What Is 5G? Bill Nye Explains 5G Coverage | T-Mobile

What Is 5G? Bill Nye Explains 5G Coverage | T-Mobile

Greetings, Bill Nye here. 5G is so futuristic and so out there I’m going to let this thought-powered pizza drone explain how it works. Oh, that’s right, there’s no such thing because 5G is brand new. There’s so much talk about what 5G might become, but not a lot of understanding about what it actually is. So first let’s talk about signal. What your 5G can do depends a lot on what signal your 5G runs on. In fact, there are three categories of signal bands. There’s high-band, mid-band and low-band. The low-band 600MHz signal is the foundation of T- Mobile’s 5G network, much like light blue lab coats are the foundation of my fashion sense. But let’s back up a bit. What is 5G exactly? Well, it just stands for 5th generation wireless technology. Each generation gets faster, is more reliable and every G has changed our lives in small and really big ways. Oh, my elevator. Let’s take this to find out more about 600MHz signal and 5G. Because T-Mobile’s 5G is built on this low-band signal it can penetrate walls. I mean, not in a wrecking-ball-through-your-living-room-kind-of-way, more in the way light goes through glass. And all that really means is you get a lot better coverage in buildings like this one. Hello! I love doing that. Or your mom’s basement. Oh dude, you just got pwned, man. Well you’re putting in the hours Keep it up, there. Other carriers have 5G signals that drop if you move two feet, That’s because their 5G is based around millimeter wave, otherwise known as high-band. For instance, this is how far 5G reaches with other carriers. Excuse me, may I? 4G. 5G. 4G. 5G. Just put this back. Just takes a second. There’s a third spectrum called mid-band that’s fast and works even better around town, but isn’t so great out in the country. Mmm. Egg salad. So why does 5G from T-Mobile use low-band? No signal reaches farther or is more reliable than 600MHz. Like in New York, LA, Newark, Las Vegas, El Paso, Albuquerque, and, in fact, it’s in over 5000 cities and towns. T-Mobile has 1 million square miles of 5G coverage that gives 5G access to 200 million people and counting. So to sum up, T-Mobile’s Nationwide 5G reaches more people in more places, and no 5G signal is more reliable. Class dismissed. Hey, can I keep this?

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “What Is 5G? Bill Nye Explains 5G Coverage | T-Mobile

  1. Thanks bill nye. Oh wait all I learned is that 5g has a low frequency that penetrates through walls like light? And t mobile has a biased spokesperson

  2. 5g is not futuristic, it's no different than what we already have, it's just s higher frequency.

    And Bill Nye hasn't been relative for 2 decades.

    And another thing, there are only 2 genders, Bill.

  3. Gotta give props to T-Mobile for executing this… pretty neat concept for a commercial imo. Sure, it could’ve been executed differently and maybe even better, but I liked it. I don’t agree with the folks claiming he’s a sellout. Things change as time moves forward. People aren’t limited to one role for their entire lives. He’s a grown man and he can choose to be in a T-Mobile commercial if he wants to. I mean the commercial still deals with a scientific concept, which is what his career was based upon. Of course there will be gags thrown in. It’s a commercial. But overall, I support this commercial and the idea of it. Keep on keepin’ on, Bill.

  4. This stuff is horrible for your health and other species of life. Look it up on duckduckgo so google cant hide all the information. it sounds crazy but these are the times to be woke people.. too much is happening that too many people DONT know about.


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