Why You Should Get Your Mates Into Riding Mountain Bikes

Why You Should Get Your Mates Into Riding Mountain Bikes

– Welcome back to you beautiful people. The best thing about mountain
biking is it’s super sociable. You get to share all
the success you’ve had throughout your mountain
biking and all those flipping’ fails that we all tend to have. And also we’re a bloody
good time riding our bikes. – That’s it. Today we’re going to look
at why it is a good idea to get your mates in the mountain biking and maybe a few other
consequences, as well. – Yeah.
– There’s always a few. – Let’s kick it off. (upbeat music) There is no better feeling
than sharing mountain biking with someone who is like-minded as you. Having a buddy with you to
explore and experience everything that is about mountain biking. – That’s it mate. Being outdoors is great. You know, going out on
your own in the wilderness is always fun but sharing
that experience with a friend, even better. – [Blake] Even better. Training.
– Way better. – Training each other.
– And if you’re feeling a little down and you go you buddy with you, perks you right up.
– Exactly. When you fail there’s always
someone there to pick you up. ♪ You raise me up to
the highest mountain ♪ (gentle upbeat music) You’re a well experienced mountain biker who knows a thing or two
about the ways of the trails. You want to share that
amazing knowledge with your new to mountain biking buddy. – [Blake] The wisdom of jumping dropping, hacking and burn blasting should be passed on to
the new and uninitiated, and who knows maybe they
even have a nugget or two of outsider insight that can help you. – There’s always going to be someone a little quicker than you’re on the trail. You know once in a while it’s nice to be faster than someone else. So by getting your mate into it, you know, it’s nice just to have that
little upper hand now and again. – [Blake] Little edge, yeah. And it’s always good to just
cover that newbie in mud. I’m saying newbie, your
new to the channel. – Yeah, fair enough. – But you don’t want to
be doing that too much and it’s good to get to
the bottom of the trail, look back and see your
mate come stumbling down and just give them that
nice big grin on your face like, “I beat you.” – [Rich] But no embarrass them. – [Blake] But not embarrass
them, don’t do it too often. Could bite you in the butt. – [Rich] They might get quicker. – [Blake] He could get quicker than you. – [Rich] Show you up. – Exactly. I’m watching you. (Rich laughs) (upbeat music) It’s not often you get
to show off your skill, so you got to snap up these opportunities when they come along because the average
skill to a new man biker can blow their mind. Like a four-inch bunny
hop blows their mind. (Rich mimicking explosion) Blows it. – I mean you can totally do that. I think I’ve even seen you
even do a six-inch bunny hop. – [Blake] Oh, 100%, yeah. – [Rich] I think I’ve
seen you do tabletop? – [Blake] Yeah. – [Rich] Gap jump? – [Blake] Oh, hell yeah! – [Rich] Man, your math skills. I think I’ve even seen you pop a wheelie. – [Blake] No, I’ve done one or two. – [Rich] You’re crazy. You got skills. – So you’re new mountain biking friends can’t even do these skills yet, so taking that opportunity
to show off to them is a good thing, just to show you what
mountain biking’s all about. (gentle music) – Is anyone out there? – [Blake] Sessioning is
when you take the time to either learn one trick or to choose a small part of the trail to ride over and over again. Sessioning by yourself
isn’t all that much fun. (Blake yells) – No way! Yes! – [Blake] Friends! (hands slapping) – [Rich] But getting a friend
a session with is amazing. You can push each other
to try different things and enjoy each other successes. Learning from each other
successes and failures help you progress much faster. (upbeat music) – Woo! Crashing is as much
part of mountain biking as lies in politics. Having a buddy with you
when that time comes, when you’ve had an accident, can make a swift exit of a trail or make it a super tough one. – Yeah. It could even, in a worst-case scenario, be the difference between life and death. That’s pretty bad scenario. So it’s just better to
have someone with you. It’s always better with mates in it? – Is always always better.
– Always better. And then there’s always the case of having proof of what you did. Wherever that’s sending it off a jump or casing and going big OTBs. – [Blake] (laughs) Heaven forbid. Either way you’ll have
something good to send into the Dirt Shed Show,
your fails and bails. Woo! – [Man] Oh and there it is. You all right? (gentle music) – And finally what better
person to chat bikes to then your new bike buddy? You can talk anything to do a bikes. You can talk about the
state of your trails, the new bike parts, something
you saw on anything. You’ve got that new
person that you can now just chat away bikes to
without driving someone mad. – Exactly. And how expensive thing, is all the new bits and bobs that are coming out. You need someone to vent that all too. – All those standards now. Oh, there’s so many standards. – So many standards.
– So many. – Thank you very much for
watching this rad video. If you want to to continue to watch GMBN don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe ’cause you’re missing out. – Yep, also give us the thumbs
up and click down here for something.
– A mistake, just like that one, Rich. Don’t worry mate, you’re new. Don’t worry
– I’ll get it, I’ll get it. – See ya.
– Thanks guys.

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Why You Should Get Your Mates Into Riding Mountain Bikes

  1. Damn hard when most of them are /armchair footballers/married/too busy/think the sport is too expensive/hate cyclists/UK weather too crap/ etc etc

  2. Any time I mention mountain biking as a hobby to a friend they instantly picture spandex wearing road biker with a knobby tires. I think a lot of people's perception of mountain biking is that it's not an extreme sport and more just a workout similar to what you'd get in a gym on a stationary bike.

    Maybe that's because there's not a whole lot of actual mountains around here. I have to drive 1.5 hours to north Jersey, south to Maryland, or west to Pennsylvania to hit and decent downhill or flow trails. Almost all my local trails are flat with short up/downhill runs.

  3. 100% agree guys! The MTB community is awesome and the more the merrier – also, don't be afraid to 'put yourself out there' and join a new group! DON'T BE SCARED LOL … i was https://youtu.be/lyDDAtxKlBo

  4. Oh, man. I know the feeling. I'm 43 In the last couple years. I've been riding. And I cannot find no one to ride with. Like yesterday I had such a good time. I was shredding the hell out of Lincoln Woods. And there was nobody with me to see and I couldn't record it and it was a bummer I had fun anyway, but Having someone what you would be very cool.

  5. Als iemand dit leest die vaak Schoorl of Geestmerambacht rijd in Nederland. Reageer op de reactie want dan heb ik eindelijk iemand om samen te rijden:)

  6. Only because of a friend, i begun to ride Mountain Bikes. But i am at the beginning of a big journey, and i already know how to fix almost anything on my very cheap MTB. And now i am looking forward to get better and better.

  7. I agree I mention bikes they say oh you ride them tight shorts. I say no I ride downhill mtb or just ride them. Where I live people can be snobby about it like I ride a older dh bike and they look and say get a new bike man your is way to heavy and does not have any new parts. Well the matter of it I just love my old rig and yeah I own 2 of the intense bikes. Plus if I ride a 26 inch. Woah bro your riding 26. Bro ya need to get a 29r bro that’s where it’s at. Dam snobs

  8. I ditched all my mtbing mates, they ended up all gopro'd strava, tubeless, invisframed wankers .
    Who spent most of the time talking shite and them filming it .
    Rather head out on my own or with people that just want to ride their mtb , nothing more . Well maybe a cake and coffee along the way.

  9. friend? buddy? pal? mate? not sure about those words anymore. i do EVERYTHING alone. Honestly dont connect with people much the older i get. AND even if i wanted to nobody wants to do anything other than sit around playing videogames.AND even that is not together anymore as its all online. lol ..we as a society have become unsociable,recluse..hermits..if you will..Best thing you can do is NEVER try and depend on others for enjoyment OR, rather or not you will do something ie "bike ride,go eat,movies,jog,workout,etc"..

  10. All my friends have cheap mtn bikes so we stick to easy trails, I dont want to take them to the single tracks and end up stuck or hurt haha!

  11. Man I'm really into mtb and my parents and friends dont ride that much and scince that's almost all I'm intrested in I think it can get really annoying so trust them having a buddy who is a rider is great

  12. I have a friend and we do mountain biking on little mud piles as an OK area is 1.5 hours away. If anyone's interested in our channel it's called cbob bikes

  13. I am a 56 year old female who recently got back into MTB after 25 year break. I am finding it hard to find other people to ride with. I am a dedicated road rider and am VERY strong and I even have a few MTB skills, so I can ride pretty hard. I ride everywhere alone, which is ok, I like my own company but I would like to ride with a friend every now and then. Does anybody have any suggestions for me?

  14. I usually go out alone I don’t mind,but I’m always meeting people on the tail that invite you to join them ! There’s a great mtb community here in CT.

  15. My of my friends can’t even afford a 500$ hardtail even if I tried /: some really can’t afford it and some just can’t believe a bike can cost 500$ and beyond ?

  16. I'm 99% a solo rider that's probably why I always hit the local woods and build my own trails, sometimes I meet someone and we ride together but not very often, very occasionally I'll get one of my friends out but they always want to rest after every climb whereas I'm up down up down up down

  17. everyone I try to get into mountain biking bulks when I tell them two grand minimum or they're wasting their money, don't make the same mistakes as me I say……they think I'm the mental one.

  18. be suspicious of someone who just wants you to go riding with them, because you bring the tools and the spares tubes and chain lube, the snack food and the water… and you have a car, and you buy the first round…

  19. I am eternally grateful to my friends who got me into mountain biking. I now ride nearly every day – even got a fatty for commuting in winter. Trust me, nothing strengthens a friendship like chilling in the ER after a failed attempt to match their line. Only my parents have made me feel that loved.

  20. For 1.5 year i tried to convince my friends and family members to get into MTB offering them help in learning basic skills and even offering my bike so they can check if they like the sport. Nobody was interested in even trying :(. But i met a lot new ppl from my town that ride MTB so it all even out.

  21. one big hurdle is just having a suitable bike… none of my regular friends even have hardtail mtbs they could take to a local trail

  22. I got into MTB quite coincidentally. Was rehabbing a torn Meniscus, and they had me on a bike all the time. Well, I used to be quite the roady, and had a really nice road bike. Started taking the fam out for riding, but my boy (on a BMX) wanted to hit the rough stuff. So I got a hybrid. Great! Then I found some proper trails, and it wasn't up to it. Got a proper full squish Canyon Neuron, ride ALL the time – but damned if I can get my buddies to ride with me. However, as others have pointed out, I have met tons of local riders, and made new friends. That's the best – and since they have been riding for years, they make me better. Get new friends, and keep bugging the old ones. Someone will give in eventually! 😉

  23. I’m getting to the point where if I’d mention biking my friends eyeroll bc they don’t know the true potential of enjoying MTB

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