USC to eliminate tuition for families making under $80,000

USC to eliminate tuition for families making under $80,000

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “USC to eliminate tuition for families making under $80,000

  1. I didn't think a University could charge taxes? If some kids are free, then other kids will pay more than they would have to pay. And that is wrong. Governments can tax, not universities.

  2. Smart Move? So what happens to the thousands of kids that show up? Makes it economical for students, how abt the school? How in the world does the university keep doors open? I suspect the big fact NOT being reported is they will only allow maybe 5% of students to get in free. Which means the other 240,000 families will just have to wait their turn.

  3. With all that NCAA football money, why not. But they probably think they should get a standing ovation. Hey kids dont forget that books cost between $200 to $400 and maybe more.

  4. I got my masters of science in home land security and was denied every where I applied…….so I dnt see the point in college other than a fuckin bragging right to people to make yourself look good to do.

  5. Well just make the school application based on people's income. A smart way to see who can go to your school and choose patsys

  6. So for parents who make $80,001 a year, get ready for your kids tuition to go up. Money has to come from somewhere to cover…

  7. Should just make all college free to everyone and not just some people. It'll cause segregation and bullying if parents pay for their child's college while other kids get it free. It'll be like getting picked on in grade school for getting free lunches when others had to pay. So I say, free for all or not free at all.

  8. Even if you're super talented and get outstanding grades for your whole life, USC won't take you. They won't take people from a poor family. There's a lot of people out there that come a poor family, yet they are extraordinary and above and beyound in their acedemic record.
    What about those people who want to be the first in their family to go to college?

  9. Fake news against Trump turned into losses for cable networks.

    Pay TV Operators Lose 6 Million Subscribers in the US

  10. So….are they increasing tuition for those in the middle that need to take on loans? REDUCE THE EXTRAORDINARILY HIGH ADMINISTRATIVE SALARIES!!

  11. You mean I can quit my job come to California not get a job and go to college for free I can’t see where this is going to go wrong.😂

  12. This is just another step for the Democratic party's movement towards Socialism. The university is giving g nothing g away free, tax dollars will be paying for their "free" tuition. Remember, Socialism only works until the other person's money runs out!

  13. Sorry but that perfect education will not be cheap. No matter what they say.
    Now the classes offered will be limited. I'm sure you will get just the basic education and not what you desire, unless you pay more. Just like a brand new car, if you want top of the line, you will pay more. If you want to become a Doctor, you would need alot more cash.
    You will stand in a long line or the classes will be too full to enroll any more. Come back next year or the following one, you can just pay more 🤑

  14. Giving away free college to Millennials who have no idea that things cost money. Always trying to make somebody else pay for their stuff.

  15. And you will see an uptic in the already used strategy of transferring guardianship to a lower income relative/acquaintance to take advantage of the policy. The same way they have been taking advantage of scholarships.

  16. I can’t wait till everything goes to H, society messed up because there won’t be any good men left in the end, good luck during the chaos.

  17. I love how most of the people in the comments would never intellectually earn admission to USC. And their progeny? Spay and neuter. Besides, a lot of the tuition comes from international students anyway, not American yokels.

  18. What if colleges accepted you based solely on merit? What if they had no idea what your parents income level was? This should be information reserved for the lending company.

  19. Imagine wanting to go to college as a child of successful parents making $100k/year who won't pay for a kid's college.. 🔨 smack down comes the college's "No funding available" 🧐 🥺

  20. USC is located smack down in the middle of Souh Central Los Angeles, literally the poorest section of LA, yet they deny their community and neighbors to attend. Disgraceful. White privilege in your face.

  21. I wish they would do this with all universitys. Or at least cut the price in half at least then college would be worth it.

  22. See! You don't need Gov to lower the cost of education. Schools can opt to do it themselves. Should be interesting to see the ratio of applications to new students in this category.

  23. Right before you send your kids to college put them in their own crappy apartment with a job at minimum wage and save tons of money.

  24. I would be forging every document they wanted to show I only made 50k a year. USC sucks, but if its free, its for me.

  25. This has to be one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. Try having tough admissions requirements, provide a challenging educational experience, eliminate all garbage degrees, and cut costs drastically.

  26. In exchange for no tuition fees for a few years, you now pay even MORE taxes for the rest of your life, while our campus teaches future students worthless philosophies that cause them to get no jobs plus heavy debt in the first place!

  27. I think all colleges and universities should eliminated. Except for certain fields. Why? Never been to any job where they just give you an employee number and put you to work. Even Mcdonalds puts you through a training program. Lets say you are working with nuclear reactors. Hey you graduated college, get to work. Im sure they will have to be shown what to do step by step. So why college if you have to be shown what to do. Lawyers? You still have to get your feet wet. You dont just pass the bar and start taking cases. Teachers? you have to have time in a classroom before getting one. Managers? Why hire a manager from starbucks to manage a Mcdonalds? What happens when employees need help? Manager can manage but not make a sausage biscuit?

  28. 3 months later… USC is closing it’s doors due to inadequately paid citizens not taking out $120,000 loans to pay the property taxes for the California based (high tax zone) school. And these people are well educated educators? I wouldn’t go there if I had a free pass🤔😂

  29. You're suppose to avoid ter ror is tic acts*

    Don't support their games! Leave your jerseys and apparel on their doorstep….or give it to the homeless!

  30. I see now why USC football cant get recruits anymore..Also why the best Qb out of california each year leaves the state to play elsewhere when they have all those teams out there

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