Why dental implants hurt! – Dentist explains…..

Why dental implants hurt! – Dentist explains…..

– Why do implants hurt? Why would an implant hurt? What makes it a painful process? And I think that’s
probably one of the things most people think about
when they’re contemplating if I’m gonna replace a missing
tooth with an implant is, you know what, having a
screw drilled into my head, not into that, so not
gonna get an implant. So they go without a tooth
there, because the fear of the pain, that’s part of it. Another part might be that
you’re not aware of the damage that’s caused when you don’t have a tooth where you used to have one. Obviously, there’s going
to be some shifting, and then there’s going to have, so the tooth behind will shift forward, and the tooth above will shift down, so those are the two
main things that happens when you are missing a tooth. The other thing that might
occur when you’re missing a tooth would be the imbalance. So I relate it to a vehicle. If you had an 18-wheeler
truck going down the highway, and I took away a couple
of the the wheels, it would still get down
the highway just fine as long as they’re obviously
not the front two that steer, but if I took them away,
it would still be able to transfer the load. Now if you take that same
vehicle and fast forward 10, 20 years without having that balance, there’s gonna be a lot of problems. Abnormal wear, and damage to
the structure of the vehicle, our mouth is no different. So if we’re missing
teeth, there’s gonna be a real concern, a real
issue with the balance and health of our existing teeth. So, there’s kind of the
case for why you would want to replace a missing tooth. So they’re kind of holding off
on maybe getting an implant because of fear, or you’re
not fully understanding some of the consequences
of missing a tooth. We’ll also show how I can
help you significantly here at Innovative
Dental to avoid the pain commonly associated with
an implant procedure. So to help explain that, when
you typically are placing an implant, you would be placing it with a free-hand approach,
where you’re visualizing the tissue, and you’re
gonna place the implant with just vision and feel, and when you do that, you’re
gonna have to obviously be able to see what you’re
placing your implant into. So the dentist, oral
surgeon, periodontist, whoever’s placing that implant
is going to make an incision on the ridge of your
bone, and they’re gonna reflect back the tissue. When they reflect that
tissue away from your bone, now that tissue obviously has to re-heal back to the bone. That is why the post-op
discomfort and pain from an implant might be so severe. It’s why you might want
to have a procedure where you’re sedated, you’re put under, because it’s gonna be a longer process, it’s gonna be more invasive,
and then the recovery is more painful. So Innovative Dental
prides ourself on using the latest technology and
techniques to help avoid these things that are
really keeping people from experiencing the benefit
of modern-day dentistry. So, and obviously replacing
the tooth and getting healthy. So this piece of technology right here, pretty slick, right, you can
put your head in the middle of this, and it rotates around. You may have seen something
like that at your dentist, and maybe your dentist does have this, but most don’t, that
device might be called a panoramic x-ray. It really just takes a
two-dimensional picture of your jaw. This is a three-dimensional image, so much like a CAT scan that you might get at a medical facility, this
can take a one-pass image and get a 3D image of your jaw. The 3D image that we can
get with this machine is allowing us to visualize the bone. And now that we can visualize the bone, there’s no need for that incision. No need for the incision
means next to no bleeding during the procedure. We literally make a small,
little tissue punch, something similar to a three-ring binder, so if you’ve ever seen one
of those, a little punch like that, it’s about that big, and it’s about that small, and it works perfectly at giving us access to place the implant. Since we already know
what the bone looks like, we can use a guide to place that implant exactly where we want it
with precision, safety, it’s very quick, and it’s painless, and you’re gonna be like,
painless, come on man, you can’t place an implant painless. Well, if you may or may
not even need Tylenol that evening, I would
consider that painless. And for most of our patients,
almost all of our patients, that is what they will
explain as their experience. After doing over 450
implants, I can tell you with certainty that
our patients experience next to no discomfort, post-op pain, because of this process of
guided implant placement. So hopefully this was useful. Implants can hurt, but they don’t have to here at Innovative Dental. Well I hope this video was useful, and helps you understand
how we can help you with your smile and take
away the pain often thought and associated with getting an implant. If you’d like to see
more of what we are about here at Innovative Dental,
please give us a call at 417-889-4746. You can also go to our
website at idspringfield.com. We would love to communicate with you on our Facebook or YouTube page. You can leave a comment,
we like to hear more about if this is helpful, or
what other interests you might have about
some more video topics that might help you understand dentistry. And be sure to like and share
this so that more people can be educated on what would help them with maybe a missing tooth and an implant provided by computer-guided
implants at Innovative Dental.

Author: Kevin Mason

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  2. So I have been complaining to my dentist about a tooth hurting on the top left side. He has taken x-rays twice in the past 2 years. The full set and the little set of x-rays. For 2 years he said he didn't see anything. Well last week I could feel the back of one of my teeth splitting from the front side. The dentist could only fit me in a week later but when I called an expressed the pain, terrible headaches, they were able to fit me in the next day. He said "yep the tooth is cracked." He had to pull the tooth because the crack was below the gum line. I said at least now we know what the pain was. He said he couldn't see the crack because it was on the backside and x-rays are 2-dimensional. I thought it was a lame answer. Now I have to pay $4100 to get an implant. I am going to let him do it, but I should probably switch doctor's. How would you go about finding a dentist that has modern equipment like this? If he had this he could have caught it early and put in a crown. I have been going to him for years and I know they will ask why I stopped going and I’m going to tell him not having modern equipment cost me a tooth. I am annoyed I lost one of my original teeth.

  3. I had a single dental in-plant put in . Had stitches put in and had it done under a local. Took nurofen plus for two days after. About a week after I was totally without pain. Getting the original tooth pulled out was worse. with the tugging and getting dry socket after.

  4. You're one of the best looking dentist I've ever seen! …You are definitely eye candy for the soul and your personality is what really rocks!…
    As soon as I get rich I'm flying to your office and that's my very first investment my teeth.
    So God bless and continual prosperity

  5. I do not want to have even metal in my bones.
    It will form a battery with the existing metals and wear out.
    Before those idiots did put us Mercury in our mouth.
    You can not trust those money makers.
    Read or watch Ramiel Nagel's "cure tooth decay".

  6. I was hella afraid of how it would hurt. Only had 1 implant done. I was significantly more swelled up probly from the bone graft but it Hurt about as bad as having a tooth pulled afterward. No real pain just a little bit of pressure from swelling. I would rather have an implant then a root canal any day!

  7. Why I just found this.. I been following you on utube doc.. I have implants but no teeth yet huhuhu pls help pick me.😰😭😭

  8. In other words you are trying to tell us is to take care of our teeth or we could wind up looking like the character sloth from the Goonies movie.

  9. Dr I’m getting Zirconium … I just had a bone graft put in end of Jan an watched root cause on Netflix’s which the Ada took down all ready … the guy that did that documentary I went thru the same thing ,it has taking me three months to heal from a root canal 🦷 an had the root canal tooth pulled so they put bone graft in… how long before you can eat on it when they put screw in … I’m kinda scared been listening to a lot of videos an had testing me on both an they told zirconium .. in the movie they said people are having problems with the titanium

  10. I need teeth implants. At age 12 I got hit with a rock and both my front teeth fell right out it was a horror moment. Today my goal is, to save money and get implants.

  11. Why doesn’t dental insurance get into the 21 st century what they pay a year is a joke. They should cover at least half

  12. Just got two implants on the bottom and 2 sinus lifts on top missing teeth. no pain at all just mouth is really frozen

  13. Im looking at future tooth lose ,due to thinning enamel…Acid reflux/diet drinks/acid,what kind of cost??Generally??

  14. Just had 8 implants done, I was told it would only hurt from the beginning, local anesthesia. Not true for me, it felt like I just had all my extraction done again, but it only lasted for about 6 hours.

    No matter what the pain could be I would encourage anyone to look into implants, because of bone loss. My dentist said if I didn't do it soon I would have to get bone graphs for implants to be done in near future.

    I checked with our dental insurance and because of bone loss the insurance was going to pay 80% of cost. Implants are not always cosmetic, can preserve bone density.

    I would have never believed I could have lost so much bone in just 5 years, but the 3D image of my jaw doesn't lie. I will be so happy to have teeth close to the real thing again.

    BTW, after one week very little pain just from my gums being cut open for the restructuring of jaw bone, so implants could be installed.

  15. A friend of my husband got nerve damage after dental implants, which causes her in pain 24/7 and no pain killer can relieve the pain. She was told the dentist drilled too deep that damaged the nerve.

  16. I have 2 missing teeth and my insurance said they won't cover a partial because its not medically necessary… I wish I had the extra cash for implants.

  17. I am from pakistan .. and in next month i am going to have an implant .. and my doctor has 2D machine .. so what could i do ? I am so afraid 😓

  18. how to grind out old bottom bone. teeth…without to much pain….after 3 needed pain killer jabs…i still felt much pain and tenderness ..

  19. I had tooth number 10 implant done at Clear Choice in Columbia, Maryland. I had no pain after the procedure, the swelling was the only thing noticable on my left cheek. Went for my 14 day post op checkup and all is good. The entire cost will be 6,500 bucks for one tooth. This one fixed price would include everything that is needed. I decided not to go with a bridge. I felt the tooth implant was the very best option for the long term.. Sadly, most dental insurances do not cover a lot of the cost that is involved with this specific procedure. Heck, my implant cost more than my beautiful, used Mercedes Benz diesel W124 car.

  20. What can a patient ask in their area that isn’t in the same location to see you for painless implant procedures ? For safe procedures ? And ensure safe placement.

  21. Thank you so much for this information of video I feel much more at ease with my upcoming appointment

  22. Hey dude, I had a top front tooth implant 6 month ago since then iv had tensed like feelings in my jaw and implant area, is that normal?

  23. fuck, i lost an upper tooth on the right side and now am so scarred to make an implant, i lost it like 5 months ago

  24. This guy sucks, dentist should be ashamed I get it cost alot for dental school but they over charge patients….the reason there is no set price on dental work is be use they are the ones who set the price ….like everything in America they buy the product 90percent less then what they charge……its bs

  25. where can I get implants without going through the dentist to cut the cost down? of course, I would go to dentist to get job done

  26. Such a pity you wanted to put foreground music in the video, thus making your narration background and hard to hear and concentrate on.

  27. I had major dental surgery last Tuesday. I was placed with bone graft and 2 implants with only anesthetic. I had that device!! Hehe I laughed because there was spa music playing in the background. Thanks for posting this useful video 🦷❤

  28. 1:15 I get the analogy but 15 years is absurd for tires let alone semi tires. (Due to driving)

    If anyone is wondering, the actual process isnt that bad. The hardest part was keeping my jaw open that much…(several times a bite block wouldnt cut it) id def do it on a day off.its the next day now and my jaw is sore to the touch but take the meds as listed and you should be ok.

  29. Dude youre still drilling into bone. During the process yesterday the drill was painless. But to say you have no post op pain….I call bullshit. Have YOU ever had one?

  30. Hi, I appreciate your videos and what you are doing! I wanted to ask you what can I do if I extracted a tooth 2ys ago and didn’t put an implant. Is it too late to go to a orthodont to see how can I make some space there and put one now?
    Keep up the good work!

  31. Maybe .. but the coast probably is triple no thanks.. going to do the Mexico is better … America sucks only they care about money

  32. I've had three teeth extracted and tomorrow I have to have another extracted. (Drug addiction). I have the fear of God because the past few dentists have been dicks. Pulling and popping and twisting and just hell. It's like being tortured. Any tips? I'll be fully conscious. No pain meds either because I'm on Suboxone.

  33. Reason number one cost, reason number two price, reason number three ridiculously expensive, reason number four unaffordable, reason number five a kings ransom, reason number six please see reasons 1 thru 5… however that being said I would fly, drive or walk to have this dude help me out…I’m down 3 due to being cursed , even though I don’t smoke and take care of my teeth I’m still getting failed root canals. Some people are meant to suffer I guess 🤷‍♂️

  34. What’s your field of profession? I had my implants and bone graft done through an oral surgeon and he was amazing!! Finally recovered and I go back for another follow up and wait for 4-6 month to place a bridge on my 27, and two crowns on my 26, and 25. I seriously can’t wait!!! Most people complain of the cost. But they don’t even see eye to eye for a brand new car or a house. My heath and beautiful smile is 1 top priority. I’ve worked two jobs to afford all my dental work. And I spent well over $40,000.

  35. My oral surgeon is going to be using a surgical guide for implant placement on tooth 7. He says he will close the gum over the implant completely for 4 months until a zirconia abutment can be placed. I'm so worried because this is in the front, and I am in school at the moment to become an RDH. I need reassurance 🙁

  36. Are root cannal bad for our health? I got one and now im seeing so many videos on how bad root cannals are. 😭

  37. It wasnt my implants that hurt. It was the feeling coming back to my mouth that hurt. It takes so much to deaden my mouth that when the feeling came back the whole roof of my mouth hurt severely. It was so bad.

  38. It depends on your pain level I had one done and it did not hurt at all and I was awake the whole time

  39. I use to be obese and destroyed my mouth from fast food and coca cola and didn't brush because of depression I'm skinny now and want a second chance at life :(.. I really need resources I feel bad that I decided to choose food to ease my pain because I had no friends I relate to you so much at my highest I was approaching 300 lbs now I'm 158 lbs.. this is so hard, I just want a second chance ❤.. It's just so hard.. I self medicated with food for years.

  40. WOW! After watching a series of your videos explaining your innovative procedures and hi tech equipment, I am sorely wishing that you were located in my sate of Oregon. I would have you as my dentist for LIFE! You are so informative and I can tell that you take great care when it comes to your customers concerns and their comfort!

  41. I'm getting 3 implants this month to replace 3 front teeth I knocked out in a bmx bike crash. I'm 21 years old and I'm pretty nervous. I've been wearing a Hawley retainer with 3 fake teeth attached to it in the meantime. How soon can I wear my retainer after my surgery because I hate not wearing it

  42. Thank you dt. İm dentist student and i learn a lot of thing by your videos! Thanks a lot again

  43. What a bunch of shit. I had state of the art equipment used in my case. They extracted ALL of my teeth and replaced them with 20 implants. Ten on top and ten on bottom. Procedure called all on ten in my case. Then they will make 8 sets of three teethed bridges that will be attached to my implants. Cost $220.000.00. OUT OF POCKET. Insuarance will not cover it. And yes for the most part it’s not that bad but a couple of spots hurt still like a mother fucker and Tylenol will not cut the pain. The reason I had to have to go this route is because I have a total TM Joint replacement and that restricts me from being able to open my mouth wide and properly chew food. Dentures will not work because of my jaw situation which requires stability. Hence my implant surgery lasted 10 hours straight. It’s been a week and a half and my mouth still fucking hurts!!!!! So getting one or two implants is not painful of course. But getting 20!! of them at once makes you feel like you have been run over by a fucking truck!!!!!

  44. It’s about time for clinicians to learn how to communicate with patients not only about the procedure itself, because people go dental offices after browsing on the web and getting a lot of misinformation. Clinicians should protect their patients by explaining to them what makes the difference between a quality treatment and a quality medical device and a cheap package…

  45. Perfect white teeth aren't natural. It's a myth that has been created in order to justify charging the prices they do. It's worked too. Society now believes that is the standard and don't want to be seen as unhygenic, disgusting or different so will pay the cost to have the work done. I get it, it's a confidence thing. A decade or two ago nobody really gave a shit.

  46. My only hurt after the first hour or so but 800mg of Ibuprofen handled that. Then 800mg twice the second day. Then 400mg twice the third day and 400mg twice the fourth day (and I really need the last 400mg). I also had two different teeth removed and one was infected. Then numbing agent was more annoying than the pain.

  47. We need less regulations, cheaper cost. It’s way to expensive for the procedure being done trough out the implant industry. All on 4 is the least expensive . Still way to high priced, try South Dakota good state low over head.

  48. Great my dentist told me I will be needing this probably when I get my braces off cusse I have soft teeth and it’s basically I can get cavities and tooth decay easily and my mom and aunts teeth are all fake..and so yay alteast I will be missing some school..but this won’t be penalties ankther 2 years

  49. Just had an implant and and two extractions yesterday. It's really not so bad! Still hurts a bit but I've only taken two 200mg Advil over the past 24 hours.

  50. Most useless fucking video ever, that tech…. never fuckin seen it in my life. The cost, literally the reason why people don't get implants, and he pretends like he doesn't know, says "maybe its because they don't know how it messes up your teeth" mother fucker, are you stoopih, of course people know itl fuck their teeth up, no one needs a stupid inaccurate truck metaphor. If you remove a tire from a 16 wheel truck, the axels, or something will break, even an explosion, or nothing at all, and the problems would take hours or weeks, cus that shit happens sometimes. Could just used the fuckn, if I lost a leg, my body wouldn't change too much at first, but after a while that side will get weaker example

  51. hi , i live in belgium , and watch ur vids as they r very informative, open friendly and genuine
    I was afraid of dentists when i was young , a the needle freaked me out , my mom pushed me to see a dentist but i did not go to scared.
    as a result i had caries at the front and had to see a dentist anyhow .
    unfortunately it was the old generation dentists talking 35 years back .
    redone my front teeth about 12 years ago , but my dentist made a wrong prognosis and i ended up with a broken root.
    as a result that she had to pull the tooth .
    she promised to pay for one tooth as she made a wrong prognosis , but replaced the teeth with a cheap denture made by her brother
    who is a denture maker.
    they do not fit , they look ugly …etc
    so to make a story short ….. i wish i could turn back time and be not afraid.
    have to add that dentists now look more familiar as back then it felt like going to a butcher , metallic interior huge needles in a glass drawer etc..
    thx for being so informative , and wish i could win a makeover , but hey …. belgium is far off no …..

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