TUTO SITEMAP XML et PLAN de SITE WordPress Prestashop

TUTO SITEMAP XML et PLAN de SITE WordPress Prestashop

hi to you digital marketing team
how are you today we’re going to go simply see the side of them
how to get your site indexed internet easily in google the big
problem is that I created my site ok I’m super happy very well
going well but I’m not yet in google and I would love to be
pages appear quickly so I don’t not talking about position yet
so let’s go see how we make a sitemap what a sitemap is
that it’s just a sitemap what is budget crawl what
also know that plugins to arrive to effectively quickly mount these
famous site maps and famous site map for example in their press we will see that
but I will also show you if there are any plugins which plays see her in
prestashop here and all that after the so what is this sitemap for?
this site map whose effectiveness of based
in fact it simply allows made to google robots and others
robots do not see that google can also maybe the bing robots or
yandex or baidou if you wish to be in territories earlier at
Asian or Russian for example well they actually allow you a
best discovery of all your pages and a better knowledge in fact of
any fault in tree structure actually your pages
otherwise they would go from page to page of discover little by little but also the
second thing which is interesting with the site map
is that by putting it in place we will see that at the end of the video
charge console will allow you to see if Yes or no
the effectiveness of the sitemap is going well is the crawl going well
level of your website or not everything here with errors in your
websites or if there are errors too also at level 2 of the pages of your website
so in fact the site map really has a real utility and indexing and
see a little whether or not your site is fine at last
your pages from your sites from your site go well in search engines
dont google so now we’re going to spend a little
little from a technical point of view then either
you’re just using them for example Yoast is a
plugin is so high and you go find your site maps here in general settings features and you’re going to press
here on the question mark if i do that i will go see
automatically my site map what it looks like it’s ugly huh
between us here is what it looks like so we have all the pages that are here
here I can see i will have why not the pages
posts etc so that’s it that’s actually it’s a
content that does in xml to improve in fact the robot crawl is in all
case the discovery of all your pages at google level so now the
difference with a sitemap this is what actually the sitemap that’s all
simply here is a html page on your site
internet that also generates you see get full on time every
categories and all the pages that are affected in there so there I have
yet another another plugin that goes serve me what they’re called w site
map exactly so i will show you so here w site map is here this is
simpl doubled site maps and in ctics it’s just actually short code a
installed at page level here you are have the opportunity to do so
directly here is a little bit the principle
so either you will use a plan of site either you will also use a
site map then there is w6 and site mappy here and that’s our apologies I thought
sworn in duty i was wrong you also have w site my page which is going to
find here I was wrong here it is there it is the real there
here with the famous short code so there you’re actually going to be able to generate this
page with actually these code shocks which are here this is just
and there in fact it will get you out directly here
just create a page you create a page actually in wordpress
classic and you put this short code which in in the page is like that eh
well it will automatically generate the sitemap if they still wanted to go
further with categories the pages and tags and archives so this is what you create
principle it’s you then if we take the prestashop case for example almost
ready and prestashop for websites e-commerce
it’s nice but usually they go get paid some times you have
some tools that are free but maybe not very very very reliable for
do that anyway anyway that’s it you have the opportunity to have
pretty interesting map site management here it is there it is here a little bit
principle of which here I had found interesting things to create a
high level ty plan so now that I have my famous site map I will
integrate it into the console alone how low simply i will
go create a ground loading page so if you don’t know the
charge console I made you ago a few months a video on the subject
so you will find it here there just click through there
so that you can find this video and you can know a little bit what
that it is on that we are not any case where you have in any case made the game
this is advice i give you enormously then the site maps you go
just put the address here since we give it to you
remember we give it to you in it in the Yoast plugin and then you
can see the ball added here directly you do send and it goes
be ready and then the fairly effective thing
is that after I have to have if I have errors if pages have been validated
or if the pages were excluded so this will allow me to see a little bit
excluded pages and why they were excluded that’s it and sometimes make a
little bit adequacy those these have been seen and indexed in google
here I have all the pages that are indexed so this is really very very
interesting to go see so thanks to Search console on its on this
efficiency compared to that now I also told you about the budget crawl on
budget crawl this is the google fact in does regularly come back to your
pages and widens candles actually increases with two main variables the
speed of your server and at the same time the update speed of your
website so more your update day is more frequent your chrome is
your budget role increases and also your site speed actually allows
to suck up a lot of pages we can to opt in fact you should know that more
your site is slow lower it will put time and in fact they euro the
rebound actually don’t actually sleep on your website
there is something else for you to visit believe me they have millions or
billion pages and so don’t hesitate if your momentum site to visit and well
obviously on the budget crawl is going decrease and at the same time if you put
not updating your site this fang the budget actually decreased over
time so it is always advisable and early devil of iron makes it a
site that is really regularly put up to date and which at the same time has a
speed good speed so here I recommend the speed page
that I also give you a tool in D so free to also read the other video
which allows to see measure speed from your server and admit s from your
website remember jon moeller there are some
weeks came out a pretty clear message on the subject like what speed
may become a major factor in the future at google level so
be careful that we will talk about it maybe other speed videos and how
improve site speed Internet
but it is clear that if they already made a speed page the speed page and
this is the tool and the debt speed up who infiltrate a few months ago in
google is not to look pretty that’s what they’re going for they’re going
continue in this excellent so has in prospective
know that maybe in a few months or even very few years they will take
in place this speed factor 2 that it will come
in the overriding criteria of google for now it’s not
still the case but it could become greatly here and ben gesture
I hope this video will allow better indexing of your pages
in google to understand better difference between map xml sites and
plants site for actually refers to is your pages better in google if you have
a comment does not hesitate on questions also do not hesitate to menad
comment and of course feel free to subscribe for creating others
videos on the subject and then continue together to build your websites from
more and more in the positions of search engine
thank you

Author: Kevin Mason

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