Understanding Dental Sedation : IV Sedation at the Dentist

Understanding Dental Sedation : IV Sedation at the Dentist

The last form we’re going to talk about is
called IV sedation, and it is the strongest form of what we call conscious sedation. And
the fact that we can basically put the patient almost completely under to the point where
the patient literally at sleeping, sleeping to the point where they are still able to
breathe, but they are in a very, very compromised state. Again, for the dentist, or often times
for an oral surgeon, IV sedation is the method of choice, because it gives us the most adequate
route of pain control, anxiety control, and produces the greatest amount of amnesia. Patients
often times will use this one that have the greatest level of anxiety. Typically used
again for, severe extractions, wisdom teeth, multiple root canals, things like that. It
is truly is the most effective one, and the most productive in terms of getting you adequately
relaxed in a state where it’s pain free and totally comfortable.

Author: Kevin Mason

16 thoughts on “Understanding Dental Sedation : IV Sedation at the Dentist

  1. hi am and 24 and about to have my wisdom teeth removed! im quite a nervous person and get worried easily! ive got the choice between this and being put right out! i dont know which to go for

  2. I had three teeth pulled a few years ago and was put under deep sedation with an IV. It was the greatest dental visit I'd ever had. I don't even remember going under. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in a comfy bed and didn't recall anything, no pain at all! I highly recommend it! Good luck!

  3. IV sedation RULES ALL! I'm a HUGE dental pansy. Whoever invented that stuff should win every award there is.

  4. question… would IV sedation guarantees no pain? i mean…. i'm so scared of dental visit from traumatic experiences… my family is laughing at me because I'm so scared…

  5. I had this type of sedation yesterday April 6, 2012 to get all four wisdom teeth out, gum reduction and a biopsy . It's pain free and this is day two with absolutely no pain or discomfort . Day one I was sleep for just about the whole day . I am 16 years old . And it's turned out to be good .

  6. I'm extremely scared of needles and I'm getting my wisdom teeth out monday! I also have bad aniexty, so im not sure if this will work out

  7. I wish my dentist would do this. I passed out last time and have t been back to finish my root canal and I don't plan on it. My anxiety was extremely high to the point where I was shakin, but my dentist didn't care, and the anesthetic wore off every 15 minutes. I refuse to go back, but now I have a hollow tooth and cavities.

  8. i'm on day 4 after getting my wisdom teeth out, and dude its so easy. you just lie there, don't even think about the needle, because it won't be long till your knocked out and you don't even remember getting the needle in. its like a blink and your done. easy stuff man.

  9. Getting my wisdom teeth pulled in about 9 hours. Thank god for IV sedation!! My brother had 3 (I think) teeth pulled when he was about 7. They didn't even give him local anesthetic. Glad I'll be knocked out for this

  10. I wonder what twighlight sleep is like will find out tomorrow for wisdom teeth anxiety high for sure wish I would be fully asleep that's what worries me

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