What It Takes To Achieve The Same Day New Smile™ Procedure

Who is a good candidate for this? Well, a good candidate is somebody who’s been having their… having problems with their teeth, and it seems like every time they go to the dentist, another tooth is breaking, or they need a crown, or they need a filling. It’s just a general – we call it “ailing
and failing teeth.” They’re just on the way out and they’re afraid of the dentist, and they’re afraid of having pain, and they’d just like to be done with it in one day. And those two things go together right? Your teeth are bad, you struggle at the dentist, it’s painful you put off going. The whole cycle just gets worse and worse. And you can make a change! What is it that makes it possible to do this in a day? Well, it’s, I’d say 20 years of training and extreme levels of technology. So what we do is we it’s not, look at, we just do a set of teeth in a day and it’s done. That seems like that would be, how could you get it right? Right! So we do a lot of records before we do anything. So we, once we start the video. Yeah, here we go. We’re looking at it right now. So right here we – this is our 3D digital
scanner. So we scan your existing teeth to get the shape and I diagnosed and forgot exactly what’s wrong. This is the facial scanner. Now let me stop you just for a second. You can actually scan people and you have an absolutely accurate 3D
model that you can then play with. Yes, so now we have a perfect copy of the
patient at home. And we spend countless hours preparing and studying and figuring out what’s wrong with the bite, why the facial changes are making them
look older and how we can reverse that by supporting it with the teeth. So, we’ve pre-planned everything down to the micron – where the implants go, where the new smile’s going to go, how it flows, how to make sure that what we do is going to last for life. That’s amazing! And you mentioned… [music playing in the background]

Author: Kevin Mason

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