Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning at Ocean View Dental Care

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning at Ocean View Dental Care

Hi, my name is Kathleen and I’m a Hygienist here at Ocean View Dental Care. Today, I’d like to introduce you to a piece of technology that has helped to revolutionize the way that we clean teeth. It’s called the Ultrasonic scaler. The Ultrasonic scaler provides an alternative to the traditional hand scaling that we do using instruments such as these metal instruments that we normally use to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Instead, the Ultrasonic consists of an air-powered handpiece and these different insert tips. The tips are specially designed and they come in all different shapes. We have a variety to choose from, as you can see, and they’re designed to fit into the nooks and crannies in your mouth and adapt to the different tooth surfaces. These tips go right into the handpiece and then we have a foot pedal that we use to operate it and there’s a high frequency vibration that occurs while a gentle stream of sterile water comes out the tip. This high frequency vibration allows the tip to come in contact with the tooth approximately 25-30 THOUSAND times per second which helps to easily break off even the hardest plaque or tartar or stain. The technique that’s used requires very little pressure so your hygienist would just gently guide the tip along the teeth in a very gentle motion which makes it so much more comfortable for patients who have any type of jaw soreness or TMJ, in addition to being a safe and effective way of removing plaque, tartar, and stain from the teeth. The Ultrasonic also functions to help detoxify the pocket underneath the gum. The process of the lavage combined with the vibration creates a process called cavitation, which is the release of millions of tiny bubbles. These bubbles actually destroy the cell wall of bacteria that causes problems such as gum disease and bad breath. Use of this wonderful technology can greatly reduce the amount of time that our patients spend in the chair. Not only is It efficient but it’s also much more comfortable for our patients, while still maintaining the benefits of their oral hygiene visit. As you can see, here at Ocean View Dental Care, we’re pleased to offer our patients the highest technology available. We look forward to meeting you!

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