When Normal Sounds are Painfully LOUD! | Hyperacusis

When Normal Sounds are Painfully LOUD! | Hyperacusis

Author: Kevin Mason

10 thoughts on “When Normal Sounds are Painfully LOUD! | Hyperacusis

  1. Hi Doc have u done a video on the future of hearing aids? Do u think one day we will have set and forget hearing implants maybe powered by heartbeat or something

  2. It’s funny how that works, that in some situations not only do you lose the ability to hear soft sounds (hearing loss) but also become unable to tolerate loud sounds (hyperacusis)

  3. It’s tricky to treat because earplugs provide momentary comfort but the more you cover up the sound, the worse the sensitivity becomes

  4. This video is great because I’m sure there are those out there with hyperacusis symptoms who have been dismissed by other professionals as not a real disorder

  5. Thank you Dr. Cliff. You may have just explained my dad's hearing situation. A lot of normal sounds cause him to get upset. He can even hear them when his home office door is closed.

  6. Thanx for this video… I asked you in the comments in some other video few weeks ago to make a video on hyperacusis. I think you saw that.

    So I'm 19 and I have hyperacusis but no hearing loss. I went to 3 doctors but nothing worked for me. The first time I visited was prescribed a medicine that I felt actually worked.. I was feeling better but when the medicine was over… It became all the same again.

    In our country there's a festival "Diwali" in which people burst crackers. I don't burst crackers as it causes pollution but I get out just to see the lights and all. Previous year I went and there was no problem but this year even though I remained in the house I could feel the pain when crackers were bursting. 🙁
    So I think it has become worse.

    Also it's my history that when I was kid I used a lot of earbuds (that you use to clean your ear) I mean a lot… My ears were often filled with pus due to excessive use of buds… But every doctor said that it can't be the reason for your problem… I don't really know what caused it.

    I also remember that a cracker bursted close to me and I had this right ear(also the ear which is suffering from hyperacusis) buzzing for 2-3 minutes.
    I don't remember it was previous year or previous to previous. 🙁 But I really didn't care until it started bothering me to do general normal things.

  7. Thank you for this video. I am learning a lot . I appreciate your professional demeanor. As one veteran to another thank you for your service as we approach Veterans Day.

  8. How timely! I just got back from an Audiogram this morning at Northwestern Hospital (Chicago) when the test had to be stopped when doing the bone conduction test because 70dB too loud for WRS in left ear and 75dB too loud for masking in the right ear. I literally jumped out of the chair with those noises in pain. Can't tolerate vacuum cleaner either, gotta wear ear plugs now. So, bilateral SSNHL, bi-lateral Tinnitus and now bi-lateral Hyperacusis. Good Times…Could this be why VanGogh cut his ear off? (joke)

  9. Please make a video about misophonia and phonophobia, I can't seem to find enough information about those and I suffer from them so much…

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