What You Need To Expect After Dental Implant Surgery | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

What You Need To Expect After Dental Implant Surgery | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

okay doctor zadeh so my question for you today
is what should someone expect after dental implant surgery after dental implant surgery
you should remember that since you have had surgery you will be very sore so prepare for
some liquid meals for couple of days protein shakes are great those Ensure cans that you
find in the markets those are very good meals for the day or two that follows implant surgery
of course it depends on the extent of that implant surgery if it is one or two implants
in one corner of the mouth after second day you can start chewing on the other side and
basically go on with the normal meal but if it is all around the mouth then you should
expect to be on soft diet for five days ten days depending on what the instructions are
and what the extent of the surgery has been so you definitely are going to be given antibiotics
and you must take the antibiotics it is very important in the mouth it is not possible
to disinfect the area before making any incisions or doing any surgery so if you get surgery
in your mouth and do not take antibiotics the chance that you get infected is very very
high needless to say if it gets infected you will not only have to get more and more antibiotics
but your healing period will be extended twice or three times over so you will be sore you
will have to take antibiotics prepare to have liquid meal for a few days limit your talking
especially if it is in the front remember as we talk we use our lips and if we have
had an implant in front of your mouth, every time you move your lips its like pulling on
the side of the wound and that will definitely cause more swelling and the discomfort you
are going to have following implant surgery is mostly from the swelling and the swelling
will depend on how much you rest or don’t rest it in the first day or so usually the
worst day after implant surgery is the third day so when you go home the first day you
are going to feel okay I mean you will be sore but you’re not going to feel that bad
second day you will find that you start swelling up which is completely normal the third day
is the worse day that you feel most swollen and you feel beat up and you know that is
normal reaction of your body because your body is beaten up by surgery and your body
is bringing all the soldiers and all kinds of cells to the area to fight this trauma
and start the healing so thats going to all be at their peak on the third day from fourth
day on you are going to start feeling better because that is when the body will have done
the peak of work and will start to take the inflammation and the cells that are needed
to fight this trauma away and you are going to start feeling better how you feel after
the third day on will depend on how much you have rested the first two days I always say
first day or two you must rest and then you will have easy healing five six days later
if you do not rest the first day or two then you will have a very hard healing and it will
take about two weeks for you to get comfortable again

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  1. Ok. After the 3rd day, the situation changes. What you
      would indicate as a toothbrushing solution to avoid pain or bleeding?

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