Use your Google Home to control YouTube TV | US only

Use your Google Home to control YouTube TV | US only

In this video, we’ll show you
how you can use your voice to control YouTube TV
with your Google Home. When you’re watching YouTube TV you can tell Google Home to play
a specific network, program, event, or movie. If you have multiple voice-supported
cast devices linked to Google Home you may need to verbally specify the device. For example, if you have multiple devices you may need to say “Ok Google,
play the YouTube Help Show on Chromecast.” Once your program
has started playback on YouTube TV you won’t need
to specify your cast device again. When you’re watching a show you can use voice commands
to pause, resume, or stop playback. To pause, say “Ok Google, pause.” To start playback again,
say “Ok Google, resume” or “Ok Google, play.” You can also skip around. For example, you can fast forward by saying,
“Ok Google, fast forward 10 minutes” or by saying,
“Ok Google, skip ahead 15 minutes.” You also can rewind by saying,
“Ok Google, skip back 20 seconds” or “Ok Google, rewind 20 seconds.” Don’t want to miss
your favorite show that’s on later tonight? You can save it to your library by saying,
“record the YouTube Help Show.” And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel
for more tips and tricks.

Author: Kevin Mason

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