What Doctor Specializes in Temporomandibular Joint Pain?

What Doctor Specializes in Temporomandibular Joint Pain?

hi my name is dr. Gary Adams that I’m a
dentist at Maryland Holistic Dentist in Burtonsville Maryland
and I often get asked a question who is the best doctor or dentist to see for
TMJ and obviously I’m a dentist so I may be a little bit biased but I’m gonna try
to be completely objective here and I think that the best professional to see
for TMJ is someone who can recognize the typical conditions and causes of TMJ and
there’s no question that TMJ which stands for temporomandibular joint
is a problem that originates in the mouth and it centers around teeth it
centers around the jaws it centers around sleep it centers around airway it
centers around facial bone it centers around the orthodontic positions of
teeth the relationship between the upper and lower jaw and it definitely has
something to do with posture so I believe that a dentist is best
positioned to actually treat and diagnose TMJ however I will say that
most dentists do not know how to recognize TMJ and diagnose it and if
they do know how to recognize and treat TMJ they normally don’t know how to
treat TMJ and that can really be the problem the profession of Dentistry and
also the profession medicine do not recognize TMJ dentist Ria’s a specialty
area so what you will specifically want to do if you want to find the best
professional to treat and diagnose TMJ is find a dentist
who specializes in TMJ who has knowledge in the areas of sleep dentistry TMJ
treatment and diagnosis they certainly are going to need to know something
about orthodontics and have some clue about posture generally speaking if you
do do a search on the internet or Google for TMJ dentist TMJ specialists dentists
who specializes in TMJ I believe that will point you in the right direction
and certainly Yelp and Google reviews and face book reviews and places like
that I would do your due diligence and read some reviews and make sure you find
somebody who has experience in the areas of sleep dentistry and TMJ dentist Ruth
there’s a two area so you really want to look for again that sleep dentistry and
TMJ dentist tree thank you and once again my name is dr. Adams and I’m a
dentist at natural Dennis associates in Rockville Maryland

Author: Kevin Mason

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