Which industries are hiring as coronavirus slams US economy?

Which industries are hiring as coronavirus slams US economy?

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. It's always the big corporations that end up hiring. They take advantage of the situation, the pay is knocked down, and no benefits are usually offered. I'm not sure about Amazon, but big companies have always ended up taking advantage of folks, and take away from small businesses during a crisis. I guess having a job is better than nothing.

  2. Obamas employment rate was higher than this LMAO! After 8 years in office WITHOUT a deadly virus his was 4.7%, Trumps after only 3.5 years in office with a deadly virus is 4.4%. That's the do nothing democrats for ya!

  3. Thank You Trump and GOP for messing up the American Economy and Stock Market Drop.. Failure at it's Best 701k job loss.. Trump is the Worst President Ever.. This is proof that President Obama 100% better than this Liar Trump and Fox News

  4. The Moody rep is in a bad mood…glad he doesn’t run the country! What we need is to cry out to the Lord, keep our chins up, help our neighbors AND DONT GIVE UP OR GIVE IN!

  5. People who die a year in US from: smoking- 480,000… .obesity- 300,000… ..opiods-70,000.. .traffic accidents- 40,000

  6. We do know, it's not ever coming back. We are on our own. Boot up and suit up. You have 2 weeks and all hell breaks loose.

  7. Crooked dons hotels not hiring. He’s bummed. Doesnt really care you lost your job, but he wants your vote.

  8. Talking about all these jobs lost is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. In three weeks it will be , ok back to work and all forgotten

  9. Only the economists and bankers are worried. Wouldn't this be a good time for business which are closed to refurbish their business ? Have those paid for employee's come in and clean and organize. Why not get several contractors who can fix up your business ? Create new advertising ideas, address consumer issues, try out new ideas , new menu items, etc. I am sure there are opportunity for small business to get the SBA loans and have their employee's do non-routine things. Many people are sewing masks at home, see if your employee's can sew. Look into sterilization techniques. Change your business model and market after hours cleaning to other businesses that are open during the day. Perhaps it would better serve the USA if you brought in non-hand wringing bankers but put forth ideas for entrepreneurs to aid.

    Just in a different way, re-open all the buisnesses and let us all go back to work, this is getting rediculous now, enough already

  11. Back to work we got low of job In USA!! Never listen bad things from Democrats they just want you stay home lazy on welfare forever!! Dirty politicians they got pay from American taxpayer even they are home…Blah…Blah…Against Our President Trump!! God Bless America ?????God Bless President Trump ????? President Trump 2020 ?❤️???The Clinton Dynasty + Fake President Obama they are sold Our Country to China Communist!! Democ?Rats traitors destroyed United States!!  President Trump rebuild everything in America…Make America Great Again!!  Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer + Adam Schiff & Jerry Nadler all of dirty politicians going the hell,  these garbages traitors top of corrupted!! They spreads Chinese Virus chemical weapon to take down Our Good Economic to take down Our President Donald Trump!! Buy Our Product Made In USA!! Support Our American Economic!! Boycott everything Made In China all poisoning even toys for kids!! Back to work, if not we are the one to get hurt, you use bullet shoot right on your own foot!! Remember these traitors dirty politicians they are got pay even they are lazy stay home!! Democrats Politicians garbages they are not hurt, they are always got pay from our taxpayer!! Democrats traitors, they wants to shut down Our American Economic for China Communist!! Wake Up America!! Wake Up American!! Freedom is not Free!! Democrats is our enemies shut down our economic for China Communist!!

  12. Our truckers are hurting. They need stores to unload on time
    They need to get food from drive throughs without having to fight. Their trucks do not fit in drive throughs. Let them order and have to go service. Their trucks are their homes now thank you is nice on signs etc. coffee and shot meal says it better. Think about how your stores get restocked. Respect!! And comfort for all truckers. ???

  13. the casinos are doing as well as Trump Vegas, the sport teams are doing as well as Trump football, the universities have as many students as Trump University, and all airlines are as good as Trump Air. And for the first time we can all copy President Trump and not pay tax on April15. For anyone who is a war time president take note President Lincoln Died on April 15, and FDR was buried on April 15. …. April 15 is rolling around again.

  14. Our President told us it's another hoax and will disappear in April. By May we'll be back to normal and $1200 richer.
    FoxNews is now choosing "news" over loyalty. Pray for our President to be healthy!

  15. As much as I want to everything go back to normal and to this virus go away, is NOT gonna happen. Let's face the truth and the fact that there's already alot of destruction happening worldwide with the economy collapsing in the next months or year, food shortages, thousands – millions people dying, police and military force in the coming years. Adding to this, events that were happening before the virus; Volcano eruptions around the world, other epidemics, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, ice melting in big proportions, sinkholes, Asteroid Apophis threat to planet earth, and much more! All this will increase in the coming years, so is just gonna keep getting worst!!!!!!

  16. Lol
    Only fox viewers would believe the virus caused the economic collapse.
    The collapse began last year. That's a fact.

  17. The widespread prescription of hydroxychloroquine or similar, the wearing of masks and the retrofit of all indoor lighting in offices, factories, schools etc.

    The adoption of UV-C lighting of a specific wavelength & radiation intensity will eradicate airbourne viruses. Currently used on a small scale to sanitize surfaces.

    Only drawback might be the wearing of 50+ sunscreen or a hat indoors.
    We need to get back to work, not only for economic reasons, but for our own sanity.

  18. How did we get in this position what caused the situation to happen? We depended on a country that doesn't care about its own people that uses them to sell body parts, no freedom of speech and basically wants to rule the world and would have no problem taking us out. We depend on a totalitarian roofless godless CCP communist country to Do business with. We can produce most of what we need here and deal with other countries that have a higher standard for human existence instead of a country that only wants to achieve money and power. Is this a wake-up call Did God just slap us in the face trying to wake us up. We wanted to lift this country up to the standards of the world but its government wants to basically rule it. So I asked the question when this is over with will it be business, as usual, or will we learn to stand on our own and don't focus so much on profit if we don't we are no better. The CCP is the right hand of the devil.

  19. Sure we did have the best economy and we will again!
    We won't make products in China we will have our own sources here in America!
    Everything will rise again jobs economy let's not give up hope let's stay strong and STAY! #1
    C'Mon Americans! let's Unite! stay STRONG! fight this fight don't live in fear! WIN! WIN! WIN!
    D.T. for 2020

  20. Us Blue Collar workers laughing. Not too much changed for me. I been going to work with gloves & a mask on. It just took a pandemic for America to wake up. Well sorrry you should of cared about your health all the time Like I do. If you are a 8 hour a day worker. Chances are your a white collar and you didn't get stamped essential. Should of got you a warehouse job.

  21. Liked the comment: "We need to pay the people who are putting their lives on the line who are helping with the supply chains keeping us fed."

  22. Wow. Good thing AOC got a permanent job. Otherwise she'd be facing unemployment. Of course, she'd be making more on unemployment than mixing drinks, what with the federal bump on top of state payments. Then again, it might be worth it because she wouldn't be able to screw up the operation of the house!

    LAYOFF @ 16$ …
    RE-HIRED @ 13$ ….

    Buy local.
    Stay Safe HUMANS !!

  25. I know who those that put profit over people and want to see the virus spread. Those corporations should have took off for two weeks and we would NOT be facing a month!! Definitely anti American

  26. The health industry should be enouraged to expand. Keep a tight watch on unemployment n crime. It's a must.

  27. If you're surprised by this number you're delusional and an infant, not to mention a complete azzhole. This is reality, wake up and smell the collapse

  28. Dustin amen to you. I am a grocery hauler, I am hauling groceries coast to coast with refrigerator trailer. I had to bring my 3 year old daughter with me, so I would have been able to get time with her. I have know idea when I am gonna be able to go home. Thank You so much for thinking of thee truckers who are working a lot of hours loading and getting food moving around thee United States Of America. God Bless Everyone.

  29. Amazon is a Coronavirus cesspool. I hope the Corporate heads get what's coming to them. AND…
    Having some states not on lockdown is like having a designated pee area in a swimming pool.
    Good luck…

  30. Please make a difference between republicans and TRUMP REPUBLICANS – THOSE are the virus more deadly than corona. TRUMP failed the WHOLE US. And now he says, that the federal stock pile his HIS – only for use of his federal government.    He will let EVERYBODY die for his personal benefit – and people that didn`t check this until now are dangerously stupid

  31. I am still laughing, by the time that 1200.00 check hits all theses people, they would of spent 2 times that in inflation. hamburger 9(was 2.19)bucks point…bread here is 5.00(was 1.99) bucks loaf and that just 2 items. I bought same 200 bucks of grocery's for week here and spent 500.00 bucks. delivery of 1200.00 lmao(which i am not getting cause dont need it) will be 30 days. so lets recap 4 weeks at 300 bucks in first week and even if held same, which it is not. i done spent 1200.00 bucks. and want people use 1200.00 on what lmao? exactly what they using that for? Thank god i depend not on wall street or markets for our living here. and we have own resources for food/electric/water. they are broke back to people like me. but my gawd news not even , nor your wizards on economics are touching reality of effects on people.

    You are not even paying welfare snapple people with kids that done max snap the inflation difference on fix income? economist may need revisit school 101 economics lol.

  32. I’m A truck driver and haven’t seen a raise what are they talking about ? I’ve been delivering hand sanitizer cleaning products etc like crazy can’t even get my hands on a mask or even a bottle of sanitizer for my self but going to work any way to support my family every single day the fact that someone on unemployment right now is going to be making more makes me sick but we as truck drivers are going to keep doing what needs to be done to keep supporting our families and making sure that those shelves keep stocked remember to thank a trucker the next time you see them when your doing something as simple as washing your hands

  33. Funeral homes are hiring embalmers and cemeteries gravediggers because if the great job Trump is doing to help their business.

  34. Remember what fox did to trish Reagan. Fox is msm fake news, too. Don't support them. Unsubscribe to them.

  35. The virus didn’t “slam our economy”! Deep state swamp dwellers did. Why TRUMP still listens to anybody in that godforsaken place is baffling.

  36. Spring hiring like nothing ever stopped. Go to work people, this virus never was a big deal. Get your jobs before the big rush.

  37. 100,000 deaths in the next two weeks? . . . Gimme a break! . . . Start opening things up again, let’s go!

  38. FUCKIN shell government! They go to preacher school to learn how to speak in front of a crowd of poor folks to get them to do their bidding. Other than that it's just an empty shell standing their with it hand out!

  39. Its not the virus who hurts the economy. Its our politicians.
    They knew about the virus a long time ago and didn' t do anything about it. Its unbelievable that Trump
    said the other day that he knew that this will happen one day, but was more focused of making deals all around the world, 9 instead of investing money for to find a remedy
    for a situation like this one. All our worldleaders have failt.

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