Why I shoot a lot

Hello everyone from Lago Maggiore, in Italy I’m taking some long exposures here of this beautiful scene I just wanted to share another quick thought with you today I wanted to share something that I was wrong about, I was dead wrong This is because I took bad advice in the past You see, you should be very careful where you take your advice from, who you take it from including me and this channel and most importantly, if that advice even applies to you and your photography what you are trying to do, what you are trying to create with it the long exposure is done! The bad advice I took was the one about making every shot count to be very mindful before pressing the shutter, and only do it when we are sure there’s an image to be made there and that it’s going to be a good one with the goal of increasing the ratio of keepers once we get home we don’t have a lot of photos to go through because, somehow, that’s what good photographers, real photographers, do and I did it, I did it for a long time now, further down my photography journey, I realize that it was a big mistake I used to believe that the magic of photography happens here, in the field, and when I press the shutter that’s when the photo is made, and there’s nothing else to do about it I realize now that photography is a whole process, a set steps, each one of them as important if not more important, than the previous one nowadays I shoot a lot, anywhere between 100 and 200 photos while I’m traveling, on a day like today sometimes even more and that means a lot of work for later, selecting and editing all these photos I tried to avoid that, I thought that was something bad but now, I believe that, perhaps, this should take time, it should take some effort the goal here is not to shoot so much that we get good images by accident just because we have so many, there’s gotta be at least one, a good one no, it’s not about that if I’m out here, hiking, walking, in a new city, in a new country, wherever and I don’t shoot for half an hour, or an hour, I become disengaged, distracted I stop being focused and I start thinking about anything else but making images what I do by shooting a lot is to try to create an image even when I know there’s none to be made when I know that it’s not going to work out, that image is never going to make it through my whole process it’s never going to see the light of the day because in trying, I stay engaged, I stay focused on what I’m doing, I stay in the zone if you will I believe that this change in mindset has made me a better and more aware photographer but I want to hear from you, because every approach to photography is valid and it’s ok as long as it works for you photography is subjective, it’s an art, it’s not a science I’d love to hear from you, how you approach photography and how you deal with these issues that’s all for today thank you so much for watching again, see you in the next one!

Author: Kevin Mason

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