XGIMI Mogo : TEST complet du vidéoprojecteur portable Android TV + Google

XGIMI Mogo : TEST complet du vidéoprojecteur portable Android TV + Google

Alexa, cinema mode Hello and welcome
To my youtube channel Today i will present you The test projector of xgimi brand It is the MoGo A model oriented on portability for this he have a battery With a capacity of 10.400 mah With a battery life of about 2 hours
This autonomy has been measured With the playback
Of a film in continuous He is also equipped
With android tv in version 9.0 Which allows it
To have applications directly installed Like the play store (google), youtube …
You can install All official applications He has wifi and bluetooth For the audio part the MoGo Is equipped with two speakers (2x3w) by the brand harman-kardon
Like the the Xgimi H1 & H2 For connectivity we find here The power button, a headphone jack HDMI and USB connectivity Which you use for reading Your multimedia files
Directly by USB stick Or hard drive He take all video file formats Up to 4k resolution And here his power plug On top we will find The play / pause buttons
Volume + and volume – On the bottom is a screw thread To allow to install on a tripod For the sound
Of the projector This one is really silent
You will see with the measures Here is the xgimi mogo projector power on As you can see right now It’s running with its battery Small interruption of this test
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more review in futur Thank you So here we are In the video part where I will present You the menus and settings options
Of the xgimi mogo So first we get here on the homepage You have here the favorites bar The interest of this bar and that you Can follow the news
Of all your applications For example for tv magazine
You will find all the TV program of the day Here allociné
You will find all the information About movies in the cinema Then it is possible To organize your homepage by moving the order
Of your applications You can also remove
the app from your news feed We can directly
Launch the twitch application And allociné and found
All the content of the application So I do not have
To present to you the options That are really secondary
I will really present you the Options that are very useful
To the video projector Then we will find
All the settings For the projector like
Language setting, Sound, Storage And the information about the MoGo
But also the chromecast Which is really very practical
And very easy to use. I let you see how it works So to conclude this review This is a really good Video projector Many positive points So firstly he have Android,
The Wifi, The Bluetooth, 2D & 2D A very good audio setup He is silent He have many options for image correction
We can put the mogo everywhere The correction settings
Of the image is very powerful A nice design It is very easy to use You can stream
Your smartphone very easily For the negative points
The color settings of your image The color settings of your image Are not advanced enough
We are so limited With only setup : Green, Blue & Red. The loss of the Internet browser. And the loss of the mouse mode Of the remote control. So if you liked my video Do not hesitate to like it
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Description of the video See you soon in the next video
Thanks for watching me

Author: Kevin Mason

12 thoughts on “XGIMI Mogo : TEST complet du vidéoprojecteur portable Android TV + Google

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  2. Bonjour, Merci pour votre super test !
    Mon utilisation principal visionner des bons films dans maison de campagne sur clef usb (code divx etc etc..)
    pas de souci pour lire les différents code? (un conseil?)
    Quelle taille d'écran me conseillez vous j'hésite entre un 80' ou 100' pouces ?
    j'hésite aussi avec la version Mogo Pro, lequel des deux me conseillez-vous ?
    (Tout dépend si grande différence de prix sur Amazon entre les deux pendant Black friday,…)
    Merci pour vos précieux conseils 🙂

  3. Bonjour

    As-tu pu teste le model pro ?

    Peux-tu lire les vidéo live avec application My canal ou Molotov, My tf1.

    Netflix , fonctionne-t-il également.

    J’ai acheté le Transwall X1 qui est top également en qualité, autonomie et fonctionnalité, mais il ne peut pas lire les LIVES.

    Merci d’avance et félicitation pour ta chaine.

  4. Bonjour Geeki Review,
    Xgimi Mo go vs Xgimi Mo go Pro une idée sur lequel des deux à la meilleure autonomie ?
    Lorsque vous dites que le Mogo aurait une meilleure luminosité (c'est étonnant Mogo 210 lumen, Mogo Pro 300 lumen ?)

    Si je me dirige plutôt sur l'achat du Xgimi Mogo Pro…
    je voulais savoir si votre bon code amazon de 100€ que vous proposez est valable aussi pour le Xgimi Mogo Pro ?

  5. Bonjour
    Votre code pour le Xgimi Mogo est il cumulable, si Amazon offre déjà une ristourne pour black friday ?

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