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  1. there aren't much reasons for this actually, You may be below 18 y.o. or you can login into adsense, but that's disaproved. Do you receive any money into yoir adsense?
    In any case, google sends disaproval emails, and there you can find tips how to correct that.

  2. you should really ask on google+ support groups, perhaps it will be marked for google staff.
    this video is for tying to adsense a yotube acc registred on a different than adsense account. If you're having problems with adsense, probably you should dig into adsense.

  3. that means you Adsense application is not approved. Login to the Adsense you're trying to link and look for details there (or in the mailbox of the email to which this Adsense is registered). If it is approved, then make sure the Adsense account has youtube.com enabled in 3rd party access menu item.

  4. don't you see that you answered your own question? you need an approved adsense account to associate your youtube channel with.

  5. help it says "Unfortunately, our records indicate that you're not eligible for AdSense in your local country. Please try submitting a new application at a later date." that on the country

  6. Video Manager – Channel settings – Advanced. What country do you have under account information do you have a An associated website there? Is you channel monetized?

  7. Just create adsense at google site, NOT through youtube. Then link it to youtube. There's an article on my site about this. Go to the link in the description and find an article about PARTNER

  8. it says "If you want to monetize YouTube video content, please apply through YouTube directly. Find out more." which you said not through youtube :/ need help D:

  9. forget youtube for a while.
    go to google adsense and get an adsense account up and running first. you must have a good website for them to review, or you application will be rejected, as obviously your channel is rejected.
    after you get your adsense up and running for your website, then you just link adsense to it.

    alternatively make everything or your channel look USA – gmail account, the channel country. they'll review and give you adsense for your youtube.Country in application form=USA!!!

  10. AdSense Association

    Your AdSense application was rejected. Please click here to associate a different Ad plzzzzzzz help me….

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