Why the Senate might cut impeachment trial short

Why the Senate might cut impeachment trial short

Author: Kevin Mason

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  2. These Democrats need to just shut all this sham down and go home .All they are doing is making the Trial look like the House investigation but they can't control what's happening . Their Corruption is starting to leak out in this trial and the Senators see it .

  3. They're setting up ousting Bernie, Warren won't win and little man mayor Pete is a child. They want Biden even though he can't beat Trump to claim Trump cheated the 2020 election when he wins

  4. I know that the Senators as jurors have very limited input during the proceedings and towards the end can fashion and submit questions which then get read aloud by the chief justice. But if this is allowed in a Senate impeachment trial then as the Presidents legal team I would use this tactic. I would hand out a laminated copy of the transcript of the phone call and a black sheet of paper. I'd then ask for them to read the transcript and once done they have to draft an essay as to what the transcript said and they must do so without any presumption, falsehoods or parody and if they do lie then they are charged with perjury. I think that would be an effective tool and tactic to show the which senators have an agenda and which senators are impartial.

    I'd love to know what all of you think of this if it were actually allowed????

  5. The fact these people don't think they're just rehashing nonsense is beyond amazing. Schiff just thanked the senators for listening and starting to understand lol

  6. Because the legal theories underlying both Articles I and II are legally flawed and
    factually insufficient, as well as inherently destructive of separation of powers, the Senate should explicitly reject them to protect both the institution of the Presidency and the Constitution. A close examination of the legal theories and stipulations of fact accompanying Articles I and II.
    Article I is based upon a constitutionally-flawed theory that the President can be
    impeached for exercising concededly lawful constitutional authority “motivated” by thoughts a House majority unilaterally deems “corrupt.” This “corrupt motive” theory is infinitely expansive and subjective. It will erode separation of powers, making the President impeachable for what his political adversaries perceive his thoughts to be. Moreover, the conclusory factual allegations purporting to support Article I’s “abuse of power” charge fall far below the evidentiary standard that should be demanded by the Senate before taking the extraordinary step of even entertaining charges to remove a sitting President from office. As the Supreme Court has stated in the context of civil litigation, a pleading that offers only conclusory allegations devoid of factual support is not entitled to any presumption of truth and must be dismissed for failure to state a claim.
    Article I suffers from the same fatal factual deficit, relying on speculative,
    conclusory allegations that are contradicted by, and indeed conveniently ignore, known material facts.
    Article I does not identify any high crimes or misdemeanors committed by President Trump. Instead, it relies upon the nebulous phrase, “abuse of power.” While an indictable crime is not indispensable to establish a “high crime and misdemeanor,” the absence of such a crime— particularly under the facts of this particular impeachment—counsels great skepticism that the constitutional standard has been met.

  7. If the Democrat American voters ever want to win another election, they need to vote out 85 percent of Democrats in office. Pull your heads out already.

  8. You have to ask yourself why are they so scared of this presidentis it may be over the corruption that he may be shining a light on!!🤔

  9. Trump needs to sign the USMCA earlier than the 29th. This is taking way too long the impeachment is going nowhere and the Democrats are making fools of themselves repeating the same old talking points over and over. We can see it for the smokescreen it is Biden doesn't have a prayer.

  10. Let's start calling the Democratic Party the Pinocchio Party. They have forgot about the ninth commandment. May they received the wrath of God I pray.😎✌❤🕊🎶

  11. We have the transcript to the phone call. No crime. We have the video of Biden bragging about his quid pro quo. All kinds of wrong there. Everything else is just noise.

  12. The constitution IS a suicide pact…ask any ww2, Korean or Vietnam war vet….that's the whole point….that's why all of those a holes raise their hand and swear to uphold it…..wtf is nadler talking about

  13. The President team should take the entire first day(Saturday) nullifying the "hear-say" under the impeachment rules. No one will be watching anyway on Saturday. Then on Monday…read EVERY Piece of hear-say eliminated while people are watching to their surprize, Then vote to acquit.

  14. By all due respect, the story shouldn't end here. These democrac's should be brought before the justice system for THEIR crimes. This is what the American people want to see! They want to see that the bad guys really do get punished. End of story. Not the same old shim sham like they gave us with Clinton, when Bush pardoned him. That was the biggest slap in the face to the American people in history.

  15. Can you imagine another impeachment thrown over to Senate before the election??????!!!!!! Then during the lame duck session, after hopeflly Trump win re-election?????????!!!!!!

  16. i heard a very old song today, and i would just like to take this opportunity to dedicate it to adam schiff: "[s]he's got betty davis eyes" (no offense intended to ms davis, though) lol

  17. All they can do now is cry and plead for someone to listen. Lmfao what losers, funny how everything they spew is projection of exactly what they've done for years to the citizens of this country

  18. Unlike Bill Clinton, who was found guilty of 11 serious charges, including 4 counts of obstruction of justice by the House, Trump committed NO crimes at all. Even after 675 days with over 200 witnesses and 2,800 subpoenas, Mueller report had found insufficient evidence to prove Trump guilty of any charge. Here's the point! Nutty Pelosi's impeachment articles came from the House where all of Dems' witness presented only their opinions, NOT any solid evidence to prove Trump guilty, which is clearly confirmed by law professor Jonathan Turley, “Democrats offered passion over proof in Trump impeachment.” This truly means nutty Pelosi had NO evidence to support her impeachment articles in the Senate trial. Chuck Schumer clearly said, "Trial without evidence is not a trial." This explained why this impeachment sham spectacularly failed from beginning.

  19. Sorry, but the truth is that most of the people on the left are complete idiots and cannot be expected to see the madness going on in congress!! I hope I will be proven wrong, but I doubt it!

  20. DEMs are master projectionists. Even saying they wouldn't trade witnesses as if they have ANY say in the matter. They twist everything starting with Biden's corruption and projecting it onto Trump.

    This is the Schiff Schumer Sham Show.

  21. The lady 🚺 in red coat. Needs to see 👀 the video of Biden bragging about getting someone fired over looking into Hunter.

  22. Heaven forbid they cut it short for oh uh the facts theres no evidence no crime no impeachable offence and theres no possibility that the democrats are go in ng to get a 2/3 vote in congress to impeach.its a disaster costing multiple millions of our money .shameful political charade.wheres the bicycle riding bear court jesters are clearly present at democrats at podium.

  23. The real reason for the constant attacks from Dems against POTUS is more then likely that top brass , high ranking officials are involved in the funneling of tax payer money, basically selling out their political positions using their children as a way to attempt to insulate or as a buffer in giving the appearance of not being directly involved. The longer Trump is in the POTUS position, it's only a matter of time before they are all scooped up in a raid.

  24. Deep state want Biden in so they can manipulate him and they can keep doing their corruptions. In order to get Biden in they need to keep the others busy so they can't campaign and try and remove Trump. However they are too stupid to realize we the people are not stupid and can see right through their evil plan. We will not sit on the couch come November.
    KAG 🇺🇸 TRUMP 🇺🇸 2020

  25. I do believe that Democratic party leadership have decided that they're the party of the stupid. They think that it's the largest malleable constituency. They play to that constituency. They think that's the way to win. They may be right.

  26. they think they are batman and robin when in actuality they are the joker and the penguin
    adam schiff for brains and nutless fat jerry ringling brothers and barnum and bailey want to hire them the best show under the big top

  27. "Commonsense; would tell us this allegation against Joe Biden , is False.." Ma'am should we cue up the video for you???? He admitted it on video!

  28. The longer they talk the weaker the case is getting. Senator Ted Cruz said those words about the house managers. Incompetent bunch.

  29. The Dems heard Trump had inquired about the Ukrainian involvement and the fear they felt was incredible. Many of them are involved so they had to push this impeachment fast lest many of them be exposed.

  30. When the dems finish presenting the Senate should take the vote and tell them "We cant say this was any fun ,or even informative ,so take your briefcases and your windbags and go back to the house chamber. YOU'R FIRED! THE POTUS IS AQUITED !!

  31. i cant believe people are wasting time hating donald trump when he only has 5 more years left.he has done an amazing job.

  32. I see the dems crying but it's because they know thier going to jail soon for various reasons to many to list but I'll let trump inform u
    Trump 2020 semperfi

  33. Well, Lou Dobbs, .. I don't think their constituents ARE very bright if they voted these dumbasses in 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  34. If Biden has nothing to hide and he nor his family are involved in wrongdoing, why did his campaign just send a letter to the media outlets telling them to report the allegations against his family have been debunked and If they don't it's malpractice. Joe is scrambling more than a NFL quarterback whose offensive line called in sick.

  35. The radical left is desperate …..they have paid the dems ALOT of money to try and put their puppet dem in the WH…and using the liberal medias to achieve their goal! I hope nadler will swallow his words about suicide and do it!

  36. Amen, please move forward ! I am so sick of this whole thing. If I hear Nancy or Adam talk any more bunk, I just don't know. It needs to be over very soon, like next week.

  37. I am appalled!!!!! Get this mess of a trial over with now!!!!! WE AMERICANS DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!!!!!! THEY SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR DOING THE THINGS THEY ARE ACCUSING TRUMP OF DOING!!!!🙄🤬

  38. Shift's , last part of this 30 plus hr shift show did some something I agree with. We need a President that will do what is right for the people, One we can trust and One who cares about this Country. And I agree. My vote is and will be for President Trump…………………."What have the DEM's done for we the people the last 3 years? Waste tax payers money, Block any thing Trump tried to get done for the good of our country just because Trump wanted it" Look what Trump has done for we the people and our County. So yes I agree with Shift's advice. So thank you MR. Shift for wasting 30hr plus of my time and my tax money to make sure I'm voting for the right President. TRUMP 2020

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