Virtual AI Dentist powered by Google TensorFlow

Virtual AI Dentist powered by Google TensorFlow

Hello, fellow dentists? As a part of my ongoing virtual dentist project,
I have been developing an AI to read dental x-ray images, and this is what it does! With TensorFlow, a machine learning software
library from Google, I am building and training a neural network to read dental x-ray radiographs
and detect normal and abnormal findings. Currently, the trained neural network model can
recognize a limited number of normal anatomical landmarks such as TMJ, central incisors and teeth with crowns from bitewing and panoramic radiographs. My ultimate goal is to develop an AI that
can recognize abnormal findings such as dental caries and other benign or malignant hard
tissue lesions in the jaw from the x-ray radiographs. Thanks for watching!

Author: Kevin Mason

6 thoughts on “Virtual AI Dentist powered by Google TensorFlow

  1. Hey Luke, this looks really cool. Could you please share the link of the report or paper of your work. I would be interested in checking it out.

  2. Hi there, I'm currently learning about data, hoping to incorporate machine learning into dentistry.
    But sir you're doing what I'm aiming to do. If there's any way at all, I would be more than willing to help.

    Keep up your good work sir, salute!

  3. Hi sir
    Dental student from India
    I was reading surgery book last night ,in that i came across the ulcers, their types, clinical pictures, edges, base, etc
    There the idea of using machine learning to diagnose such diseases along with other premalignant lesions like leukoplakia, erythroplakia etc those which having their own characteristic feature, poped up into my mind
    Since then I was intrigued with such technology and what advancements it could bring in dental profession
    I have seen many videos since then regarding machine learning
    Read some articles
    And then i came across your video
    It is very great contribution sir
    I appreciate u
    And if by any mean i could join ur project then it would be immense pleasure for me

    I also wanted to contribute as much as i can

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