What To Look For In Network Marketing Companies in 2020

What To Look For In Network Marketing Companies in 2020

So Trey, what do you look for in a network
marketing company? How do you pick the right MLM company for
you? I heard there’s a new network marketing company
and it’s a ground floor opportunity – should I join it? How about we skip past all the hype and clickbait
and talk about what to look for in network marketing companies
in 2020. Sound good? Let’s get started. *intro* Alright, my friend. If this video adds value to you, give it a
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Network Marketing business. And hey…if you stick to the very end, I
have a nice little treat I’d like to give you. So let’s get into this. There are a lot of new network marketing companies
emerging in 2020 because well, people are seeking opportunity, flexibility, and a safety
net to fall back on. And one of the common questions is “what’s
the best MLM company to join.” So, here are a few things to look for in network
marketing companies and I’ll leave the most important one last. #1. Let’s chat compensation First off, let’s be clear. I’m not a comp plan expert, but… There’s no such thing as best comp plan ever,
just the idiots who say that. So, let’s make sure you steer clear of Network
Marketers telling you.. “I have a spot in my downline. Grab it before it’s gone.” “I’ll put you on my power leg.” Or, “I’m a BIG recruiter! I’ll build one of your legs for you.” This is called hype. And it works REALLY well on the weak. Good luck building a downline on that. The best compensation plan for network marketing
is the one that pays you. So look at how you’re getting paid. Also, is it lop-sided? Meaning, you only get paid well for recruiting,
but barely anything for customers? Rather, look for a comp plan that pays out
equally for both. Cuz fun fact…80% of your team doesn’t feel
confident with recruiting But, they love heck out of recommending products
to people. And speaking of hype… Let’s talk about #2 Company Longevity. Look, there are new network marketing companies
popping up every year. When you’re looking to pick an MLM company
– do some research on how long it’s been around. In my personal opinion, I’ll never do “ground
floor opportunity” ever again. I’ve done it. I heard the “90% of companies never make it
through the first 5 years.” And I kept saying, “Well this is different.” It went under. But hey, maybe you love risk and want the
chance at being a “Founding Member.” Have at it. For me, if I’m going to build long-term residual
income, I want it to last a long time. So, consider looking for a network marketing company that’s stable. And has gone through the first phase on growth
and momentum. Now the last tip I can give you for best network
marketing companies to look for might surprise you. #3 It has everything to do with the Community,
Culture, Training, and Leadership. Sure, your products can be awesome and your
comp plan can be out of this world. But nothing touches community, culture, training,
and leadership. Does the community feel appreciated regardless
of being a “heavy recruiter” or “being on the leaders board?” Does the culture breed FUN? Because truth is, network marketing is optional. Your downline doesn’t NEED to be there. They can pack their bags and call it quits
any day. But, having a ton of fun and feeling
appreciated will keep them around much longer. And training and leadership. Is there a training in place that is already
proven to work? This will be incredibly important not just
for you, but for the people you on-board as well. Also, take a look at the leaders in the company. Quick reminder…rank title does not equal
leadership. There have been plenty of “leaders” at the
top rank who are absolute poison. Which is very unfortunate for them, for you,
and your potential downline. Because I’ve seen people who love the product. Love the company. But their upline is a meanie and has
no clue how to build culture in their team page. However, with that said…your success doesn’t
depend on your upline. At the end of the day, the person in the mirror
is responsible for their success. There’s a big difference between, “I’m here
to help you build your business…” And, “I’m here to help. You build your business.” So there you go my friend. I wish you nothing but the best of success
and I hope this video helped you find what to look for in network marketing companies
in 2020. As promised, I want to give you a special
treat that will help you dominate your Network Marketing business. Go to the description section below this video
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Author: Kevin Mason

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  1. I love everything you said because …IT IS SOOOO TRUE!!!!!! I have experienced some of what you said and felt like you were talking to me!!!! Great information!!!!

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