UCF Campus Tour: Health & Wellness Resources

UCF Campus Tour: Health & Wellness Resources

– At UCF, knowing where
your campus resources are can help you make the
most of your time here. From the buildings you’ll visit everyday to the places where you’ll
make lasting memories, this is what you’ll experience at UCF. (upbeat music) Knights Pantry is a
resource in Ferrell Commons where you can access free food or personal hygiene items when needed. There’s even a closet where you can pick out free
casual clothing for class or business professional outfits for presentations and interviews. And, if you’re looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity, this is one of the best
places on campus to give back. (upbeat music) If you’re ever feeling under the weather, head to the Student Health Center. You can get low-cost medical treatments from certified medical
providers and dentists here or you can take advantage of free services like flu shots and STD screening events. You can also get prescriptions
filled at the pharmacy or pick up over-the-counter medicine, snacks, and convenience items inside. (upbeat music) We know mental health is just
as important as physical, which is why CAPS, or Counseling
and Psychological Services, is right next to the health center. Certified professionals are here to provide free confidential assessments, crisis intervention, and counseling. Plus, there are therapy dog and cat days and free workshops to help
you manage any challenge. (upbeat music) If you’re looking for
somewhere to get away or spend some time in nature, you won’t have to leave UCF,
just head to the arboretum. With 82 acres of outdoor space, there’s plenty of room to explore. While you hike here pretty much any day, volunteer events are especially
great times to come out. Explore campus by scheduling
a tour at visit.ucf.edu. (upbeat music)

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