100 thoughts on “Whitney Cummings Gives Jimmy Kimmel ‘Red Flag’ Dating Test

  1. I've known about this test and done it on my friends for over 10 years. My favorite answer was from this one dude whose "body of water" answer was:
    OCEAN. rough. wet. fishy.
    we all died laughing.

  2. is that the girl that plays flo, the proggressive insurance girl without all the make-up and blue apron?

  3. What is it with those people going to a talk show and realizing their clothes do not work in that situation? Think ahead.

  4. Poor girl.
    That nose job is horrendous.
    Why don't people just let themselves be?
    Unless there is some valid reason other than vanity. I say No !
    That nose is well on the way to becoming a Jacko nose.
    Sorry. But someone had to say it.

  5. 1st sign a female comic is NOT funny…always talking about her pussy & acting like a man. She's a bony HACK. 2nd sign she's not funny…her & Kimmel repeatedly have to tell you that she is funny.

  6. That blouse makes it look like she's about to crawl out of a mirror in a haunted house and stab somebody in their bed 300 times.

  7. I hate when people diss people on the internet. She can see your cruel comments and feel pain like anyone else. What do you look like????

  8. Lmaoooo I played along with the game and these are my answers:

    Swan- graceful, elegant, takes flight
    Wigs- convenient, versatile, stylish
    Hot tub- hot, bubbly, shallow

    Hahahaha this was very interesting.

  9. So she’s a mess but her book is supposed to be a self help book? Don’t listen to women like this on life. Ever.

  10. A dirty old cougar spending hundreds of thousands on plastic surgery trying to preserve her youth like this old bag.. is a red flag my friends.

  11. I fell in love with her back in the Chelsea days. She's so damned funny. And really sexy. Actually, I've recently discovered "2 Broke Girls" through late night repeats, and she co-created that. I don't really watch comedies on TV, but I think it's hilarious.

    This was so funny. And you can tell that she and Jimmy really get along. Great chemistry.

  12. She is engaged to Miles P Skinner.

    Skinner is the group creative director of VICE Media and also serves as the creative director of VICE’s creative services subsidiary, VIRTUE Worldwide. In addition to being the creative director for VICE, he’s also a freelance brand strategist for companies like Nike, Ralph Lauren, the New York Rangers, and the New York Knicks

  13. I think Jimmy was his realest and most comfortable here. I guess he's actually pretty shy as a person and has to fake it all the time to be 'normal' in Hollywood and its been wearing him down

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