What is a Homeowners Association? ~ CC & Co Real Estate Team

What is a Homeowners Association?  ~ CC & Co Real Estate Team

In Arizona there are many homes that are part of an HOA community, which can raise a lot of questions for buyers on what that actually means. An HOA is a homeowner’s association made up of homeowners and managed by a property management company. HOAs help with the upkeep of the common areas of the community and will require monthly, quarterly or annual dues. They will also enforce any rules they may have, and if not followed the HOA may take action and foreclose on the property. Rules include restrictions on paint colors, street parking, what you’re allowed in your lawn and other aesthetic restrictions. However they will take care of all community landscaping, and typically provide parks, community pools and rec centers. For some these amenities are worth the extra fees however for others the restrictions and monthly fees are a turn-off for potential homebuyers. Keep this in mind when you’re looking at homes that are in HOA communities. If you would like more information on homes that are or aren’t included in an HOA please reach out to us today, we are happy to help.

Author: Kevin Mason

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