Wishlist Member – 10 Minutes To Setting Up Your Membership Site

Wishlist Member – 10 Minutes To Setting Up Your Membership Site

Hey guys it’s Dan here. Are you looking
for an easy plugin that’ll help you develop your membership site and protect your content?
Well I got one just for you it’s called Wishlist Member and I’ll show you how you
can install it in less than 10 minutes. So lets get going here. Okay so we’re inside
the mature student café website. It’s a brand new website, membership website. To
set up your Wishlist Member plugin basically you got to go to your plugins you gotta add
a new plugin. If you already have Wishlist Member as a zip file all you have to do is
click on upload, choose the file, and then of course you select your Wishlist Member
plugin zip file, and then install now. Once it’s installed then you have to go back
to the plugin and then activate it as well. And then you go to Wishlist Member plugins
which will show up on the bottom here and then you get to your dashboard. Now the easy
way to set it up is to go to settings ‘caus it needs to create a number of pages. You
can create those pages manually or you can ask Wishlist to do it for you. And those pages
are like the error pages, non-members, wrong membership level, membership cancel pages,
membership expiry pages and so on. But you can have Wishlist again do it for you. So
you go to setup wizard and very very easy to set up the whole thing, even including
setting up the membership level and then you click next then you assign your error pages
and it’ll create that for you. So let’s create a membership level so lets call it
test. Go to next. So then you can select a page, if you’ve created a non-member pages
or you can say create it for me. Just leave it there. Leave it the button check here.
Leave the button checked here. Click next. Automatically protect all posts and pages.
Again that depends on whether you want to protect everything you create. In this case
I would say no, and then we’ll go to a a further section, so lets go no, no so once
people register to redirect them to a certain page, yes I want to direct them to VTA which
is the actual page of the course it’s the landing page for the actual hidden course
and also, after they log in I want to bring them to that page as well. And then save this
setup. Okay now so that membership level has already been saved. So, lets go to the membership
levels and we’ll see if it’s there. And there we go we’ve got the test membership
level, now we can go to manage our content so we want to protect our content because
we didn’t do it in the initial setup wizard. So in this case we wanna content protection.
And because my course is saved on pages and not posts I’m going to click on pages. And
I’m going to select those pages that I want to protect that are hidden and only available
to members. In this case I’ve already got them ticked off here so what you do is you
select the pages you want to protect and then set protection and then go to page number
2 because I’ve got other pages too that I want to protect. These pages are already
protected. Because I already have it available to other membership levels as well that I
created. So now that we’ve got it protected now we want to make it available to the membership
level that we just created. So here what we want to do is select the pages that we, that
were protected and make available to the test membership level. So I just checked the pages
that I want to make available. We don’t need to do support because that’s available
publicly. We didn’t protect that. So these are the pages that I want to protect and grant
access too. So that’s granted. Now I’m going to go to page one and do the same thing
again for the test level. Now we have the test level course material protected and available
to the test level membership level. Now we go to integration, and I’ve got it set up
with Clickbank, my course, and then you can follow the instructions for Clickbank to set
it up with that. It’s very easy to set up. And of course your autoresponder. So I’ve
got Aweber and I’ve got it setup for Aweber and its very easy to set up. So there you
go. So that is how you set up Wishlist Member in less than 10 minutes. So go ahead and click
the link in the description area and get more information about Wishlist Member. Hey and
if you like this video there’s more coming so please subscribe to my YouTube channel
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Author: Kevin Mason

5 thoughts on “Wishlist Member – 10 Minutes To Setting Up Your Membership Site

  1. Wow Dan… sure made setting up that membership site look easy! And by the way… that's a great promotional offer you're running on your Video Traffic Adrenaline Site. That'll help a lot of folks get their youtube videos to rank high!

  2. Hi Dan, Great video! I don't know if you are still using Wishlist Member but if you are, then our team has developed a plugin for Wishlist  (Wishlist Auto Registration – http://happyplugins.com/downloads/wishlist-autoregistration/) that automates the registration process.

    So when people return from the payment gateway they are fully registered and logged-in to the site.

    We would love to hear your thoughts about it. It is sold to Wishlist Users for over a year now and we are constantly adding features according to costumers feedbacks. #membershipsites

    Best regards,

    Bob Tolbert
    Developers Department Manager

  3. I did my first WLM installation all manually and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, the next time I'm going to use the setup wizard and see how it goes, thanks man!

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