Understanding Dental Sedation : Inhalation Sedation at the Dentist

Understanding Dental Sedation : Inhalation Sedation at the Dentist

Inhalation sedation also known as nitrous
oxide or laughing gas, is our mildest form of sedation that we offer. It basically involves
wearing a mask over your nose and breathing a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen
into your system. That is the mildest form available. And, typically is indicated in
children as well as adults who have a mild amount of anxiety. With nitrous oxide, is
a great alternative for managing anxiety. It is the mildest form available and it works
very adequately with anxiety control as well as helping with pain control. It basically
takes, putting the mask on breathing some special mixture of gas for about four to five
minutes. And, you get a very adequate response. Makes you feel a lot lighter headed. Kind
of almost a little relaxed almost kind of floating. It takes about four to five minutes
for it to kick in and one thing we like about it is that you stay relaxed through the whole
procedure. And, once the procedure has been completed we remove you off the gas and it
takes about five minutes for it to completely exit out of the system. Again, one advantage
to this system is there are no precautions when you come into the appointment beforehand.
There’s no taking any medications. Basically, the nitrous oxide is put on as soon as we
start the procedure. And, it’s terminated as soon as we finish. And, within five minutes
of the procedure being terminated the nitrous oxide is completely out of your system. This
enables the person to be able to drive to the appointment, as well as taking their self
home. And, that way we can get you very comfortable manage your pain and get you in a relaxed
state that does not compromise your ability to go home, to go to work, to drive your car
home. And, is a great alternative to consider.

Author: Kevin Mason

12 thoughts on “Understanding Dental Sedation : Inhalation Sedation at the Dentist

  1. Relaxed and floaty…hahahha! What he wants to say is "HIGH AS A KITE".

    woot! LOVE this stuff.

  2. I appreciate it a great deal too. When I learned about N02 is when I learned I could go to the dentist without having a complete meltdown.

  3. I'm having a tooth out soon, (a fang at the top front of my mouth) I've had 2 lower fangs on the bottom front of my mouth, I had no sedation for them 2, this is my last tooth out before I get a brace but I am extremely terrified about getting this last tooth out, what will I benefit from having this method of sedation?

    Please reply 🙂

  4. @DecTM well for starters, the effect would end really quickly, and 2 you would stil be able to notice your surroundings, you just wont really care about all those things, it would also make you feel really good whenever you would move , and without any bad side effects apart from a slight headache later, also you would be able to remember everything from the operation if you chose too (but you might be too relaxed to want to try and remember), but also you wont have a David After Dentist moment.

  5. there is only 1 reason i dont want to get gas and that is im scared that i might say somthing stupid or somthing that will embarras me

  6. @ferrariF47 Novocaine (lidocaine) works much faster than 10-20 minutes. When injected the effect in nearly instantaneous.

  7. Thanks Mr. I never liked the dentist, even though I don't remember much from each appointment. I haven't been to the dentist in years. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go back at some point.

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