WEIRD Ways The Romans Used URINE In Their Daily Lives

WEIRD Ways The Romans Used URINE In Their Daily Lives

Given our advancements in the fields of science,
medicine, technology, and industry many of us tend to look back and judge – sometimes
harshly – the civilisations that came before us with the standards of our current generation. In more advanced countries, people would look
at practices by ancient peoples as mildly unnerving and downright disgusting especially
when it comes to hygiene. However, we need to understand that these
people had to make use of whatever resource is available to them at that time as much
as our generation exploits what little resource we have left. Take, for example, one of the greatest empires
of Western Civilisation: Rome. Since their rise to their eventual collapse,
the ancient Romans have been leaders in politics, science, and technology for the centuries
that they have spent marching through Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia. They have made revolutionary contributions
in farming and industry as well as the military sciences. In fact, the ancient Romans were incredibly
advanced in medicine that they were the first to perform Caesarian sections to pregnant
women, carry out non-lethal amputations, and even conduct eye surgeries; all of this with
just the resources that they have on hand. Their knowledge of the human body was incredible
that, even in the field of dentistry, the Romans were able to keep their pearly whites
in pristine condition. Several studies of Roman remains show that
many of them have incredible teeth and that their civilisation, no matter how ancient
by today’s standards, only have a 5% rate of gum disease such as periodontitis. Compared to today’s rate of 15% to 30% in
the United Kingdom and 38.8% in the United States, this figure is pretty significant
and gives us a rare glimpse of just how seriously they took dental hygiene. Bear in mind that in those days the profession
of dentist did not exists and in the rare occasions that a tooth extraction needed to
be done, a Roman would go to a surgeon instead. Also, the idea of regularly flossing or picking
out toothbrushes with activated charcoal was not even a concept to them. What they used was no magic potion or some
ancient mixture of long-extinct herbs and plants. To keep their teeth shiny and clean, they
used urine. Before you start cringing at the idea of urine
touching your lips, allow us to explain the science behind this choice of dental hygiene
product. Despite the lack of extensive documentation
and records regarding the use of this bodily waste as a dental cleaning agent, it is widely
known that urine – whether animal or human – was part of the average Roman’s daily
life. Why urine? Simple. Urine has a complex chemical composition – despite
the waste products mixed in with it – that has effective cleaning properties and this
is mainly attributed to urine’s high ammonia content. Ammonia is a common cleaning agent that many
of us, even today, have stored in our sheds and cupboards to get rid of grime and germs
from any surface in our home. The ammonia in urine has such a strong capability
of cleaning that physicians in ancient Rome believed that urine helped to whiten teeth
– and they did. Also, though it is not scientifically proven,
these physicians also believed that by cleaning your teeth and washing your mouth – yes,
washing your mouth – with urine, you will be able to prevent the eventual falling off
of your teeth. Urine as a dental hygiene agent, in fact,
proves to be quite effective that many of Rome’s elite citizens and nobility pay handsomely
for urine imported from Portugal, believing that it is the most potent one there is. The ammonia component of urine also proves
to be more than useful outside dental hygiene. Predating the use of bleach, Romans would
use urine to wash their clothes and keep their white garments white. Ammonia from urine was, in fact, so useful
that they would also use it to clean sheep wool before processing it into garments. The wool would be soaked in urine that was
collected from latrines and other places, stamped on to agitate the material, and later
on washed to make it white and, believe it or not, clean. Tanning was also among the many uses Romans
found in urine. By tanning, we meant tanning leather and not
lathering up with a vat of cow urine. In the early days of veterinary medicine,
the Romans also used urine to treat sick livestock. Sheep with bile issues were made to drink
human urine and livestock with lung disease were given urine through the nose. Roman bee farmers even used urine to treat
their sick bees, and foul and poultry were treated of bird flu by dabbing their beaks
with the pungent liquid. There have been a multitude of uses for urine
in the time of the ancient Romans but using it as teeth whitening and mouthwash takes
the cake for being the most bizarre. Before we begin to judge, the use of urine
in dental hygiene was persistent until the 18th Century when commercial mouthwash would
be laced with ammonia extracted from urine. Though using urine in any practical or medical
application has long since been phased out, we have to remember – once again – that
we should look upon how ancient civilisations, such as the Roman Empire, managed to make
do with what they have in order to live happy, healthy, and productive lives. We do not encourage anyone to try it out though
because there are other, much more hygienic ways of cleaning your teeth. Urine is still a waste product that carries
a number of pathogens that are harmful to our health. So, the next time you have a toothache or
need to get your teeth whitened, we recommend a good dentist and some wholesome products
from your local pharmacy.

Author: Kevin Mason

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