Why Japanese Don’t Like Foreigners

Why Japanese Don’t Like Foreigners

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. I hate tourists. They always seem to think they own the place just because they spend some money. Doesn't matter where you are in the world have some sense

  2. I don't like this world , because every person in each country are human,you can notice that human is hating human with their race, country…etc. I am living happy in this world because I am not expecting any respect from others. I will not hate any country. I think every person in the world is my brothers and sisters. My next birth should be bird ,so I can travel any country without visa and money , I am not hating human but I am hating thoughts of human

  3. I don't agree on No.5. Many of the local restaurants actually does not welcome foreigners (not being mean), as many foreigners simply do not know the マナー(manner, how to behave) of such places, or have poor communication skills (no Japanese) and they fear that foreigners will misbehave causing troubles or uneasy feelings for their regular customers. Moreover, many shop owners build these "family-like" relationship with the customers, you will see them greet each other (owner to customers, customers to customers) as they are of a big family. Going in there without someone they know or feel comfortable with (like say.. a fluent Japanese speaking friend), they will feel intimidated as if some stranger randomly walks into their own home.

    Also, Japanese bars have many rules. For example, some of them require you to pay "welcome fees" as well as purchase 2 bottles of sake, drink one with the master (owner) and leave one in the shop with your name on it as a proof that you will come back and visit..etc and ofcos, this is not written down anywhere, I only found out of this cos my friend was paying quite a large amount of yens at the time, then discovered that he was actually covering for me and my bf this whole time.. so basically if you barge in like some clueless clown, they won't say anything about it but you will notice how the space and time seem to freeze, and everyone is giving you the silent treatment or reluctant to serve you. Trust me, it's not a good feeling.

    This is also why there are countless youtubers making videos about what not to do in Japan..etc

    And one last thing. DO NOT act like how everyone SHOULD be able to speak English in a non-English speaking country, it's ignorant.

  4. I was 10 seconds into this video and I decided to give it a thumbs down. WHY the speeded up footage of people walking or cars on the street??????? Can docu makers PLEASE stop doing this.

  5. One can understand why the Japanese hate Chinese tourists. Most of them are extremely uncultured and talk loud and rudely in public. I just came back from Osaka and i personally felt annoyed at how they behave in many touristy areas.

  6. I don't see them as "racist" or any bloody phobic these woke lunatics throw around… They like their countries and way of life… Its normal and i respect them for it, its their country and we should respect that… I say that as I watch all Europe fall to Muslims

  7. I think the title is a bit misleading. They are definitely more particular but being annoyed at foreigners applies to a lot of other countries. Title should be something like things that annoy Japanese ppl.

  8. Seems like most Italian Americans besides the old ball like me will piss off the Japanese. They’d love me and they might think most Italians Americans are like me, but will get a huge shock if they met the rest of my family. 😂

  9. Japanese people don't give a fuck about blocking when they are in USA ….I grew up in Vegas and groups of 20 or 30 will stop where ever they want

  10. Damn introverts. Lol I moved from Miami to Texas for a job. NOBODY likes to socialize. No such thing as making new friends with strangers. Weird af. Dry and humorless. What a miserable and solitary existance here.

  11. Excluding shopkeepers that tend to talk your ear off, when it comes to strangers interacting in public, I think its Asians in general that don't appreciate random conversation. Here in America, it's common practice to make small talk with people around you when it seems appropriate; but when I've tried to make small talk with Asian people on the train, or waiting in line, or on the street, it's always made clear by their body language and that I have disturbed them.

  12. If being kept waiting pisses you off, then stay away from Indonesia and the Philippines! 30 minutes late is considered "early" there!

  13. I’m glad I don’t care about any of this. I’m no slob and I’m not confrontational but as a tourist, I’m gonna live my life.

  14. i'm japanese. i think most japanese including me welcome foreignors, rather than dislike them. i don't want any foreignors to misunderstand, or be misguided by this video. Knowing other people having interest in your own culture is really grateful, and i bet it's all the same all over the world.
    i just happened to search "japanese" on youtube and when this video came for first, i was confused. The title is so misleading.
    When we Japanese recognize foreignors, we well expect they would have a different culture and behavior.

  15. This is a different perspective since I’ve been coming here for the past 7 years? Very rarely now do I find a place that doesn’t take card.

  16. They also wear masks because they don't want to talk to people… true story… my friend told me, he's Japanese. Also this video is basically explaining British people too.

  17. Everything explained in the first 3 minutes explains NYC and why I hate living here sometimes even though it’s where I grew up. The lack of mindfulness drives me crazy.

  18. I am from Indonesia, and i saw your videos about Japan, it's quite help me when i decided travelling to Japan on October 2019 for the first time. Well actually Japanese people is very kind to me and my family, i am amazed with their attitude because they are so honest. Beside that, Japan is very very very very very very very beautiful country.

  19. It’s weird. All of these things except the cash at small stalls are things that piss me off. I’m from the southern US and even though these are not cultural they piss me off. I think being polite, clean, and not encroaching on others are hugely important. I always want to live without making a mark on others. I think this has always the way I’ve been.

  20. I used to be japanese but then I realized that watching anime and shouting random japanese words does not make you a japa ese

  21. All these teenagers really thinking one eceleb makes a whole country hate foreigners. Like they are missing the whole point. STUPID

  22. Some of these points should just be a common sense for any country to be honest. I hate it when i have to actively dodge people who suddenly just stop. Also at #7, why wouldn't you clean up your mess? Especially in a restaurant that has places to put your trash in. Stop littering goddamnit!

  23. Not just Japanese, but anyone in general (let alone Asians) … These are basic common courtesy tips that unfortunately so many folks lost since the turn of the 21st century.

  24. Talking to loud pisses me off as well and I’m not Japanese. Loud people annoy the hell out of me. Why do I need to hear about your life, problems and drama?!

  25. I don't think Japanese don't like foreigners. Actually they are reluctant to be told in English, moreover they don't want to talk other language than Japanese in front of other people like their friends because they have a culture of shame. They don't want to show they are struggling to speak English. That is what I heard from my Japanese friends.

  26. I noticed the people in Japan, at least in this video, wear very modest clothing. I don't think I saw one woman wearing those ugly leggings that a lot of women wear.

  27. What do you think when japenese migrate to usa and canada, they break so many rules especially in driving but still we guys always have smile on our faces

  28. Thank you for sharing this, l live in nyc and l wish more people here were as mindful as Japan, the people in ny can be so rude and disgusting sometimes especially when they are with cold. Japan looks and sounds like a nice place to vacation or even live. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  29. Japanese opposite of Filipino
    1. Don't wear mask most of the time even they sick just if you cough or sneeze just put a handkerchief
    2. Squatting in public common thing in Philippines even mall
    3. In Philippines counter flow or blocking in the way normal want proof ask street vendors hahaha
    4. Same as japan i guess
    5. well number five not big thing if you eat korean or etc because pinoy like to eat there too hahaha
    6. Well eating off hand not a big deal well we eat barehanded too
    7. Most Filipino is messy eater so i think japanese will hate to see
    8. Most filipino 15mins late that's too early in filipino both side are late about 1hour to 2hours
    9.Filipino are friendly so talking in line is cool will be more helpful to get rid boredom unless they don't want to be disturb rare occasion that is
    10. Filipino talk too loud but not as loud as Chinese specially angry business chinese man

  30. a lot more foreigners are now hating Japanese because there laws against rape ang grouping of women I will never allow any of my family or soon to be wife to go there

  31. Japan and germany are actually really similar.
    We are both cash based.
    We are both neat freaks.
    We dont like people standing around in the middle of the streets. – Yes I'm looking at you China! –
    We are both punctual and like being on time.
    We take of the shoes inside the house.
    We dont like talking to strangers. That small talk Americans do is so weird….
    I think I'll be fine in japan. But I do intend to learn the language beforehand.

  32. I don't understand the point of this video I think your full of shit I mean why is Japan so special ? it's just like any other country where it's popular with tourists their clueless because their foreigners with a language barrier as long as they are polite and have some common sense it's all gucci I think I've had enough of your videos laaaater bitch !

  33. This is what Paolo thinks and what he stated is not true. It is not that Japanese don't like foreigner,it is that most of the Japanese don't speak English but many foreigners just try to communicate in English.Actually many Japanese like foreigners.

  34. Japanese don't dislike foreigners. They dislike certain foreigners. If you let me guess, I'd say probably Chinese and Koreans. They are fine with white westerners.

  35. I have determined from your vids that most Japanese are what we now call 'SNOWFLAKES" Identified as the Death of America

  36. Japan sounds pretty terrible from all these videos you post. Sounds like they can use a few more "little boy and fat mans" dropped on 'em. BUT THEN WHO WOULD MAKE OUR CELLPHONES???

  37. I wanna visit japan really badly but its super intimidating and not only that but i dont know japanese all that well i mean i know like ありがとう (i think) and simple stuff like that so i hope ill be ok.. im just really worried it would be great if somebody from japan could gibe me some more advice like i dont wanna offend anyone i just want to meet people amd experience japanese culture and see the beauty of the country and also see Tokyo too

  38. Imagine if white us man said he didnt like foreigners. He'd be labelled as racist, xenophobic and a nazi. Japanese people just look so stuck up, and I bet they dont care for other country rules as well. But yeah weebs will support them regardless hoping that they'd be able to find their wifus or darlings

  39. Hahaha it's exactly like germany xD if you block any way of traffic you piss us off. If you go slow to. We are hasty and need to get to places to be on time. Even the eating habits. And waiting in line only sparks conversations if something happens. The loud talking too. It attracts ugly looks, especially on trains.

  40. Japan don't like people talking loudly, but inner them would love to be extroverted like that. All their anime protagonists are loud and obnoxious.

  41. These are basic public mannerisms . . .which all 'developed' countries should adapt to make the society at large more gracious!!

  42. Well… I was lost in Osaka.. people didn’t really help me just telling me to go there ask over there….. but thankfully one old man borrowed me his phone…😭Unfortunately I didn’t know my parents’ international phone number so..I failed. So I guess there’s people who are nice but at the same time people don’t like to involve into foreigners….

  43. One thing is the hand under the table lmao that’s how I eat all the time, but everything else is just common sense and just common etiquette

  44. I must've been Japanese in a past life. I just don't wear a mask in public because in the USA, it can get you shot by police.

  45. I'm Swedish, living in Japan. About the waiting/punctuality part, I'm usually the one that has to wait for the Japanese. In Sweden, and many other countries, we are also very concerned about being on time, but many Japanese doesn't realize this, and think that all foreigners are late.

    I heard that Japanese are often coming prepared 10 minutes before the meetings, but I have almost never seen this in real life. I'm usually the first at the location, and the Japanese are often dropping in from the time of the meeting start, until 10 minutes past the appointed time. I'm starting to believe that this is just a myth.
    In Sweden I was just about average in punctuality, and the meeting was always ready to begin at the appointed time.

  46. Hm well, except the super +cleaning+ in restaurant or so its pretty the same here in germany. I hate it too if some stranger will interrupt me at shopping or blocking ways with sitting around or so. And i hate begging a lot.

  47. Unfortunately i'll never be wealthy enough to enjoy visiting Japan. BUT nothing Will ever stop me learning from them! 100% admiration and wonder

  48. Japan has good manners. Pity it's gone in the West. As an elder I was brought up with good manners in the UK. Japan would be my ideal place.

  49. Of all the countries in Asia, there are none which has a history isolation as Japan. It must be remembered for two and a half centuries, Japan closed its doors to all foreigners except the Chinese and Dutch (they were only allowed on a small island). They are still very suspicious and yet can't live without things from abroad. In other words they Embrace Western but model it in a uniquely Japanese way.

  50. I am japanese.the aim of almost japanese woman puting on mask is to hide face.many japanese woman have complex about face.

  51. If you're vegetarian or if you're on a special diet and don't speak Japanese, a place with an English menu sometimes is an obvious safe preference for someone who is visiting for a couple of days only. Oops… I didn't know about #6 🙂

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