We’re on it now. – [RCSparks] All right you
can see that’s sand, hey. – [Krazy Joe] That’s
two parts sand though, we’re gonna get that that’s
how we know we’re there. – [RCSparks] That’s nice and clean. Hopefully there’s no gold stuck behind the black sand. Rookie. – [Rookie] Sir. – [RCSparks] Bring it over. I’ve got the scale all zeroed out. Somebody was saying last time they saw it, every time we do this, they could see gold get
kicked onto the table. (Rookie groans) Yeah, yeah, there. A little pieces just went right there. (plate thudding)
(gold clattering) We’re always watching for it. Dude, 10.8 grams. 10.9. – [Rookie] Kidding me. – [RCSparks] 11. – [Kevin] I was close, I was close. – You were close–
– Whoa, man. – [Kevin] I was close. – [RCSparks] Nice job, 11. – Sweet.
– On the on the money, man. – [Kevin] This is ridiculous, how much gold we just keep getting. – [RCSparks] 11, well that’s
’cause we keep following the path, man, it was under those trees. – It was obviously under the trees. – [RCSparks] Yeah, well 11 grams, man. Congratulations, that was
a great day even though– – Pretty close to what I thought. – Yeah.
– Completely raining, hey. (whoops)
– Awesome. – [RCSparks] So what’s our total at then? – A lot. – We are– – [RCSparks] Shall we weigh it? – [Kevin] Now we’re
over 50 grams, I think. – [RCSparks] Kevin, start pouring. – [Rookie] We’re over two grams. This is two ounces.
– Pour her in, man. – Two ounces.
– Two ounces, I think we’re over two ounces now. – [Rookie] It’s hard to
dump out, it’s gets blocked. – [RCSparks] Yeah you gotta kind of tap. – [Rookie] Go back and forth, yeah. – [RCSparks] ‘Cause they’re
pieces that are so big. 22.8. 32.5. That’s over an ounce right there. – [Rookie] And there’s, oh,
there’s more than ounce there. (exclaims) – Weigh it out.
– There is some serious weight there. – [RCSparks] What do we got? – [Kevin] What do we got, what do we got? – [RCSparks] Da-da-da, 50, 60, 69 grams. – Grams boys.
– 69. – [RCSparks] That’s my favorite number for a new reason.
69 grams? – Yes.
(whooping) – [RCSparks] Nice job, man. – [Rookie] It’s like a 1980s movie. – [RCSparks] Oh. (exclaims excitedly) – [Kevin] Yeah. – [RCSparks] 2.22 ounces, wow. (whooping) Dude, that’s a ton. – [Kevin] Well for 3/4 of an ounce. – That’s right, we smoked it. – [RCSparks] Well, how far do we go? – We go ’til we freeze. – That’s a silly question. Why would we stop? – I know.
– We can’t stop until it’s– – [Rookie] If it’s giving, we’re taking. – [Krazy Joe] When mother
nature shuts us down is when we stop. – [RCSparks] Yeah. (gold clattering) – [Kevin] Listen to that. – [RCSparks] That’s insane. – [Krazy Joe] Not the
little ounces either. – [RCSparks] No, the big ounces. I’m gonna spill this all
over the floor right now. There it is. – [Rookie] Anything I
catch, I get to keep? – There it is. – [Rookie] Would you like
me to do, you’re scaring me. – [RCSparks] Oh man, there’s
just something about gold, man. The big piece is in there too. – [Krazy Joe] I know that’s
like, my whole tooth like, I could do almost my
whole mouth with this. – [RCSparks] Dude, yup. – Yeah.
– Oh that’s a good set of grills.
– Would just cast me a whole grill.
(laughing) Cha-ching. Wouldn’t you like that? (laughing) I’d like that.
– We’d have to start a diamond operation and
inset some of those. (laughing) – I’m cool with that. (laughing)

Author: Kevin Mason

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  9. Getting that amount of gold with toys I’d be investing in some real man toys could be sitting on serious pay dirt deep down.

  10. You guys have a big gold mine going with no security!?! Here at Trident Armory we can provide you with anything you may need to protect your property against almost any type of threat.

    Tank support. 4. Heng Long M1a2's, one of the M1's has a mine plow. 2 HL Challenger II's, one with TUSK armor, 1 2A6 Lepard, and 1 Bradly APC.

    We also can provide a air support package which includes the following: Elite Force BBI, 1 F18, 1 F16 Block 70, 1 (Freewing RC) A-10C Warthog, 1(RC) SU35 Flanker, 1 AC130 Hercules (2 20mm Vulcans, 1 105mm howitzer) 3 OH6 Little birds, one is configured as a gunship. 2 Kiowa warriors, 1 MH60 Blackhawk, and 1 AH64 Apache.

    We have 2 MRAP's. including 1 (RC) 6×6 cougar. 1 (RC)HEMTT, and 3 up armored Humv's

    Surface to air: 1 HAWK missle site and 2 20mm towed Vulcan guns.

    Artillery: 60mm-81mm mortars and 2 155mm M198 howitzers.

    Personel: We can provide you with a equivalent of a Marine size basic infantry platoon, up to U.S.N. SEAL's and Green Beret platoons. These are available upon special request. (100% of our SF platoons were actual operators with a minimum of 2 deployments)

    All of the above mentioned assets come ready to go with all the Support, logistics, and weapon systems. The only thing we require is a properly maintained air field for our fixed wing aircraft.

    Now the cost, for your operation it's free, as long as we can play around the outside of you gold mine.😁 Thank you and we are looking forward to doing business with you.

  11. I have been a subscriber for a long time and for some reason have not been getting any notifications from your channel. So I think to myself, I wonder what you have been up too and go to your channel to see Ive been missing so much. But if you guys are actually finding gold like this, as you say in the description, yes it is real gold, then I would feel dismayed if I didn't suggest that you put the rc up and immediately get some real equipment in there haha!

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