Working at Google London

>> So London is one of our corps development
centers for mobile technologies.>>The London Office is a fairly young Google
office. It’s a fully pledged Google office so it has engineering and sales staff.
>>So what we try to do is we try to build a really strong mobile engineering effort
based in London that can really drive our mobile industries around the world.
>>Working at Google is unique in a lot of ways.
>>The first day I was there, I had an email asking if I wanted to book in for a free massage
so on Thursday of my first week, I had a free massage.
>>Other things that you don’t find anywhere else–well, they give you breakfast, lunch,
dinner and it’s quite fantastic.>>We constantly have speakers coming in.
We have some of the people who wrote the C++ standard, the metrics [PH] of UNIX. All these
people speak to us on a daily basis through a series of tech talks.
>>So I’m able to hear firsthand about everything new that’s coming out and everything exciting
that we’re doing.>>I came to Google because it is a very different
structure than the rest of the engineering community.
>>At Google, you have the opportunity to direct your future and to determine where
it is you want to go rather than to take a path that somebody has already laid out for
you.>>What Google does is it allows you a fantastic
environment to be innovative and to get your product developed really quickly.
>>We’re encouraged to work on whatever we think is important. Often, the best ideas
come from employees.>>People come from a really diverse sort
of backgrounds. So they bring in a lot of different viewpoints and different experiences
to the table.>>We have people who are Olympic champions.
We have people that have climbed the highest mountains. We have people that have done some
very interesting and bizarre things.>>You can sit down next to pretty much anyone,
be the VP of Europe or a brand new hire and really have a meaningful conversation with
him.>>There’s a lot of collaboration and a lot
of discussion between different teams within Google.
>>When you are exposed to these types of people and you work with them on a daily basis,
your knowledge increases because you learn a lot from these people and, hopefully, they
learn a lot from me, too.>>Google as a company has been built to maximize
innovation. And we are all about making all the world’s information accessible at all
times to all people.>>You are in a position to make a difference
to people that you’ve never met. And I think that’s a really cool thing about working at
Google.>>It gives a great sense of reward because
you know you’re part of something that’s affecting thousands of thousands of people in the UK
and across the globe. And I think to know that you’re part of something that’s–maybe
having an impact however great or small, you know, in the world at large is, I think–it’s
something quite special.

Author: Kevin Mason

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