Writing Posts in the New Wix Blog // Editing and adding elements to your Wix blog posts

Writing Posts in the New Wix Blog // Editing and adding elements to your Wix blog posts

hey I’m Bloggin Brandi and I’ve been
using Wix to decide my new website in this video I’m showing you how to start
writing editing and adding elements to your new Wix blog post now you can write
image blog posts from your mobile device or what I like to do is imagine them
from my desktop and I’ll be using my laptop for this tutorial there are few
ways to access and manage your blog post I’m going to show you both of these
first is going to be live on your website and second will be using the
backend of your website with your Wix website editor how you can do this live
from your site either to add new posts edit existing posts or manage comments
so if your viewers that are not logged in and on your live site they’re gonna
see either this log in tab up here or if you set it up they’re also gonna see
this log in sign up tab on the page in the top right they’re not really gonna
have a whole lot of options other than to read the blog or they can share the
post and then they’re gonna have to log in to write a comment but this is
essentially the page that I’m talking about when I’m talking about your live
site you’d actually have to be signed in and have writing permissions to do
anything as far as editing the post so these are existing posts I’m going to
show you how you could actually edit this if you’re signed in so we’re gonna
go ahead and sign in and this is the signup page if you’ve already signed up
you’re gonna be prompted to log in either with Facebook your gmail account
or with an email account and once I’m actually logged in now you can see that
I have more options I can create a new post up here with this tab or I can edit
an existing post and now I have the option not only to share the post but
unfollow edit share pin to feed turn off commenting or delete the post okay so
now I’m going to show you how to access your blog posts and edit them or add a
new one if you’re in the actual Wix website editor so the first page is your
home page and then you can select from the drop
downs to go over to your actual blog page and if you click on the blog page
either double click you’ll see this tab come up can manage post create a new
post or change some of your settings here for your layouts and design or you
can hit manage post it’s gonna take you to this page where it tells you your
author name this is what you’re creating post as and any drafts that you have or
publish post so if there’s drafts here or publish post those are gonna be here
and then you can either edit them from here by selecting the edit tab you want
to create a new post you’ll see this huge button up here that says create new
post and then you also have the option to access your blog if you go to my blog
over here on the left hand side and you see blog manager manage posts or create
a post better whether you access a post on your live site or through the post
manager the process of writing a post is the same simply enter the post title and
then write your post I’m just going to add one of my videos that I’ve already
done how I got started making YouTube videos that’s gonna be my title and then
I’m just gonna use the description from my video and you can clean this up and
put some spaces in it if I want to add a divider tab I can add a divider tab and
I’ll add a second divider line so all I’m doing is just adding in the divider
line and then it gives me options for don’t want to make it small medium large
so say I wanted to add a photo I can add an image with this option and upload
media either my own nut beautiful face or something media from Wix so they have
thousands of free images that you can choose from in here you can put a
gallery of photos together and insert or you can add a video you can also select
the Add button and add in a video as well so if we added in a video go over
to YouTube we can hit the share button and get the link for the video here then
I’m just gonna add the video from YouTube but you can also use one
from another service like Facebook I’m gonna hit add now and then I can choose
how I want the video to look either small best fit or full width if I want
it to be full wit and then you can choose to align left
or a line right of any text that you might have and then you can replace the
video or delete this text is already highlighted because I copied it over I
added a link here just by selecting the text and adding the link but you can
also add a link to say checklist if I just wanted to add it there and say
opening a new tab and then if I wanted to include something like a hash tag if
you just put hash tag and then the term it’s gonna highlight it for you I would
always look at my posts and of course I would make any changes I could before I
publish but if there’s something that you want to add so say you said oh my
gosh I forgot I wanted to add this quote in here I would put it in quotations
here and you may or may not want to add these but you can choose the layout that
you want for this and here’s your alignment so maybe you want it to be in
the middle of the page maybe you want to be bold and italicize and then you can
choose do you want to be a title one or title two there’s so many things that
you can do on here so if you had topic one and you wanted to add a pullet to
this so that’s numbers there’s bullet points
and then you can change the alignment or make it bold italicize same thing we can
add HTML code if we wanted to do that we would just want to make sure that we
publish changes and select publish changes and then of course the post
settings are those categories SEO and general information that I can change so
say I wanted to change the date of this I can change that to be the date here if
I chose to so maybe I wanted this to be November 11th I can change that here and
then the author this is the cover image that’s going to show which is the image
from the video but I can change the cover image or I can choose a category I
can add a new category maybe I want to call this
YouTube videos and that I can also add it to the getting started if I would
like and I can put any SEO updates that I would like to change in here and this
shows me what it’s going to preview like on Google so I can choose to save that
here and publish it to my site you can see on the back end here it is and it
shows that it was just published and then I could not choose to duplicate the
post delete the post turn off commenting if I don’t want any commenting and if I
want to edit it I can select edit and make any edits here nothing you just
publish your dream do if you need more help you can watch tutorials just like
this one by visiting the description below this video I’m Bloggin Brandi you
can reach me on social @BlogginBrandi or find out more about me on my website

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  2. You said in the beginning, all someone can do is read or share , where would they be Sharing it to , confused
    ?? Thanks
    Like if someone is on Facebook and shares I get it
    But if your on your blog where are they sharing it to ?

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