Varney: Pelosi’s investigation is designed to make Trump look bad

Varney: Pelosi’s investigation is designed to make Trump look bad

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Varney: Pelosi’s investigation is designed to make Trump look bad

  1. Report: Fox Producer Admits Networks’ Pro-Trump Coronavirus Coverage Is ‘Really Irresponsible’fox news just as guilty as the orange mennace in misleading the ppl and telling lies

  2. the likes on this didn't go as expected, eh stuart?
    you and the rest of the god damned liars on fox can go to hell

  3. Again we see FOX people spinning off on a conspiracy theory. In fact, Pelosi just qants oversight on where and how the stimulus corporate slush fund would be distributed. Trump said that he wanted to do the oversight. Transparency is the only way to go. Can't listed to FOX anymore, they lost all credibility when the said that the Democrats was creating a hoax, named the coronavirus which was just like the flu.

  4. Oh my goodness that woman is so repulsive and she’s the one who attached all that crap that has nothing to do with the situation that America is fighting! President Trump had a great planned execution for the aid of the American people and then that treasonous woman only allowed the people to be helped if she could attach her criminal political money to the bill that would serve the people for the crisis at hand. But she took advantage of the situation and robbed the coffers by giving money to organizations THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DISEASE AND THE FIGHT WE ARE UP AGAINST! May she rot in hell!

  5. this video is a gross misrepresentation of the intentions of the oversight committee that is designed to protect the interests of every citizen that clocks into there job or collects a check from an employer. Fox has to stop using fear like this to misguide it's viewers.

  6. We need professionals in charge
    Not campagin contributors and family members
    If we want to beat this virus we need to dump Trump's team today and get people in place who know what they are doing .
    Being Donny's friend or family member is not a qualification for this job.
    If we want to beat this virus we need to dump Trump's team today and get people in place who know what they are doing .
    Being Donny's friend or family member is not a qualification for this job.

  7. Investigated by the woman who RIPPED the state of address copy given to her and ripped our hearts and those whose names where in it in doing so???? She has NO love for ANY AMERICAN. An investigation by someone so untrustworthy is equal to NO investigation at all.

  8. When did the GOP ditch their conservative, small-government philosophy?
    Correct answer: they never had it in the first place, they only pretend to be against big government spending when they aren't the ones spending the money

  9. She doesn't have to make Trump look bad he doing a good job of it by himself with his lies and cult along with Fox news

  10. That's what losers do when they are not making excuses, make others look bad so they can attempt to look good.
    All instead of being competent and successful they attempt tear others down.
    Always secretly sticking a foot out to trip you up, that's the way of the type of people Democrsts are today and who they represent, cowards, lowlifes, scum, sissies, back biters, stool pigeons, busy bodies and gossips.
    Total scum losers thats their poster boys and girls Pelosi, Schumer, Biden .

  11. This Virus has been known about since January of 2019, Why did it take over a year to become common knowledge.

  12. Pelosi can not make Trump look any worst, than he can look all on his own. No amount of investigation will change the image and character of this mental unbalanced Trump.

  13. Good news and I fully support alcoholic botox dentures. The kennedy center, abortionist and other pork barrel pushed and hidden away in this Stimulus Package must be revealed to the American public so that President Trump is reelected 46.

  14. Frumpy the Clown has been making himself look bad for a LOOoooNG time without anyone's help.
    Enough with the misinformation fingerpointing.

  15. Pelosi is trying to stall relief to make President Trump look bad. She is an obstructionist. This time it is not going to work. There will be an uprising to oust them.

  16. Oh and by the way Nancy how much did you profit from Amazon investments ? When Corona in full swing Amazon will be primary provider of household goods. Stocks to rise. When you were taking in the profits did you have the average Joe in mind, Nancy? Of course not you don't care.

  17. He doesn't need Pelosi to make him look bad. He does a good enough job at that himself. He mismanaged this from day 1.

  18. Fox and trump administration are criminals after leaving people to die for their lies Illuminati confirmed.

  19. She doesn’t need to do anything he is a joke so bad he a conman constantly repeats things so big so great the greatest never seen before! I think all of Congress should go after him. Worst president ever!

  20. Of course it is. The democrats have nothing else. Their candidates for president are a card carrying socialist and an other old man with dementia. Their best bet would be Hillary but she would get crucified for the emails bengazi and Russia gate along with all the nagging questions about her foundation. So they really have nothing to counter the president. Now with the current crisis they've lost the narrative all together. But this to will backfire on Nancy and the democrats and they along with their mainstream media friends will come out with egg on their faces AGAIN.

  21. The Lawyers… "Lie-Ability"!!!
    Nancy Clubbing Titanic Swimmers while Defending "Her" Lifeboat.
    After All, she Owns the Only True Copy of the Constitition!

  22. transparency regarding trillions of dollars is a good thing; Varney may be the next Trish Regan if you keep this up.

  23. Pelosi is making this crisis a tool for her political agenda. Trying to sneak things into the relief package that have nothing to do with solving the problem

  24. The Congress was given extra moneys as well. Lets have a complete accounting of that money. Where did it go? What was it spent for? Why did they need it in the first place?

  25. Didn't anyone learn anything from the Democrats impeachment BS!? Now I see all kinds of comments saying (there's nothing wrong with being transparent, it's our money) and (I'm still trying to understand what's wrong with being transparent?) The problem is the so called leader of the committee in charge of oversight her self said that there's no issues with being close to one another in large groups in San Francisco's China town district and tried to suggest that if you didn't come and take part in the festival you are racist. THIS HAPPENED A MONTH AGO PEOPLE!! Well after Trump's travel bands started. This also happened in New York's China town with other leftys saying pretty much the same thing. Yes, there's nothing wrong with being transparent but you're not going to get transparency from Nancy Pelosi and her yay-hoos. You're only going to get their agenda.

  26. An investigation will make Trump look bad if the response is bad. If it turns out every step he made was right, he will come out of it looking good.

    Which is why Trump supporters dont want an investigation.

  27. hey! stuart, the investigation is desinged to proved how much of a con artist traitor trump is,why he wont show is tax returns, his bussiness failures and scams with the rest of his family,bankruptcy al the time? or evading taxes?stuart you are an idiot!!

  28. Of course Pelosi and most of democrat leaders are out to create chaos even in America's most desperate time. They could care less. If republicans had done this to obama, the democrats would have been crying. The democrat leaders are so blinded by rage they will do anything including destroying our country. Hopefully the same ones will get some backbone and step in before it's too late.

  29. She's going to investigate what? She's the one that flew in on her broomstick to syphon money for the Kennedy center. This is the dems trying to bleed Americans dry. YET AGAIN!

  30. If you are still a supporter of Trump do you still have your job? Trump ignored the American Intelligence Community who communicated this coming plague to the USA. Trump dismantled the Pandemic Health Counsel in the White House saying, “It was a business decision”. Trump ignored Secretary Azar Secretary of Health and Human Services when he attempted to discuss the Covid-19 on-coming plague. Trump downplayed the deadliness of the virus until the 13th of March. He knew full well what the Virus had done to the economy in China. Trump claimed it would be a minor illness in passing and it’s a Democratic Hoax. Fox Station commentators and Republicans supported this nonsense. The USA lost significant time in preparation. The result now is thousands of deaths and thousands taken ill. Thousands lost their employment! Now, it’s predicted one hundred twenty thousand to 200,000 deaths in the USA. Remember, supporters of Trump when you go to the polls in November of 2020. When one creates, communicates, perpetuates, and acts with pathological narcissism one creates a spirit of evil and that spirit of evil comes around to strike you. Trump must resign today otherwise the spirit of evil “WILL” grow! It’s “We” the people of the USA who are and will suffer the consequences. Remember, Trump is a billionaire and so are his cronies.

  31. I'm down for full transparency on where are future tax payers money is going. If it makes anyone look bad than it means they didn't do a good job.

  32. More waste of taxpayers money by nasty Nancy and her evil cohorts!!!! with the democrat ramping up these investigations as panic mode sets in as the election looms closer.They must be taken down now!!!

  33. She should accountable for the millions of dollars wasted on investigations when that money could have helped the thousands of homeless Americans throughout California. Why aren't we investigating Pelosi, Shiff, Nadler and Shumer? Why are they always criticizing yet they don't do a thing to help solve problems and take action in helping their own constituents?

  34. This attack on our president, has to be the last straw. Marshal law arrest them! Communist globalist anti American garbage. If there ate any patriots in the districts thes3 animals come from… Recall asap. C. J. And Ruthie B

  35. Amazing how concern they are now about profitteering!poloic,biden ,the Clintons! ..7 trillion in middle east wars.! 25 years, 2 snd half trillion illegel aliens, deficit, who knows deficit China 10,20,, ??? Who trying to stop. It Donald John Trump… Who's been trying to stop him?you guessed it!DemOrats! C. J. And Ruthie B

  36. Varney is a moron. And the people on this comment section who criticize Nancy P for protecting everyone's tax dollars are morons! It's called oversight and transparency you morons. Good god, how do these Fox idiots live with themselves. Can't they focus on something valuable and positive during this crisis! Pelosi is doing what any sensible Republican should support, watching out for the taxpayers money and preventing fraud and waste.

  37. Of course Pelosi is trying to make him look bad. We're not stupid. That said, I agree that we should know how our money is being spent. If there is a problem with that, then that is a problem.

  38. Two thousand people died because hurricane Katrina wasn't bad enough for the feds to spring into action. Sound familiar? Same playbook. Confuse people with misinformation, ignore reality, then blame the states, stall, stall, stall and FINALLY bring in the military to do the real work. Then he'll preen and claim success is his alone. Meanwhile, just let the disease run it's course and wait for herd immunity. Poor people will die. Those worthless people on welfare. They're mostly minorities who vote against him anyway. Who cares? Not Trump.

  39. Nancy Pelosi should be put in jail.
    For trying to stealing money from the American people in a Emergency crisis.
    On the first bill she added 1billion dollar for Plan parenthood Abortions, she added 1billion for the Green plan that money goes to the elite at the world U.N. she added millions pet projects like cosmetic companies.
    But she also added 25% raise for the Democrats party in the house of representatives.
    Now she has a New Bill and Some of these above that didnt make it in the first bill are added again including massive money to take guns away from the American people. Now let me ask you does this put food on your table, or help you with your bills. She needs to be put in jail.

  40. ? Liberal Democrat run New York City is now Chinese ?coronavirus hell hole, but they’re not alone most all of the major cities with huge coronavirus patients are democrat run cities. New York incompetence this weekend put coronavirus? patients on the Naval Ship Comfort that may very well turnout with catastrophic results, infecting everybody on the ship with Chinese coronavirus ?. Hey Mayor DeBlasio, Chuck Schumer, AOC, Fake News folks, all you do daily is criticizing the president of the United States, while he works hard daily to end this pandemic I say shame on all of you.

  41. I like to know why we're not asking for their heads on a pike and throw them in jail that's about fifteen Democrats in the house and then you need to get a there's about eight of them in the Senate

  42. Why does the democrooks party get to use our taxes for their political agenda? They have no problem or shame wasting our money.

  43. Didn't the Kennedy ctr. Pelosi put in the help America corona virus sea give it back as a donation to the democrook campaign. Apparently they didn't need it the democrooks did.

  44. Well. I hope once the people are waking up, we will see the media and all our corrupt politicians in a trial. What are worldleaders are doing with us , same as the media all around the globe, is the biggest crime in history.

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