Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People | Part 1 | Swami Mukundananda Yale University Talk

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People | Part 1 | Swami Mukundananda Yale University Talk

people say they can be two possibilities
either there is no God and the rule of jungle is prevailing so
the rule of the jungle is survival of the fittest in Hindi there is a saying
jiske lot he who seek him has when the rule of the jungle prevails whoever owns
the stick the buffalo belongs to him so either that is the rule of the world and
that is why bad things are happening to good people or else God is not really
good when we talk about bad things and good things we have to understand this
is in reference to a time frame what is a good thing what is a bad thing
something that appears to be good in the short run turns out to be bad in the
long run and vice-versa there is a story that we used to hear
there was a Chinese farmer one day a wild horse ran into his farm the
neighboring farmer said what a good thing has happened to you you’ve got a
free horse he said good thing bad thing this God alone knows a few days went by
the horse ran out of his farm back into the wild
the neighboring farmers came to commiserate they said this is a very bad
thing you have lost your horse he said good
thing bad thing who knows a few more days went by the same wild horse brought
20 horses along with it and they all came running into the field again the
neighbors came to congratulate the farmer you have got lottery you’ve got
20 free horses this is the best thing that has happened to you
he said best thing worst thing who knows a few more days went by the farmer’s son
was riding one of the horses and fell off and fractured his leg again in the
evening gathering people said this is a bad thing if the horse had not come this
would not have happened he said well bad thing good thing the
future will tell now that country went into war with another country and the
king sent his soldiers to recruit all the youngsters in the countryside all
the youngsters the children of the neighboring farmers got recruited and
got sent to the war front this neighbor son was left behind because he had
fractured his leg so what was a good thing what was a bad thing when the
horse ran away from the field it appeared to be a bad thing but then he
came back with 20 horses when the farmer’s son fell off the horse it
appeared to be a bad thing but with a little more time perspective it turned
out to be a good thing so when we talk about good things and bad things what is
the time frame that we are referring to let me tell you a very interesting story
in this regard there was once a boy who found in his garden on the plant a
cocoon hanging the boy became delighted he said I will actually witness the
butterfly emerging from this cocoon so every day while going to the school and
while coming back he would observe the status of the cocoon one day sure enough
a dot had appeared it happened to be a Saturday every two hours he would go and
check and the dot was becoming bigger and bigger he was transfixed finally the head of
the butterfly emerged and he was witnessing with his own eyes the miracle
of nature taking place the caterpillar had been transformed into a butterfly
and it was emerging from that cocoon bursting through shedding its shell it
came halfway through and then seemed to get stuck no matter how much it tried it
was not able to extract its big stomach out of the hole the cocoon was bobbing
up and down up and down the boy felt pity on the butterfly and as an act of
kindness he ran into his house he picked up a pair of scissors and he slipped the
cocoon into two the butterfly fell onto the ground he thought it would be a few
moments before the butterfly soared into the sky but
it was never to be he saw that the wings of the butterfly were shriveled
and the stomach was swollen he thought very soon the stomach would shrink and
the wings would fill up but it was never going to happen
the boy had not realized that it was in the struggle of extracting itself from
the cocoon that the pressure would have been applied on to the stomach which
would have forced the fluid into the wings of the butterfly without that
struggle the butterfly would remain handicapped for life similarly we people desire to shed our
difficulties we look for someone who can cut our cocoon and release us from
difficult circumstances without realizing it is in going through these
difficult times that we fill our wings it is God’s Way of preparing us for the
flight ahead it is these difficulties that ensure the unfoldment of the soul
and the Saints who have realized this have said so Swami Vivekanand an Indian
Swamiji who came to us a more than a hundred years ago he said life is the
continuous unfoldment of a being under circumstances tending to press it
downwards and we see this in the lives of great personality
and USA the example of Abraham Lincoln is awful given he grew up in very
difficult circumstances but it was those difficult circumstances that forged in
him a great character that has inspired Americans for centuries after that we
also have the example of Thomas Alva Edison I am told that he was terribly
poor at one time and he used to sell tea in the trains and he was a little hard
of hearing so one day the ticket checker and the Train got annoyed and whacked
him on the ear as a result Edison became deaf for a couple of years later on he
was asked do you have any regrets for that period of difficulty he said no my
external ears were closed but my internal ears opened and it was in those
years that I progressed maximum the progress being referred to is not
progress in material prosperity but the progress of the soul in its journey of
evolution and that progress often takes place much better in difficult
circumstances that is why I came across a very sweet and wise saying it goes
like this I prayed to God for strength and he gave
me difficulties to overcome so that I may become strong I prayed to God for
wisdom and he gave me problems to solve to make me wise I prayed to God for
prosperity and he gave me brawn and brain to
utilize and become prosperous I prayed to God for courage and he gave me
dangers to surmount and become courageous I prayed to God for love and
he gave me the needy to help and develop the quality of love my prayers were
answered so when we talk about bad things happening we have to understand
many of these bad things are actually very good things

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People | Part 1 | Swami Mukundananda Yale University Talk

  1. Beautiful class that as Kunti asked for difficulty only in life so that she would always remember a God,perhaps to get the soul evolved ,difficulties come as a boon.thank you swamiji.Radhe Radhe

  2. Very inspiring lecture by Swamiji. God is very kind and merciful. He tests us through difficulties. Every disappointment or difficulty has a hidden blessing behind it. We have to understand, many of the bad things happen to us are actually very good things.

  3. Swamiji explained with a great example of a butterfly and Thomas Edison . Many of the bad things are actually good things .

  4. Thank you Swamiji for this enlightening lecture! Bad things or situations are blessings in disguise for much better prospects. Great message Swamiji!

  5. It’s difficult to understand what is good for us in the big plan of the Almighty! Thus surrendering and considering everything as His blessings is the best choice.

  6. This video makes us look at difficulties in a new light.
    It gives us a better perspective which enables us to deal with difficulties more effectively.

  7. Such a important lesson. We should take every apparent good or bad thing in life as a step to progress on the spiritual path.

  8. What if the problems we faced were actually future blessings? Good or bad situations should be put into the correct frame of reference. Eye opening video

  9. " I prayed to God for strength,
    and He gave me difficulties to overcome
    so that I may become strong.
    I prayed to God for wisdom,
    and He gave me problems to solve to make me wise.
    I prayed to God for prosperity,
    and He gave me brawn and brain
    to utilize and become prosperous.
    I prayed to God for courage,
    and He gave me dangers
    to surmount and become courageous.
    I prayed to god for love,
    and he gave me the needy
    to help and develop the quality of love.
    my prayers were answered."

  10. This is one of my favorite lecture. I get many of my questions answered when I heard this lecture.
    There is always a motive behind our tough times. God actually helps us to progress in our life journey.

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  12. In this beautiful lecture, Swamiji says that in God's court, there is only justice and never injustice. The circumstances in our lives is an example of that justice based on our own past actions from many lifetimes. Thank you, Swamiji!

  13. Very good analogy of the very nature of Good or bad thing. How we percieve events as good or bad is usually shortsighted. Struggles are good for the soul

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  16. Every difficult situation is programmed for our uplift and turn into opportunity. We need to thank our god and guru for such opportunity. RR

  17. Such a great lecture with great examples. Now I have a clear sense on why bad things happen which is truely a blessing in disguise. Thank you .

  18. Always blaming god when we face challenges is human tendency. We forget all our blessing but only remember few difficult situations. Difficulty comes to teach us new possible ways to resolve situation- blesssing in disguise.

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    Our strong faith in God helps us to progress through our difficult situations.

  21. Swamiji expertly gives a real life example to show how God provides us with ample opportunities to better oneself. It’s about recognizing those opportunities and making them work in a way that takes us one step closer to God!
    Dhanyawad and Radhey Radhey Swami ji!

  22. Radhe Radhe

    Example of boy and cocoon showed how difficult circumstances are very helpful to elevate individual's soul

  23. Judicial system in the world is involved to ensure
    that there is justice. Justice is important to ensure
    that people stay away from crime.

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  28. That apparently Bad things that happen to good people are actually grace of god. Thanks Swamiji – it’s enlightening perspective.

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    Buh i know God is pushing me to the right path.Thanks so much.

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  36. It is the fittest that survive, by using difficulties as stepping stones to succeed! Don't be deterred by obstacles, instead exploit them making them opportunities!

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