Union with Divine Series – Part 1 || Spiritual lecture || BhaiGuru Mahesh || ShivKaliBodh

Union with Divine Series – Part 1 || Spiritual lecture || BhaiGuru Mahesh || ShivKaliBodh

Om Kali! Divine Knowledge is infinite. To differentiate the true knowledge from falsehood, is very difficult for ordinary humans like us. While trying to acquire more and more knowledge, many seekers get lost in their spiritual journey, and are unable to reach their ultimate spiritual goal. BhaiGuru Mahesh says that as much knowledge that is required for your spiritual goal, we should acquire that much knowledge, and practice it with devotion and discipline. Then certainly our union with the divine will establish, and we will attain the goal of our life, and at the same time attain bliss and happiness. In this ShivKaliBodh `Union with Divine’ series, come lets get the answers of a few pertinent questions from BhaiGuru Mahesh and try to understand the spiritual truth. How can we attain God? Om Kali! We cannot attain God because He is with us since our birth. How can we attain Him again? Let’s understand this truth in this manner: When we see, we realize that we have eyes, and when we hear, we realize that we have ears. Hence, we never say that we have to attain eyes and ears. By experiencing seeing and hearing, we realize their presence all the time. Similarly, God is also present with us in our soul all the time. We have to realize Him so that we always experience that He is present with us all the time. And this state of continuously experiencing this is possible only with our self realization, and union with the divine. So, ShivKaliBodh is a spiritual path through which we spontaneously attain our self realization and union with the divine, and experience the presence of divine in our lives all the time. If God is one, then why are His forms innumerable? Divine virtues are unlimited. Every form of nature reflects the different forms of the divine. Divine virtues are unlimited but our intellect is limited. Hence, to help us in easily understanding the divine virtues, these have been shown in different forms of God. However, we get confused and divide the different forms of God foolishly in different divine powers. Let’s try and understand this as follows: Those have faith in one form of God, and whom they accept as their favorite God, then they do not accept any other form of God. Like many Shri Krishna devotees associated with some organizations, do not worship any divine power other than Shri Radha Krishna. Similarly, many Sai devotees also do not believe in the other forms of God. This is a very strange ideology. For different forms of God, how can we have different devotional feelings for the different forms of God? After all, they are all the same divine power. Is this not our misfortune that even after acquiring divine knowledge, we remain ignorant? Our mind is so wicked that after dividing humans on the basis of religion, color, caste, and many other ways, we were not satisfied, and we started dividing God also. But it is the absolutely truth that God is one, He is present in every particle, and every particle is absorbed within Him. He is everywhere in all divine forms, and He is present in every ordinary form also. This is the absolute truth. What is devotion and what special we will attain through devotion? Love with reverence and respect is called devotion. Such a feeling for mother is called `Matri Bhakti’, for father is called `Pitr Bhakti’, for country is called `Desh Bhakti’, and for God is called `Ishwar Bhakti’. The only difference is that our love for God is the ultimate love. Therefore, there is no love superior than this. Such is the greatness of divine love that once we are immersed in our devotion to God, we can fulfill all other bonds of love nicely, and derive happiness from these bonds. Let’s understand this as follows: There is attachment in human love, which means that those we love, we are bound with expectations with those. When our expectations are not fulfilled, then this love becomes the cause of our unhappiness. However, with our devotion to God, `Enlightened Love’ awakens within us. As a result of this, we attain the state of `Unconditional Attachment’. With this attainment, we enjoy the process of loving others. This is called Divine Love, meaning Enlightened Love. With our devotion to God, we are blessed and instead of human love driven by expectations, we awaken the liberating divine love within us. And we begin loving all in the right way. Then our love becomes unlimited, and every moment of our life we experience bliss. It is not difficult to attain divine love. Through our inner purification in ShivKaliBodh, then by the grace of Maa Kali, very soon the virtue of divine love awakens within us. This entirely changes our outlook towards life. This is our unique attainment through our devotion to God. What is union with divine and spiritual empowerment? We always talk about empowerment of backward castes, empowerment of women, and empowerment of poor people. Empowerment means giving power for our birthrights. Union with the divine is our birthright. Hence, through ShivKaliBodh, when our Kundalini Shakti awakens and pierces our Sahasrara chakra, and is seated on the one thousand lotuses there, then our union with the omnipresent divine consciousness is established. As a result of establishment of our union with divine, whatever we ask is given to us by the divine. All our good materialistic desires are fulfilled, and we begin to lead a very blissful life. Along with this, happily we begin leading a spiritual and fruitful life. Therefore, our union with God is itself our spiritual empowerment. How do we experience God’s presence? When our union with divine is established, our troubles resolve and materialistic desires are fulfilled. And thus begins our daily experiences of the presence of God in our lives. We get what we ask. Whatever we think begins to happen. We feel that God is listening to our prayers, and He is protecting us every moment. What more do we ordinary people want in proof of the presence of God in our lives. Apart from this, a very beautiful phenomenon occurs within us. We begin to love others, and the desire to do good to others awakens within us with intensity. And when we give the right spiritual guidance to others, and help them in their self realization and union with divine, then by seeing the positive transformations in their lives, we experience the presence of God much more. We experience the benevolence of God, His power, and how He protects His devotees. As we become more and more eager to work for others, our spiritual growth increases rapidly, and our union with the divine gets firmly established. And with every experience of the presence of God in our lives, our faith becomes stronger. By practicing Shivakalibodh, we experience the presence of Goddess Maa Kali and Mahadev Shiva we see their visible miracles, and experience their invisible presence – this is how we experience the presence of God in our lives.

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  1. BhaiGuru Mahesh answers simple but pertinent questions on spirituality in this lecture series in such short answers. Really enjoyed listening to the answers.

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  3. It's indeed a great spritual conversation I have ever heard. Understanding of spirituality is made so simple at ShivkaliBodh that you suddenly become God loving rather God fearing. Bhai Guru ji has addressed most complex spritual questions with very simplified answers.

  4. इतने सरल शब्दों में जिस तरह भाईगुरु महेश जी ने ऐसे गूढ़ आध्यात्मिक प्रश्नों को हमें समझाया है बहुत ही प्रशंशनीय है…. भक्ति, आध्यात्म एवं शास्त्र का ऐसा समावेश विरल है… हमारा भाईगुरु जी से विनम्र निवेदन है की प्रश्नोत्तरी की इस शृंखला को जारी रखें… क्युकी हमारे पास अभी प्रश्न बहुत हैंl मेरा एक प्रश्न है भाईगुरु जी से … ध्यान करने की सबसे सरल विधि कौन सी है? जिससे हम आसानी से ध्यान में उतर सकें l उत्तर की अपेक्षा अगली श्रंखला में रहेगीl बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद l 😍😍🙏🙏🙏

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