Will my gums grow back?

Will my gums grow back?

The gums will actually grow back, which I
think is extremely exciting. It’s all underneath the gum line, so it’s not something you’ll
actually visually see. But underneath the gum line, where the gums have been detached
off the tooth by the infection and there’s food stagnating down there leading to a bad
taste, perhaps just leading to a bit of bleeding when you’re brushing, the gums will reattach
against that clean tooth surface once we’ve got rid of the infection.

Author: Kevin Mason

11 thoughts on “Will my gums grow back?

  1. Here's a question: if you have a minor case of receding gums, can you encourage them to grow back? Not substantially, but maybe a little? 

  2. Dr. Thomas Levy recommends using a water pik device with peroxide in it, twice a day for two weeks.  Plus it would also help to do Liposomal Vitamin C.  Check out Dr. Levy's videos here on youtube by searching "Thomas Levy" and "Liposomal"

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  4. Yes you can, I burnt mine away using a whitening product and they grow back you have to brush them upwards or downwards (away from the gums) VERY GINGERLY!

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