Webpage | Advanced SEO | Adobe Muse Widget

Webpage | Advanced SEO | Adobe Muse Widget

This is for version 5.0 the web page widget. When you enter in all of the information for the widget you can then just copy the
widget and then go to the same page in a different version and paste
the widget and then just change the site version to
whatever the version of the website that the widget is now. On URL, just leave this section alone unless you
know what you’re doing. Adobe Muse doesn’t allow developers to
not give users this option which is dumb
because it’s more confusing than it is helpful. So, just don’t change this section. Enable
HTTPS: only enable that if you have an SSL and
you’ll know if you have an SSL because you would have paid around a hundred
dollars for it. So, if you didn’t go out of your way to buy
something extra and go through any kind of complicated
process of setting it up, then you probably don’t have an SSL and your site can’t be accessed from
HTTPS so leave this off. Keep WWW: turn that on if you want your website to be accessed
from WWW. I’m if you would prefer that it’s not
access from WWW dot me just want the domain then turn it off. On the domain, just enter the domain and nothing else.
No forward slashes or anything like that his so if yours, if your website is Facebook, some how, your website was Facebook.com, then that’s what you would enter. If you have a sub-domain… then that’s what you enter. which is do not enter anything else
other than on indexing this is telling search engines
that you want to page indexed what’s cool about this is if you’re
working on a page like if you want to publish a page but you don’t want search
engine sprawling just yet and switch it to no index and then just turn it back on
what you want page actually be indexed on the following section this is telling
search engines whether or not you want the links followed of your page on the tight this is more just to let
you know that it’s there there’s totally different market needed
four different types of web pages so that’s why I don’t have more options
other than just website for the web page which it so if
you need market for different web page been you have to use whatever other
widgets title just titled the webpage trying keep it under 60 characters in
link the image just need to represent the page and what
I usually do is they use stock image and H be minimum X 600 pixels in which and a half day so description about the page should be
a maximum covering 60 characters and just be as
specific as possible about the page that the widget is currently on on trying to think of
things that people would search for in this section so someone’s thinking
that they want to get more traffic to their website in my type in I get more traffic Adobe news widgets and so then you have
traffic then you have doping use widgets so trying to enter information that someone
would search for victory in the form a sentence that makes sense you don’t want
to just typing random words so if you want to verify any he information is entered by this widget
just click on the text on here so weekly at August 20 sick Open Graph it will go to Facebook open graph is whatever social media uses
own players have an attitude I guess in Scheme now through news quick published grab the URL she casing Twitter then Facebook and work fix that issue mation than and usually won’t fully load
the first so so then you can work again should grab everything that they’re area that’s what I look like in facebook Ste and festival is scheme its invalidate here you go if you see any other social
media widget or issue which it when you click sets
invalidate the only thing is going to show up on the side is custom search results filter however since you’re using our widget you can
actually have skier into so something show book here

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