What is Stadia and How It Works – Everything You Need To Know Before Launch

Okay, so you’re wondering what exactly is
Stadia? We’ve got you covered. Stadia is an all-new way to enjoy your favorite hit video games. Only you don’t need an expensive console
or PC to play. Stadia streams games directly from Google’s
data centers to your devices. It’s kind of like streaming music or TV
shows, but with high quality video games. To play on your TV, plug in a Chromecast Ultra,
and setup your Stadia Controller using the Stadia app on your phone. Once you’re set up, you buy the game you
want, then you play it. Instantly. You don’t have to wait for it to download,
either. Seconds after you press purchase, you’ll
be streaming your game directly from the Internet to your screen. And since it’s powered by Google’s data
centers, your games can run at premium specs. Up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second
with high dynamic range colors. But it doesn’t stop with your TV. You can bring the same incredible gaming experiences
to just about all the screens in your life. Your favorite games on your laptop, desktop,
and select tablets and smartphones. Is your roommate interrupting your game to
watch a show? Switch over to your laptop and pick up right
where you left off. On a trip? Stream games on your smartphone. Anywhere you’ve got WiFi, you’re just
a click away from buying the latest titles and instantly playing your games. Which also means you’re always a click away
from playing with your friends. The Stadia controller connects directly to
the Stadia servers to give you lightning fast response time when playing wirelessly. If you’re in love with another controller,
or a mouse and keyboard, you can use those to play Stadia on your computer. Stadia Pro is our premium subscription. It gives you up to 4K resolution, with 5.1
surround sound, and free games regularly. The longer you’re subscribed to Stadia Pro
and the more free games you claim, the larger your collection will be. Now you’re an expert in all things Stadia, coming to all kinds of screens everywhere. For the latest updates on Stadia, follow @GoogleStadia
or visit stadia.com.

Author: Kevin Mason

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