Understanding Dental Sedation : What to Expect From IV Sedation at the Dentist

Understanding Dental Sedation : What to Expect From IV Sedation at the Dentist

In IV sedation, what happens is, what we do
is when a patient arrives we basically start out by starting an IV. Typically the IV is
starting in the hand or the arm, and what we’re basically looking for is a good vein
to get our IV started. That is the extent of the needles that the patient will feel
because once the IV has been started, through this IV all of your medications will be pushed
through your bloodstream. Things that we will typically use include a sedative, a pain control
agent, sometimes an anti-inflammatory or even a steroid. It’s through this IV method that
we can get you the most controlled in terms of sleepness and most people typically sleep
completely through the procedure with IV sedation. It’s through this method again, that you can
get the most adequate pain control, we can deal with the anxiety to the best of our ability,
get you in a comfortable state that we can basically sustain for several hours if need
be, to get, you know, adequate dentistry that you need.

Author: Kevin Mason

9 thoughts on “Understanding Dental Sedation : What to Expect From IV Sedation at the Dentist

  1. as to my comment about bein nervus well its the best trip to the dentist iv ver had all i remember was getting the drip put in then i woke up in my bed .. i have got to go back next week for another tooth pull so im looking forward to it now

  2. i love being put to sleep & having my teeth pulled.. after watching that movie The Dentist.. i get scared to going to get a filling put in… but yea i love this alot better but just cost too much to have it done

  3. im considering sedation dentistry, can children have it done? Whats the age limit? I have been afraid as long as i remember and its just embarassing….and unhealthy….and also is there any other way besides with an iv? Im not terrifies of needles but i will most defenitly be scared…but it would be worth getting my fear taken away

  4. @lidiyalatvia I'm 12 and I'm having it done. I was going to have it done when I was 10 but my mom lost her job.

  5. I am so scared too go to the dentist…and I HAVE BAD BAD TEETH I have a upper right now that has broke and the nerve is exposed I know i am going too have too have it pulled really they all need too go (and I am only 32) my whole upper front is shot. The lowers are good mostly but I am wondering beings that Im really freaked out too go to the dentist should I try the sedation when I have the tooth pulled. They always did novicane to deaden but I can still sorta feel it a little…please help

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