Why I Left Clickfunnels… And Where I Migrated My Membership Site To…

Why I Left Clickfunnels… And Where I Migrated My Membership Site To…

Hey, Miles Beckler here, milesbeckler.com
in this video I’m going to discuss why I have left Clickfunnels and I’m also
going to explain where I moved my membership system to now that I’ve left
Clickfunnels. So about a year year and a half ago I joined click funnels in order
to move and migrate and kind of grow my membership system loved the funnel
aspect loved the ability to test funnels quickly and to get my landing pages my
sales pages up relatively quickly but the challenge came in the actual
membership site delivery first and foremost the their members area doesn’t
allow you much if any customization at all there’s no deep linking URLs to the
different modules for the different lessons and overall it was just a poor
user experience on the search function for example crashed it I reached out to
their support I will work on it at some point never got done another problem
that arrives with some of my paying customers we’re getting walked out of
their membership system Clickfunnels for some reason with an active
membership subscription would simply cancel their access in click funnels
even though they were still on monthly subscription I actually sat down I
physically took my laptop and went to their support at the click funnel
seminar that I went to and I sat down to show them because they weren’t
responding via email they were saying oh that’s on your end oh that’s not our
problem the general passed the buck kind of support that really aggravates me as
a customer finally I sat down with them they did a temporary fix it was never
fully resolved and the final straw that broke the camel’s back was when I found
out that I have dozens possibly hundreds of people who had access to my
membership content who weren’t on an active stripe subscription their
subscription either canceled they canceled it or a payment failed and for
some reason click phone did not pick this up and continued to give them
access some people for over a year I’ve already found about seven or eight
people who had access for over a year it’s four hundred and forty four dollars
per year per person so I’ve already found thousands of dollars that have
been kind of dropped by click funnels and from my kind of research it looks
like there’s dozens if not hundreds of more
people in that same sort of situation so I decided that was it once it hit my
pocketbook and it was financially affecting me it was worth it to move and
moving websites is and content management systems is always really
challenging if generally speaking a last resort to move everything over and at
that point it became a last resort so where did I move to I moved to a
wordpress-based system I realized that in dealing with
their support and in dealing with their lack of support actually and the “Pass the
Buck” mentality they had I need to be in a situation where I could hire
developers and I could essentially be in control I need to be the captain of my
ship I don’t want to be a passenger on someone else’s ship that’s going in a
destination that might not be where I want it to go so that’s why I went to a
wordpress-based system the theme I’m using is thrive themes and thrive themes
is fantastic for building the funnels on the front end but you also have what’s
called their apprentice system if you’ve never seen it actually I’ll put a link
below in the video or you could google thrive apprentice system and what it
does is it allows you to create a module and lesson based layout so now I have
different modules in different lessons for all of the products that get opened
up for my customers when they become members I’ve got a search function now I
can deeply people directly to the lessons that I want them to go to plus
I’m working on adding some really cool functionality like a forum that’s going
to be inside of there and just really playing with the look and making a great
user experience you know at $37 a month even though that’s only what, a dollar
twentyfive per day I still take that very seriously when our customers are paying
that and I want to make sure that they’re getting the best possible
experience that they can and that’s why we’ve literally spent over two and half
months and there were 10 different people who worked on it hired migration
specialists my team I have my wife and I literally hundreds of hours and
thousands of dollars have gone into this migration so it was a well thought out
idea and on my shopping cart I’m using thrive cart which is a very simple
shopping cart that allows me to run my funnel which is an opt-in to a dollar
trial to a membership to an annual upsell I have a video on that funnel
that’s working very well for us right now and for the
actual access I’m using active campaign and active member 360 active campaign is
an email management system that has a tagging based system it’s similar to
confusion soft but it’s very very simple to use and it’s very user friendly and
their plug-in active number 360 uses the tags that are inside of active campaign
to decide whether a specific user has access to certain content so a new user
will get access to week one after they’re through their week trial they
get access to month one whereas a user who’s six months in after they make
their next payment they get access to month number seven and all of that drip
content is done very intelligently through active campaign and active
member 360 so this move was actually an email service provider move for me it
was a platform move a content management system it was a steam move it was
intense to make this move and I’m so happy and I’m so thankful that I’ve made
the move you’re building a membership system I highly highly recommend you
consider creating an option that is not based on clickfunnels they have let me
down in a major way and it has cost me literally thousands of dollars and
months of my time in backpedaling plus I had people who were getting access to my
stuff for free and as a membership kind of site owner that’s that’s the part you
know quick funnels doesn’t accidentally give their software to people for free
so I don’t know why it didn’t work for me but it sure didn’t so and their
support wasn’t really there to help me with it so witness click funnels a good
idea right like I don’t want this to be all trash talking about click funnels
clicks tunnels is essentially a step above leadpages if you are kind of
trying to get your opt-in page going if you’re trying to sell an e-book if you
have a simple course that has three modules and four lessons in each module
it’s going to work perfect one-time products it works really well for that
kind of stuff it was the annual and the monthly and the rebilling system that
was required for the monthly membership that really made it
not very well feasible all in all I think thrive themes is a better option
because you have full control I does require some WordPress skills and
possibly bringing on a wordpress developer luckily you can find WordPress
developers in the Philippines in India in Eastern Europe for five to ten
dollars per hour and they’re really good at what they do
upwork.com is a great place to find them so if you were curious why I left click
funnels if you were curious what my new marketing stack looks like there you
have it I’m happy to answer any of your questions in here at this point the
membership system is working brilliantly I’m really excited about the future I’m
now on a platform that I can continue to add functionality and that’s really
important to me and it’s really important to my users I feel to have
that kind of best possible customer and user experience they can on click
funnels that just simply look there but on thrive themes and WordPress I’m in
control and that’s where I feel like I need to be this is a long term business
I’m building and I take it very very seriously and that’s why after literally
months of wondering am I going to move is it worth it God for me a lot of work
I did commit to the process and boy on the other end I’m thankful I did so if
you’re just starting membership system consider going straight to thrive themes
and a wordpress plugin to manage that access I love active campaign and active
number 360 it’s working really really well and that’s all for this video so I
hope to have more positive exciting stuff about what I’m doing my funnels I
just launched another new funnel myself over the weekend why not launch another
funnel after you just finish your membership system maybe I’m not crazy
workaholic maybe I’m just excited to get this stuff out and I’ll update you on
that as it comes thanks again for watching give me a thumbs up here in
YouTube if you liked the video give me questions for me leave them in the
comments I’m happy to answer your questions if you’d like to share what
your marketing stack is I’d love to know what you’re working with and how you
built your systems your funnels and your membership program and finally go ahead
and subscribe so you can get those videos when they come out
thanks again free time have a great day see on the next video

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Why I Left Clickfunnels… And Where I Migrated My Membership Site To…

  1. I'm confused…you published a video a month later from Funnel Hacking Live 2017. You left CF, but then went to Funnel Hacking Live? Anyways, I really appreciate your content Miles, just a little confused, maybe you can clarify.

  2. I'm not interested in a membership site but more so looking at how it works with Adwords? Can you point adverts to a clickfunnel page or can you insert the click funnels page (HTML) into word press? I know you don't use it anymore but can you answer this question?

  3. Thank you for sharing! I was about to subscripe to clickfunnel. Now my decision is clear. 🙂

  4. happy new year Miles great post, what is click funnels? as a company what is it? a type of template for a website? a hosting company? aka lead generation? or a membership company? they have two plans 297$ and & 97$?

  5. Hey Miles, appreciate the video, one suggestion though, please do test your website on mobile devices or use Hotjar to track how your site appears to your visitors. Because I've had this problem with one of the landing page building plugin by Thrive called Thive Architect (previously called Thrive Visual Builder) where the site was breaking on mobile devices, images appearing out of elements, DIV etc.

  6. I'm just starting out as an affiliate I've built my websites using simple WordPress theme. Although it's pretty responsive, I'm not still not satisfied as the pages are not mobile friendly.
    What do you think I should start with and tell me about the migration process from Clickfunnels? I'm just running basic squeeze sites offering ebooks to build mailing list.

  7. Hi Miles, thank you for this information. I really think you should remove your affiliate link to Click funnels within you video titled: What Is A Marketing Funnel?

  8. Hi Miles.  I really like your content and the videos I have seen. You seem trustworthy and transparent.  I am new  to the space of internet marketing.  I do feel I have a  unique product/service.  Its more of a one time buy than a membership.  I am looking for an easy(er) solution to create a sales funnel.  My question is: Being new to the game, should I use click funnels? Or should I be hiring someone  experienced in CRO/LPO(landing page optimization)/FB ads to help set this up and run this campaign for me. Thanks and I look forward to more of your content, ideas and products.

  9. Hey Miles, We have a brand new website coming out through corporate. Of course, they're not using WordPress and it's not customizable, so I need to create my own landing pages… Our company has free content, webinars, salesforce, and courses. Clients have to use our site to sign up for courses or request an invoice. So I need a Landing page software that can make it seamless for us to get leads and registration for webinars. We do not want to spend the $90 on CF. Lead pages look​ great for basic at $30. What would you recommend or suggest to do? Thanks.

  10. Your speaking about terms and processes I know nothing about. I am a new click funnel prospect. Your video came up after the Click Funnel video.

  11. Let me disclose something. I been a CF FunnelU member for 1 year but never started I was just learning what they do and how…They do have a huge marketing brainwashing campain cuz funnelU is not all that, but russells energy and videos sales… I a still a member tho' but gets you more confused that anything lol… They use now a 3rd party to charge the membership because yes! I would miss a payment due to CC failure and I still have access. Then eventually I have funds and they charge, I always had access. Now if i dont Pay access is now allowed. I even contacted the company because I love the system they use. I never picked this up until you mention this. I will too have this Huge problem as they use same membership system… I need a good membership system to help my users,,,Was nice to find this, I am using CF 14 days trial now building my membership funnel but will migrate. How can I book a 1:1 with you for a more customized advise? 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!!

  12. Hi Miles, thanks for the video. May I know are you using WP or WP.org? I am unsure which one to opt for and would appreciate your advice…

  13. Wow,,, great video Miles. Seems like so much work. We switched from Wix to Shopify because the Wix shipping sucked! Shopify has so many great features but not very user friendly in the way of customizing your website. WordPress seems very complex. Rebuilding my site would suck too… ugh. I came to you video here because I was researching List Grow. Seems awesome! I don't know if it would work for our company though. What do you think? www.pinchskincare.com

  14. Miles i just signed up for Clickfunnels…i think there service sucks…dont like thrive themes….i dont like the way they look…I use You tube for tutorials …they got a Clickfunnel plugin for wordpress that this nice…i appreciate your honesty…but i am going to try it out.;

  15. Hi Miles, visited your site, no contact or support links, anyways requested blueprint download 3 times, no email? Whats your membership site address?

  16. Awesome video thanks so much for sharing your setup! I am just looking to set up a member site, so I'm very thankful having read this.
    I was wondering how you handle affiliate tracking with the WordPress / Activemember setup. Since Clickfunnels has a built in affiliate tracking / payout system (i think they call it Backpack) I was hoping you have worked out a good equivalent for that?

  17. Hey Miles, i wan't to advertise my family business which is a travel agency based in Denmark. I would like to use Thrive themes to get more sales, is this possible considering i would only be targeting potential customers from Denmark (Europe)? The website is www. montenegrotours. dk

  18. I've tried signing up and Paypaling, but the BIG RED screen came on that says, "This website has been reported as unsafe!"
    I tried sending a message asking about the toll free phone number, how I can put my downloaded picture on my funnel and also left my phone number for you guys to call me back. I don't understand why the site only accepts PayPal and no Visa's.

  19. Thanks for your video Miles, I appreciate the great content, Question for you, when you are doing the move, is moving your customer's emails, easy to do, How does that transition work?

  20. I've used upwork for other tasks, but how do I go about finding a quality developer for my wordpress site and how much should I be paying to migrate my clickfunnels content to a thrivetheme site? Thanks. Love your videos.

  21. Hi Miles, thanks for the great content! Is it weird to use Thrive to do affiliate marketing for Clickfunnels?

  22. I signed up for CF only to find that I can pay 97.00 a month to GET customers, then I can pay an ADDITIONAL fee to find out who they are! So, I see CF gets to use my customer's /leads free while I must pay extra. I don't like the slimy feel of that. Am I being too critical?

  23. Hey Miles.. love your content. I need to look at your subscription offering.. I'm a marketing manager. We use Wish.com & are considering Infusionsoft for our CRM & marketing automation.. they are expensive tho. Did you just call them Confusionsoft? LOL If you have some insights or recommendations let me know here or email me please. You're AMAZING! Thx 🙂

  24. Thank you so much! I'm just starting out and I don't know what I'm doing! I have the 14-day trial at Click Funnels but I'm at day 1. I will continue to look for your videos and watch them! Thanks again!

  25. Hello I'm using S2member plugin for membership. It's quite frustrating to setup it but when you are done it's working really well. The cons is they stripe payment gateway is not sexy. You are stuck with paypal or clickbank.

  26. Hi Miles. Quick question about whether the issues you pointed out with Click Funnels, have been resolved since January 2017 when you made this video (well, if you've heard one way or another anyway)? Thanks. Kitty

  27. My Key will not work and support are not interested. I love instabuilder but after installing on a different site it has failed and support are a waste of time,i am now starting legal proceedings

  28. I like Kajabi…very good membership platform that is very easy to use and to customize. No programmers, advanced WordPress skills, etc. or technical Mumbo-Jumbo to deal with.

  29. Thank You for all Your insight, I was hoping to find out what the Monthly cost is now for Your New Platform using WP, and also what Hosting Service You Are Using ? kind regards, Diana

  30. Can you go a little more in-depth on what you currently use? It sounds like you're using WordPress + Thrive to build your funnels (landers, sales pages, upsells?), ActiveCampaign to handle your email list (good choice), ActiveMember360 to handle membership authorizations, and then Thrive Apprentice to manage your membership content. Is that correct? And.. does Thrive have one-click upsells?

  31. Hi Miles, great information. I am raw-handed. I have purchased Thrive Architect.
    What is the difference between Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme and why one needs both? I want to be able to use WooCommerce, eventually. Will Thrive Theme / TA integrate with Woo Commerce? Many thanks.

  32. Significant Clickfunnels info, which I understand many people had wished that they knew earlier. Thanks for posting this.

  33. Hi Miles-
    Thanks for this video! I'm a newbie and currently use Wix (for my landing page and site) and Clickfunnels (for lead generation)for my Career Coaching business and find they are not great to integrate; basically impossible. Do you know if I could essentially do my entire funnel in Wix and just cancel my Clickfunnels subscription? If so, do you recommend any apps to use thru Wix?

  34. Hi Miles

    Is the wordpress/thrive theme setup good for physical products
    ecommerce/dropshiiping/shopify or is there any clickfunnels alternative for the same.

  35. Miles, I know you are already very generous with your knowledge, I have thrive themes, could you make a video or post a link here on how to create learning modules in apprentice, I would prefer you explain it because your so clear and easy to understand, Rhonda

  36. Thank you for confirming I’m not crazy! Clickfunnels (for the MASSIVE) money they make has THE WORST customer service program on the earth and is so buggy for he price you’re paying! Ultimately, this is what’s going to cause many to leave clickfunnels over the long haul!

  37. Man, I'm so glad I stumbled across this video. I'm a WordPress girl and have been for years. I've been seeing click funnel everywhere and was going to try it out. Lol, not anymore! You've saved me so much time and money. THANKS TO YOU!!

  38. Do you have an Autoresponder in addition to those products you mention OR does your List reside inside those products somewhere?? Any comments welcome and thanks for sharing Miles.

  39. My one thing is I know from past experiences you can run two sites on WordPress with one hosting – do you believe A2 is the best choice for hosting –

  40. Thank you for this!!! I use Thrive Themes for my website and am planning my first membership system so thanks to you I have left ClickFunnels and going to use Thrive Themes all the way now! I was using ClickFunnels with clickbank Payment processing for monthly membership subscription. Had to temporarily shut down my program and return to a job and now building back up a better way! Going to bring it all in-house with Thrivethemes and stripe I think. Thank you for all the value content my new friend!

  41. Miles, this is a great video. I have been using Thrive Themes for sometime. Apart from it being a great product, the training and support is way above anything that I have seen. They always are working to improving their product and always are listening to their customers so they can have a premium tool that they proud of.

  42. Good content.. I am very new to all this tech info. Is this user friendly for someone just trying to building funnels for email retrieving. I have a an econ business.

  43. Hi, Miles. Thank you for sharing your insight with us. I realized that creating a membership site with Clickfunnels will not be ideal. Do you still use Clickfunnels for the Optin, Funnel and Thank you pages?

  44. Hi Miles, this video has really helped. I also read the article that goes with it at your blog. Thank you for your fantastic review, you covered all the bases. I can't wait to implement your ideas. Many, many, many thanks 🤗


  46. Hi Miles, thank you for posting and sharing. Question what video of yours do you recommend to learn what sales funnels are and how to do them? I dont have my website in WordPress.. thanks for the help!!

  47. Miles, I'm in the middle of 90 day challenge. Now migrate my blog to Thrive too! Thanks for this info. I learn the hard way lesson, paid developer for "little thing" in my blog. and it took 2 months. he spoke in languange that i didnt understand. felt like he did it in purpose, that makes me more confuse! Thankyou for saving my time in the future. Yesterday is lesson to learn. Your content is gold.

  48. Honestly, this is one of the best videos I've found on this topic. You really got to the nitty gritty. Thank you Miles. (Thanks for the video direct – I cleaned up my comment for privacy reasons) You're awesome!

  49. Wow, I am impressed by you sir, you are awesome. I am a new subscriber and i am looking around your channel, pleasantly surprised, keep up the great content. Your content is great.

  50. I bought a book and upgraded to a $47.00, well waited so long i forgot about it.
    They did not included customer service. I called the only phone in the package. That's the phone number to their fulfillment company. Spoke with someone very nice on the phone right away.
    They email me click funnel
    Information. Took me a week, calling, nobody answered, yes, nobody answered the phone, NEVER.
    i emailed them a couple of times,
    After a week, finally someone answered. At the end, they did not give me what I paid for.
    Told if I can't trust you with this small thing, how can i trust you with big things.
    In my heart and gut knew something is wrong, oh boy, was i right or what. There is zero customer service. Their fulfillment company did a good job, way better than them.
    I see cracks in their foundation.
    I would rather make my funnel in wordpress from the beginning.
    They have track record.
    I like to do things one thing well.
    Not everybody has the luxury of
    Moving a whole website with them.
    Thank you sir for your honesty.

  51. Just curious if you still use that same stack today? Was thinking of starting with click funnels to get the ball rolling, and then migrate if we find success.

  52. I really appreciate the info. I hadn't even thought about it before…why would I have, right? When everybody else is singing CF's praises, you don't know if it's the affiliate program or a real review – you know what I mean? It could just be the affiliate commission talking. As I am writing this it's just dawned on me that Franklin Hatchet speaks very fondly of you. You were one of his mentors he speaks about. I think he has modeled you from afar. You showed him what was possible. I definitely appreciate you.

  53. Hi Miles. I followed yr advice to a Tee but running into block after block. The AM 360 support ( I went ahead and purchased this membership plugin) contacted me to say they don't support Thrive Apprentice. And the video tutorial you pointed me to was great but he focuses on Learn Dash stacked with 360, AC, Buddy Press, etc. So at a point the video doesn't work for me. I searched your content and can't locate any clear info about how to do this. I've been weeks on this. Can you help or be hired? Or do you have a video that shows how you pulled a thrive theme/Thrive Apprentice/ together with these other plugins (AC & AC360 & Thrive Cart) to drip courses? Thanks.

  54. Miles, this is so helpful. I am glad I run into this video in the beginning of the road. Have you heard about the Christopher Martin program, Work from anywhere? I am curious to figure it out if I could benefit from the funnels templates and other materials but use Thrive themes instead of ClickFunnel, which is the platform used on the program. I have experience with WordPress. Do you recommend any similar program that is not linked to ClickFunnel? Keep up the good work and I sincerely hope that all the help and energy you are giving to other, come back at you in double. I appreciate any guidance.

  55. Clickfunnels is a FRAUD, BE CAREFUL!!! NEVER enter your credit card details👆, I wanted to try it and thank God I entered my credit card that I use for internet sales with O (zero) on my account. When trial period ended, I received sms every two hours from the bank that Clickfunnels is trying to withdraw 297$ (unsuccessfully 😚). I deleted my account and it stopped.

  56. This type of insight is exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to do more research on active member 360

  57. Sometimes the easy can be too good to be true. I thank you for sharing your experiences in hopes to help us all.

  58. I just joined click funnel 11 days ago, and having problem with domain that was purchased in click funnel..I just can't believe they don't have live support or phone # to call. All I'm getting is email back and forth once a day which doesn't help to resolve my issue at all for last 7 days. I finally asked for money back and they told me to wait for another 5-10 business days to fix the problem and no money back…Seriously???
    I think click funnel is away over estimated or well reviewed from how they actually run the business. Very disappointed!!

  59. Good day miles, so currently doing the 30-day funnel challenge @ click funnels. They have such huge market share, I'm surprised I found your review. Although I personally don't have very much experience online, does your system have a course like the 30day challenge to show me the process to truly making money online and not just a bunch of talk?

  60. clickfunnels really sux the amount of loop holes there are in clickfunnels is too much i can get course for free on some click funnel sites

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