What’s the difference between acrylic and ceramic? | Patients Ask

What’s the difference between acrylic and ceramic? | Patients Ask

Today’s topic: Is it worth it or not worth
it? Screw-retained hybrid acrylic denture compared
to screw-retained ceramic. Which one’s worth it? You want to know about that? Stay tuned. Alright, so let’s talk about this hot topic. It’s not easy, it’s complicated. There’s a lot of money involved. And the patient needs to know which one is
best. It’s a very controversial topic. I’m only a lab technician okay. You can’t get service through me directly. If you’re a patient go to your doctor, they
can send me your prescription. Then I can consult with the doctor. I just want to be clear about that. Let’s say the patient doesn’t have any
teeth or the patient has a tooth hygiene problem, so the doctor has to
pull out everything and then they will make dentures for you
or if you don’t want dentures they will place implants for you
Regardless if they’re a Specialist or General Practitioner if you don’t have much money financially they’ll recommend dentures
or if you have a bit more money, you can get a locator with 2 implants
or 3 implants with a hader bar if you have more money, you can get 4 to 7
implants Many people still don’t know the pros and
cons So let’s clear that up today, okay
If you choose screw-retained implant dentures, here are the pros
lab costs are less I noticed the doctors charge around $1,500
all the way to $5,000 More pros, it’s light
it’s easy to repair, dentist can easily repair at their chairside
Why? This is acrylic, I call it plastic. Cleansibility is really good. Here’s the cons
after a year, if you don’t clean it well, this plastic can get stained and stink. Now we’ll talk about zirconia like this. This is top of the line, this is very expensive
Why? there’s a lot of work and labor involved. And a lot of high end skill involved in each
step that has to be thoroughly done that’s why I’m losing my hair
Pros: This is ceramic. Underneath the ceramic there’s a hybrid
bar We specially design it with tooth prep
and make it really thin underneath It won’t break ever because it’s titanium
not only that, we put ceramic over the top of it
all ceramic, so there’s absolutely no stains it’s beautiful just like real teeth
and exceptional hygiene underneath Alright, cons. It’s a little heavier than the other options,
up to 3 or 4 times heavier The price is around $4,000 to $8,000
depends on the laboratory skill level if they can do it, you can choose it
I’d like to talk to you aside, let me show you more in detail about it
Here’s the frame design, here’s after we sandblasted
Here’s after baking and then the final restorations
And this one, finished top and bottom, maxillary and mandible, the finished restorations
this is what you can get okay, and then here are the prototypes
we added a little bit more facially and here’s another sample for them
so that one, that one’s final there’s a lot of technicians out there
so you can choose: basic work, mediocre work, highest work
depends on the people, depends on their mentality depends on their background, just like with
diamonds so like I say, you can go to Walmart, get
a big 5 karat diamond for $2,000 but when you go to downtown Chicago, New York,
Tiffany, whatever they have very small $20,000 diamonds. The difference? Its quality. Right? So if you like that. I appreciate you saw my video. To really give me some motivation, push the
button which is the… subscribe for me
Appreciate it, alright Stay tuned. I’ll come up with other topics for you. Thank you!

Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. Where is there a lab that individuals can go to to get replacement full arch prosthesis if they already have 4 implants. Just the prosthesis no surgery or anything but the teeth. ?

  2. Absolutely loved your video , your honesty is greatly appreciated! And that’s why I have subscribed to your channel. You’ve cleared up a lot of doubts and questions. I’d love to be close to your office . Speaking of… is there a lab or office you’d recommend in the Tn area ? Thanks so very much for taking the time to the truth about these complicated issues.

  3. Are you allowed to recommend a dentist who will use you and your lab for a prosthesis. I went to a general dentist who pulled all my teeth and put in a prosthesis that he said cost him 12k. I have had nothing but problems. They are very uncomfortable and kind of hurt. In addition I'm having bad odors. I think I've been suckered. It took him 4 years to complete me when he said it was going to take about a year. I had a surgeon tell me he thought the surgery might have taken too long. I don't know what to do. I need someone I can trust. I guess my main question is can you recommend a reputable and skilled dentist who will use your lab ?

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    I would be very glad if we had the opportunity to contact me

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  21. New to denture. Just received my temps. If you are looking for someone to use in your videos as a subject. Please let me know. Looking for perms but not sure of what way to go?

  22. I work in a dental process factory in China. We do removable dentures, implant crowns, porcelain fuze to zirconia and many other kinds of crown or bridges. if you are interested in it. you can add my Facebook Amber Li to watch more information.

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    Come to Hungary or Turkey, where they have highly educated dentists who can do exactly the same procedure at 50-70% lower. Don't get screwed. Come to Europe!

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    Sorry just venting.

  35. OMG! This doctor looks EXACTLY like my father! Even my kids said "is grandpa a dentist? I did not know that!". 😂

  36. How does one have screws implanted in the bone of your mouth and not have any pain ? I see only pain . Screws in my mouth 👄…. I don’t know ….
    they look beautiful tho thank you for sharing 🙏🏻

  37. I see; they have their lab tech doing a video in an effort to sell the ceramic because that's where the money is.
    Dentists & Prostodontists don't want to mess around with acrylic dentures anymore.
    And this creates a problem for people who want quality, detailed, life like dentures with character.
    Oh they'll take you on as a patient, & they'll even have their lab make you a denture, but not with the attention to quality & detail that
    would have spent in a previous time.
    The issue for people who don't want a discount type denture is that they will have to do an intergalactic search for
    a Dr. with the any integrity left.
    Hey, why not make quality acrylic dentures for patients while also getting a piece of the action? 
    I'd want to make that money vs the acrylic money too! I get it, but that doesn't have to mean that your office need be a sales pitch palace.
    Trust me, I used to be a patient of the guy who helped start this craze; Michael Tischler… (if you want to be sold & sent immediately to a financing desk the second you enter a place, go there, it USED TO BE a good Dental Practice.
    Back to the subject; look at how patronizing this video is, as if those in need of a denture are going to be so easily swayed by the gleaming
    ceramic that they'll lose all common sense & not notice that he never gives any "cons."  Gotta say, it gave me a chuckle!
    Do they look life like & beautiful? Yes, of course they do!
    Do they click & feel heavy against your other teeth? Yes…
    Will they break if you accidentally drop them? Yes…
    And one other thing that no Dentists I've met have had the decency to mention when UP SELLING you, & that if you decide to
    go with the "All on four" implant option; before you do it make sure to ask the dentist about "Lip Support…"
    See how they answer that…
    Not that implants aren't revolutionary because they certainly are, but there are things Dentist's are not saying these days in order to
    sell these porcelain teeth.
    I begrudge no one for trying to make more income, but the person in need of help who either can't afford the 30,000 arch or whom doesn't want it; is left hunting for someone who will be STRAIGHT FORWARD.
    And Btw, turn the goofy music down, it's over the top dramatic.
    If you're going to use music, have someone who is experienced at doing videos choose & layer your music over the piece in a subtle way

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