Why you don’t want your teeth cleaned!

Why you don’t want your teeth cleaned!

– What’s up guys? This is Dr. O from Innovative Dental. Pleasure to see all your
smiling faces today. I’m assuming they’re smiling. They should be smiling, right? It’s a wonderful day so
today we’re going to talk about why you don’t
want your teeth cleaned. And you’re probably going man
I know that was click bait. I clicked on it, and you’re a dentist. And you’re telling me why you
don’t want my teeth cleaned. That can’t be true, and you’re right. You should get your teeth
cleaned, but I want to explain why I titled it why you don’t
want your teeth cleaned. ‘Cause the number one question
we get or at least one of the main questions we get. First off when you’re a new
patient and it’s understandable, but we get this question is I
like to get my teeth cleaned. And they want to have that done
at the first visit obviously for efficiency sake. I get it. Everybody wants to not waste any time. Doesn’t want to go to the dental office more than they need to. And so they ask our front office. Say hey, can I get in and get a cleaning? And while that makes sense,
truly it doesn’t really take into one of the biggest
considerations that I feel like a private practice
or any dental office should be offering their patient. And that’s truly a tailored
and personalized care. And so, you’re a person. You’re not a number at Innovative Dental. And so first off and foremost, we want to personalize our care. We can’t do that if we
promise and do cleanings at the first visit cause
we haven’t even met yet. So first thing that we
want to do is meet you, get to know you, know what you’re about, know what your family who your
family is, see what is fun for you in your life. Find out, believe it or
not, what kind of beverage you might like ’cause
we make beverages here for our patients ’cause
we love our patients. So since you’re not a number
here at Innovative Dental, we want to obviously treat you as a person who has individual concerns for, maybe you have certain
goals for your smile. Maybe you wanna see your teeth straighter. Maybe you want to see them whiter. Maybe you’ve got some missing teeth, and you’re wanting to
see what are the options to help replace and repair
those missing teeth. That’s something that we
got to learn and gather all that information. It’s really hard to do all
of that over the phone. We have an amazing team,
and they do a wonderful job gathering a ton of information
before you ever come see us. And we send you a questionnaire
and a survey that kind of helps us get to know
you prior to coming in. But it’s still not enough to
really make that a tailored, personalized treatment. So I hope I hit that strong
enough, and you understand that our heart behind it
is to not be inefficient. Heck, we make more money
if we can do a cleaning in the first visit, an
exam in the first visit, and x-rays in the first visit. Every practice that
does that in that short, maybe hour typically, it’s
more profitable or more revenue that you can generate. But it honestly doesn’t match our mission. And our mission is to
create brighter smiles through innovation. And it’s really hard to
do that if we don’t know who we’re creating a smile on,
why we’re creating for them, and what makes them tick. So hopefully that helps
you understand that we want to personalize first the
care that we give you, and we’re going to get to know you first. How about that? Our second reason is that,
honestly, we don’t know what you need as far as a cleaning. So it’s understandable that
if you’re not a dentist and you’re not familiar with dental care and all the different type of cleanings, you don’t have maybe a
hygienist in your family. You may not realize
that there are actually many different types of cleanings. One being a prophy which is we, that’s a short for prophylaxis. That’s your basic cleaning. It means you don’t have any
gum infection or bone loss that is severe, that’s gonna
require us to do a deep cleaning or tartar build up
and bleeding, things like that. It also means that maybe the
tartar’s not so significant. We’re not gonna have to spend
a lot of time removing it. Those patients that typically
are within a six month cycle or a yearly cycle of
getting their teeth cleaned, hopefully six months. But you know, there’s no
really no science behind that. That’s a whole different topic. But, you know, if you’re
keeping the tartar off of your teeth and
keeping them fairly clean, then typically a prophy
is all that’s necessary. If you haven’t seen a dental professional or hygienist in awhile, that’s not likely. You’re probably gonna need
full mouth debridement which that’s called FMD. So that’s a second type
of cleaning that we give. It takes more time. And to do it correctly, it’s our hygiene. We have the best hygienist
you’re ever gonna find, I really feel, but that
just takes more time to really clean those teeth
even doing it very quickly. And then the last type of
cleaning which is really important because it goes undiagnosed all the time because we get too quick
to just clean teeth. So the third type is
scaling and root planning. And scaling and root planning is short SRP is what we in the field call it. But it’s essentially a deep clean. We go below the gums. We remove the tartar, and
you’ve probably heard of tartar. We call it calculus. That’s below the gumline. We remove that because it holds bacteria that’s affecting the gums
and causing patients, many patients to get bone loss. And so, that’s a whole different topic of how periodontal disease is a big problem in our population. But what if you needed SRP and you came in and you’ve
been promised a cleaning, and you get a regular cleaning? And you really needed
scaling and root planning. There’s definitely a big problem there because long term you might
end up losing more bone, essentially losing bone and gums might lead to tooth loss,
infection around your teeth, so these are kind of serous missteps if we treat everybody the same. So, that is why we wanna
take proper diagnosis to see that, plus let’s say you’ve got lots of other conditions. Missing teeth, you’ve got decay, you might needs some crowns or some old fillings are
breaking and wearing down, we’re definitely gonna
wanna take x-rays and photos and proper records so we
can see what’s going on and then sit there and
be able to help discuss and co-diagnose with you at
what are some of the options you might have to help
remedy these problems. So, those discussions, I
know myself and Dr. Megan and our team, we spend a long time with especially our new patients, to make sure that we are thorough and don’t just rush
through that appointment just because we’re trying
to get a cleaning done. After we’ve gotten to know you, we’ve taken proper x-rays and records and diagnosed the proper
cleaning that’s necessary to give you the best health
and long term success with your smile, the
last thing we wanna do is we wanna honor the
fact that you work hard for your money and it takes effort, right? I mean, we work hard. So, we don’t wanna just throw it away or not have a clue what
we’re really spending it for or not budget things so they’re stressful. We’ve all been there where we’ve maybe committed to something that
we didn’t really realize was the commitment, and that happens all
the time in dentistry, so we sit down in this special room actually that I’m in right now. We call it the Innovative Financial Room, and it’s just essentially
a time that we take concern and effort to help make certain that we clearly communicate the options for financial arrangements, understanding what
things are going to cost, and the investment that’s necessary to remedy the problems, working with our patients on ways that don’t put their families in harm’s way, and still let’s them achieve oral health, and so, that’s the importance of that financial consultation. There’s absolutely no way we can do that if we’re doing a get to meet you, clean your teeth for 45 minutes, and then try to rush
through an explanation of what you need and then maybe get to the financial discussion, and so you can see how an
hour just doesn’t cut it, if you’re trying to clean teeth. Now, we typically spend about an hour to get to know you, take the records, for the doctor to talk to you. Sometimes it runs over
a little bit on an hour, and then we have about,
oh, 20 to 30 minutes where our patients will have a discussion with our financial coordinators, and obviously, sometimes
it’s much shorter than that. Our treatment coordinators,
financial coordinators, they kind of are synonymous in our office, but they may have a
conversation for 10 minutes if you don’t need much, but if you need a lot of work and maybe you need to finance some things, we go through all of that
at that appointment as well. So, you know this was kind of a long, drawn out way to get around to the fact that I think a lot of
people get dental cleanings or expect them from their new office, and they may not understand that if they’re going to a place that is really going that direction of hey, we’re gonna clean
your teeth first visit, and doesn’t have any sort
of way to help customize and tailor care for you, I’d be concerned about
the level of service and the level of care and really, if from the very beginning, you’re being treated
just like another patient or another number, then you know, you’re not gonna get the best, and so we’ve committed to that. It’s definitely not the most profitable for that first visit
to do that for people, but it’s the best way
to create a relationship that allows us to give our patients the best smile and you know, obviously we make these videos
for people locally to see, but this is gonna be on
YouTube and Facebook, and I’m sure there’s lots of people can’t come to Innovative Dental, or it would just be too much of a stretch to make that trip. I hope everybody finds this helpful and useful if you’re searching, and if you’re in a different state or area and you’re going, hey, I watched this video, I hope
you would click subscribe, I’m into just education
as many people as we can, and so subscribe to the channel and we’ll be posting more video that are hopefully
helpful and educational, fairly entertaining at
some points, hopefully. I don’t know, I’m not really that funny, but that’s kind of the goal behind it. So hit like, comment below, subscribe, and I look forward to seeing
you in the next video, and you keep smiling.

Author: Kevin Mason

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