What are Mini Dental Implants? | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

What are Mini Dental Implants? | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

Alright Dr. Zadeh, so today we have
the question of what are mini dental implants? Mini dental implants are dental
implants that are less than three millimeter in diameter.
The FDA has separated the classification of the mini implants and regular
implants based on this diameter for good reason. The mini implants are very very
useful in a variety of situations but they’re not right now suitable to
replace a single back to the single positive or even a single front tooth.
Their value is immense in people who are very atrophic jaw bone and they have
dentures that are floating all over and the bone is too small too narrow for
regular implant because in those cases a mini implant can be placed and it can
be used as added retention to the denture. These are the most most value
we’ll use for that. One class I have them I use them as I said they’re great
adjunct to implant dentistry, their disadvantage they cannot be used for
single teeth or even like fixed bridges. Mostly, we use them on a denture, there
are people who put 10 to 15 mini in plants in one arch and they do put the
fixed on it but that kind of defeats the purpose. Many implants are easy to place,
they don’t take time necessarily, they don’t need to wait the time to integrate
because by nature they will be steady and stable from the moment they’re going
and putting it putting so many of them in the jaw, defeats the the purpose of them
being relatively inexpensive.

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