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(packages rustling) – [RCSparks] Someone commented that I only get all my
friends to come over and do the work for me. I would agree with them. (laughing) – [Man] Who told you I said that? (laughing) – [RCSparks] I knew you
made up that account. Come on, Mike, you’re falling behind, every things erased, man. Oh my gosh, look at this! The Material Hopper. Now this set me back quite a bit, boys. We’re gonna have to
start movin’ enough dirt so I can recover at
least 10 dollars of the thousand this little unit cost. – [Man] Thousand? – [Narrator] Yep, pretty
close in Canadian funds, man. It’s crazy money to get into gold. So this is the upgraded conveyor, except I got one screw that’s
falling out right there. The upgraded conveyor has
this motor box on the outside and apparently it’s supposed
to run a little bit smoother. (inaudible 00:49) – [Man] Yes, exactly. – [Man] Pads? – No pads. I was wondering about that, you know? – [Man] If you got any big rocks – [Narrator] Yeah. (crosstalk) That’s cool. I never even noticed that myself. I like that. (crosstalk) Look how fast it can go, holy cow! That’s a nice one, look at this. Rampin’ it up. (conveyor winding) (mimics conveyor noise) And they said mining wasn’t easy. Look how easy you move this. – [Man] Yeah, super – [Narrator] Yeah. Sluice, what’s going on, man? – [Sluice] Just trying to get this pan a little more level. – [Narrator] What happened? – [Sluicebox Steve] Looks
like the frost might have heaved up that board and lifted the bottom in so I had to cut ‘er down a bit. – [Narrator] Looks like a
bunch of pay sitting there but I guess it’s just sawdust, yeah? – [Sluicebox Steve] It’s sawdust, yeah. – [Narrator] Nice job. (drilling) More arm power! (laughing) You’re supposed to saw it back and forth when it’s out of battery, dude. (laughs) This slightly used 18 volt should have enough charge, I hope. I took it out of my drill, it may have some juice left. (clicks) (tests sawing) (sawing) Ah, that (laughs) ‘kay, lookin’ good, man! A little bit too high on the launch, what? – Can we get a loader? – [Narrator] I don’t know if this is gonna be large enough. (grinding) Aww! It’s super tall! So, we need a ramp of some sort. – [Man] Or another conveyor. – [Narrator] Let’s do another conveyor, and move it, and then it’s
completely impractical. I think the more conveyors, the better. ‘kay, well, since Joe is off having fun with his wife for her birthday, I think we should have a day with no hard hats to teach him a lesson. (laughs) Everett! (laughs) How are ya? – Horrible, but still here. (laughs) – [Narrator] And no boots! – [Man] No boots. – [Narrator] Hell, we should
take off our safety vests, just for fun. I don’t want to be too crazy, though. (laughs) – [Man] That is crazy. – [Narrator] That is crazy. – What?! (laughs) I’m using what I got! That’s what mining’s all about! – [Narrator] So what’s the plan? – So the whole thing is some viewer said that we should cover the pump with a doghouse to kind of muffle the sound. So we figured we’d put an old house to good use an igloo in Canada to muffle the pump (laughs) – [Narrator] Sounds good. (laughs) (laughs) (tests sawing) (sawing) (sawing) – Easy access for all! Ready? (sawing) (laughs) – [Man] Did you really? – Yeah I did. (sawing) – [Narrator] Ah, damn! (laughs) – [Man] Is it just a scratch, maybe? – It’s just a, it’s a flesh wound. Watch your legs. (sawing) – I wonder if they filled
out a hazard assessment for this today. (laughs) (sawing) – [Man] There you go! – [Cameraman] I don’t even know what I’m pointing the camera at, I’m too busy watching
off the little screen. – Just pull the piece out! – [Man] No no no no no, I need the elbow. I know, but (laughs) That’s better. (crosstalk) (laughs) – Just angle it! It’s on an angle! Just turn it! – [Man] We have couplers inside, don’t we? – I just ignore him most the time, as you can tell by our work. (laughs) – This is probably the
least efficient mine I have ever been proud enough to rock. (laughs) – [Man] What? – [Man] Everything’s going to hell. – [Man] Yeah. (laughs) – [Narrator] Oh good, you can
run the loader underneath? That’s exactly what we need. As long as you can get back and forth. (laughs) – It’ll be okay. (laughs) (sawing) – [Man] There it comes. Yeah, good pressure! (sawing) Yeah, good, water is
flowing down the sluice! (water running) That is better, guys! Nice job, Rook! – Woo! Hey did I see donuts? – [Narrator] Yeah, there’s
donuts over there, man. – [Man] Typical cop. – [Narrator] Whatever you want, cop. (laughs) We got it. (laughs) ‘kay, since I hired you
to be safety inspector, I need you to run the dozer today, is that cool? – Sounds like a good plan. – [Narrator] Yeah, and then you can just do your inspections whenever. – Yeah. First day on the job, runnin’ the loader, dozer, whatever, what’s this machine called? – [Narrator] A dozer. – Okay. – [Narrator] Make sure to give me the safety report, though, so I can redact it before I release it to everybody else. (laughs) Okay thank you. I’ll color code it for you. Sluice. First day on the rock truck! (engine running) Rollin’ out. Remember, every time you’re burning fuel, you’re burnin’ money, man so make sure it counts when
you’re moving the vehicles. – [Man] You bet, man. – [Safety Inspector] Boss? – [Narrator] Yeah! – How do I start it? – [Narrator] Oh no. (laughs) Did you plug it in? – It’s plugged in. – [Narrator] Everything’s
good to go on here? – [Safety Inspector] I don’t know. – [Narrator] Let me see. It says you got to put everything down and get it centered. There, it’s moving! What are you doing? (grinding) Are you going to head
your way up to the cut? – I gotta move this out of the way first. – [Narrator] Okay, good. – [Man] That way the loader
can get in a little easier. (grinding) – [Man] Move the control
box to the other side there, Sluice. – [Man] The wires are right here? – [Narrator] Shaker’s on, it’s spinning. Got a good vibration, I’m gonna turn it down a little bit. (grinding) Not bad. – I was just getting the safety guy set up
– [Narrator] Caught up? – The dozer, he didn’t know how to use it. – [Narrator] Just want to make sure that he knows that the dozer
is as safe as it can get. – I couldn’t figure out reverse. – [Narrator] Yeah, okay? – No reverse. – [Narrator] Now that you understand that, you can see that it is
certainly equipped with it. – Yeah, we had to call up the mechanic. Excellent. – Don’t safety guys push training? (laughs) Don’t we have training? (laughs) – [Narrator] We’re just training him now! (laughs) That’s the point, right? On the job training. Very important. (grinding) There it goes. First pay. Gets washed in the bars. (grinding) Into the sluice. Take this loader up to the rock truck and start loadin’ new pay. – ‘kay. (mechanical grinding) Just a small adjustment. – [Man] There we go. – [Narrator] We figured under the conveyor would be the best route
to get back and forth from the mine sites to each plant. – [Man] Goin’ under there. – [Narrator] Is this your first time runnin’ the loader? – [Man] It is. – [Narrator] Nice job! – [Man] Since you changed
the configuration. – [Narrator] Yeah, it’s
looking great, man! (mechanical grinding) Beautiful! (mechanical grinding) – [Man] Watch the shovel
when it goes up and down. – [Narrator] The blade. Oh, you’re out of fluid. You need more fluid. – ‘kay. – Any movement in the pump? – [Man] Nothin’, boss. – [Man] I don’t see
any big puddles though. – You never know with these old machines, sometimes they just drink up the fluid. – [Man] But that’s our new one! – This is our old one! – [Man] That’s, look at that one! – That’s my new one, it’s just a new one! (mechanical grinding) (mechanical grinding) – [Man] Sluice, give me a load. (laughs) – [Narrator] What did you just say? – Of dirt, of dirt! (laughs) Moving dirt, everybody knows what I meant! (laughs) (mechanical grinding) – [Man] A little higher,
you’re gonna scratch the paint! (mechanical grinding) – [Narrator] A lot of pressure running these trucks these days. Careful, man, you’re
getting close to the edge! It’s all right. – Slidin’ – [Narrator] Just bring ‘er around, it’s not that heavy. Careful! Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Whoa! ‘kay, just be careful, man! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Just try to tip the load right now, dump it! There you go. That’s okay. That’s gonna be high centered but it’s dumpin’ quick. Good! Good! That’s right, drive out! Rookie! Don’t be driving the
loader everywhere, man, it costs money for fuel! You know that! (inaudible) Just walk down the ramp, you don’t need to take the loader. – All right, we need to swap. Can’t make the little
driver walk that far. – [Narrator] Well, for that
kind of money in fuel I can! – Ever since you got these glasses, man, you’ve been kind of a hardass. (mechanical drilling) – [Narrator] Did you let
it run out of gas again? – I did not let it run out of gas. – [Narrator] I thought,
you’re Sluicebox Steve! This is the water – You guys used this last week when I wasn’t here, and you didn’t put no gas in it! – [Narrator] That’s not my job! – I guess it is in my job description. I forgot to check. (mechanical grinding) – [Narrator] That makes a difference. – [Man] I heard no difference. (laughs) – [Narrator] What are you doing? – You know, these guys, they had me get right out of my – [Narrator] They were looking – My dozer, I see too
many safety infractions. Gotta come check it out. – [Narrator] ‘kay so Rook’s gonna be traveling through, under, getting the pay, coming back and loading
it onto the conveyor which will get screened, then it’ll go onto the conveyor, a little one going sideways then the conveyor and
then into the trommel. Can you make that thing go any faster? – I actually cannot, no. – [Narrator] This is max warp speed. – [Rookie] I don’t think
we made the conveyor system complicated enough. – [Narrator] I love it,
I think you’re right, we should add another conveyor! – [Rookie] I think if
we had another conveyor, so I could load it here and feed this one. – [Narrator] That’s a good idea! – [Rookie] I wouldn’t
have to drive as far. – [Narrator] That’s a very good point! – [Rookie] It would save fuel. You made me carry that one last year too. – [Narrator] Just that one. – After an excavator race, you made me carry the loader. – [Narrator] Aren’t you feeling better and healthier for that? – No. – [Narrator] You’re gonna
live longer, thanks to me. (laughs) (mechanical grinding) Putting the sluice back on the loader. How many times have you
used this one, Sluicer? – [Sluicebox Steve] In loading wars. – [Narrator] In loading wars, so once plenty of room, dude. – [Man] Plenty! (laughs) – [Narrator] Just don’t
hit any of the equipment. It’s exceptionally expensive. – [Man] I’ll try that. (inaudible) Ohh! Careful! – [Narrator] That’s weird. I wonder if it’s just seized up ’cause we didn’t have a dead battery. Oh no it’s not seized. – [Man] I think something inside – [Narrator] Conveyor belt issues, yes! – [Man] They’ve always
been our biggest pain. – [Narrator] Let’s flop it out, let’s get another one. (mechanical grinding) Try not to spill it! Bring it in! No no no no, bring it in over here. – [Man] If we’re gonna
get it up a little higher to get past that bank. – [Narrator] I put the
most inexperienced guy on the loader. – [Man] Up a little higher! – [Man] Little bit. – [Narrator] Feather it in there! But don’t rip the
conveyor with the bucket. No no, there you go. Feather. Feathering. – [Man] It’s coming down on its own. – [Narrator] Lift it, then! (laughs) I hear squirting! (laughs) – [Man] Dump your load! – [Man] It keeps dropping. – [Narrator] Worst operator ever, give me this. – [Man] It keeps dropping! Ah yeah, I see the oil
all over the ground. – [Narrator] Look at! (groaning) Oh my God! – [Man] That’s what you get for my inexperienced operating. – [Man] Dude! (crosstalk) – [Narrator] Yeah, that’s out. You know exactly what it’s the hydraulic line against the brushless motor. – That’s what blue of mine. – [Narrator] Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Narrator] That blows. – That blows. That blows. (mechanical grinding) – [Narrator] Okay let’s
get it out of here. Bring it back, I got a bucket full for you right here. Just be awful careful
with the tooth bucket. (mechanical grinding) First bit! Nice job. First pay – [Man] Ooh! – [Narrator] Oh, that’s okay. In it goes! Straight down! (mechanical grinding) There it goes! Into the trommel! Down the sluicebox, yeah! Nice job! It’s crunchin’ it. (crunching) So as he feeds it, you’re backing through here, this seems exceptionally well skilled! Good job!
– [Man] Ohh! – [Narrator] Oh, careful,
lower it down a bit. Little high, penalty, dude! Penalty. – [Man] Well you know, I
did get a lot of penalties over the winter. – [Narrator] Supposed to be for practice. – [Man] Because of my
exceptional driving skills. (laughs) Man, this is really hard getting underneath that conveyor, man, it’s a pretty tight space. – [Narrator] You just have
to worry about the safety and not hitting it. Mike! – [Man] What the hell is Mike doin’? – What?! – [Narrator] Whoa! What are you? Everything’s functional here, I thought he was actually usin’ it. – I did too. (laughs) – [Narrator] How’s it taste? Refreshing? – Clean. (mechanical drilling) – [Narrator] Ohh! What was that?! (laughs) That’s all right! Everything’s getting shaken and washed. Down it comes! Way too many conveyor belts, I love this! We’re gonna have to add to this. (laughs) We’re makin’ money, boys! – [Man] Woo-hoo! Look at that gold goin’ in there. Wow, that is tight! – [Man] Good job! (mechanical grinding) (mechanical grinding) (mechanical grinding) – [Man] Just opening the
cut up a little bit better. – [Man] Yeah, looks good! – [Narrator] Well done, man! You’re gettin’ better
with the loader, Steve. – [Steve] Thanks, man. – [Narrator] Not a very full bucket, but we can work on that. (laughs) As long as it’s getting
some pay to the plant. That’s right. – [Man] Woo! – [Narrator] It’s not the
goal, it’s the journey. – [Man] Not a very stable platform. – [Narrator] I see that. We should get one of
those dozers down here and flatten it out. Look at this here. (laughs) – [Man] Might be riskin’ it. – [Narrator] The points of contact! Yeah, there, nicely done. Perfect! Nice. Look at that beautiful golden paydirt. (mechanical grinding) Just keep runnin’ it
over those gold hog mats. Guys, we’re gonna shut ‘er down! – Yeah, we ran out of hydraulics anyways. – [Narrator] Ah yeah (laughs)
out? Are you all crippled up now? – [Man] Yeah. (mechanical grinding) – [Narrator] Time I
don’t mind walkin’ these vehicles back. They got enough juice. That way they’re all safe. (crosstalk) Are the pylons not making it? – [Man] No. – [Narrator] Everybody,
we should be keeping our eyes open for these pylons, including myself. I’m surprised that we’ve
walked on so many of them. Eww, Michael! – [Man] We have overflowed it a bit. (sighs) – I wish I had a shaker table, you know what I mean? – Yeah. – Shaker table could
separate a lot of this so much easier. – [Narrator] Well maybe with
the profits of this season, you never know! – Yeah, exactly. (laughs) Unless we get a good gold sponsor! Brought to you by YouTube Gold. (laughs) – That’d be sponsoring ourselves. That doesn’t work!
– Well, right now I have to sponsor myself. (laughs) – It’s comin’.
– Yeah there’s gold in the corner, right there. – Oh yeah. – Nice. These gold hog mats hold it up. Look at that. – [Man] Way up into there. – [Man] Yeah. I needed more flow to get
rid of some of this sand, but, whatever. Do you want to hold that for a second? Yep. Great job, yeah, let ‘er rip. Woohoo! (laughs) Nice. I’m hopeful. – [Man] Hopeful. (laughs) – [Man] And needy. – [Man] Yeah. (laughs) – I’m hungry. – [Man] He’s greedy. – Greedy?
(laughs) – [Narrator] Wheel! Of! Fortune! – Wheel of gold, no? – [Narrator] Wheel of gold. Thank you safety officer, what do you think of our setup? – [Safety Officer] I’ve
seen it, I approve! – [Narrator] It’s peein’
into the little bucket here, the gold goes back here. We try to keep people’s fingers clear. And we try to make as
much gold as possible. – I like it. – [Narrator] Do you want
to have the first scoopful? I ergonomically designed this spoon so it was flat. – Golden spoon. – [Narrator] That is the golden spoon. It turned silver. Mmm. Yeah, right about there. Round and round she goes. How much gold? Nobody knows! (laughs) Michael, is this real gold? – Oh yeah. 100 percent. – [Narrator] Steve? – 100 percent. – [Narrator] Nice, Everett? – I ain’t no fool! – [Narrator] Yeah, it is gold. Crazy. More, Steve, more! – I don’t think today’s
going to be very profitable. – [Narrator] Hey, I I gotta (laughs) something about today’s events, guys, I really didn’t feel like we were being as efficient as possible. See what we got left
in that beautiful bowl. Ah, quite a bit. Nice. That was an interesting
way you dumped that. That was a very – [Man] I’m not gonna lie, that was bad. – [Narrator] Okay, so you may need some water with that. There we go. Whoa whoa whoa whoa! You’re not supposed to throw it up there! – Yeah there is gold in there. We still have to get a better way to recover fine gold. For sure. Like a miller table. Something that we can run water across and get the gold to stick
on the table itself. (tapping) Oh yeah, there’s a few pieces in there. – [Man] Nice. – That black sand creeps up, I should have tuned it a little bit more, you’re right, we’re getting quite a bit of black sand in there. That’s okay though. It’s getting the gold too. Not too many big rocks, they’re all falling down. Yeah, there’s some fine gold going in right in there. – [Man] So dump it back in there and we’ll reprocess it. – [Man] Swish! Right in the bottom. There you go. Nice and careful. Sweet. Bucket goes on the back. We’ve made that mistake before. (laughs) – [Man] Hey, there was no bucket. – [Narrator] On switch, sir. We should see some action
from gold, right away. There it is.
– [Man] Yeah! Look at that, look at that! – [Narrator] Look at, beautiful gold! Nice and washed. – [Man] We didn’t see a
lot of it the first time, but we’re seeing it now. It’s there. – [Narrator] We’ll just let the rest of it kinda work its way up. Beautiful. ‘kay, boys. Let’s see what we did for today. The big reveal. Ready? – [Man] Ready. – [Narrator] Three, two, one. Ah, disappointing! (laughs) – [Man] There is gold. – [Narrator] Ahhh! Is there something in there, no I don’t think so. There is some though. Not as good as last cleanup, but I gotta say we were
being way less efficient. But way more entertaining. (laughs) Would you agree, man of many words? – Yep.
– [Narrator] Excellent. The floating gold. – [Man] That drives me nuts. – [Narrator] I know. – [Man] You know that’s killin’ us. – [Narrator] Yeah, exactly. Well we should be spraying Jet Dry but I’ve got a real problem
with putting Jet Dry in my entire – [Man] In the ground? – [Narrator] In the ground. (laughs) It just doesn’t seem the safe thing to do. Kinda wash it back. – [Man] Looks better that way. – [Narrator] It does. It’s a little more presentable. (laughs) All that effort. (laughs) Guys, we got a structural problem. Hey this whole wall is
starting to collapse in front! – [Man] Wasn’t kind to the gold mine. – [Narrator] Yeah I see that. We’re gonna have to rip all this out and figure out some sort of yeah, well, if we need
to move the trommel, we’re gonna, like I said, need a trailer for it. And we should just
redesign this whole area. So we have a settling pond up or the whole runoff can
go into a pond up here and run into down here. – [Man] If we don’t move it soon, we’re gonna lose it. – [Narrator] Yeah well, exactly. That’s a good point. – I’m getting close to having to shut this whole mine down on all the safety infractions. – [Narrator] Listen, what if we slid you a little bit of gold? – Nah
– [Narrator] See? (laughs) My favorite color, gold. – [Man] Did he just do
what I think he did?

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