– Today’s video is something
I’ve been excited to bring to you for a long time. (beep sound) This video is sponsored by Invisalign. All thoughts and opinions are my own. What is happening today, Lincoln? – I’m getting my Invisalign
Clear Aligners today. – It’s happening. – I’m so excited. – So getting Invisalign treatment
takes a couple of steps, and the first step we did a few weeks ago. (upbeat electronic music) This is the one where you actually get the Invisalign Clear
Aligners put on your teeth. Lincoln, you’re getting so grown up. You’re like basically a teenager now. – Yay, that’s good. – I guess so. As a parent, it’s a
little sad but excited. (intense opera overture) This has been something
that people have asked for in the comments since he was a little kid. We got so many mean comments. Like straighten your teeth. But dude, just chill out he’s only 12. He had to wait for his
teeth, his face to grow, for his teeth to be be
able to go in the spot. At his last appointment he had a 3D scan where they took this really cool machine, I think it’s called like an iTero machine. They basically moved it
like all around his mouth, and at the same time on the computer, these perfect 3D images
of his teeth came up. Which is crazy. He had some teeth knocked out as a kid, and they grew back kinda funny. When Lincoln was I think three
years old, we were moving from Albuquerque, New Mexico
to Salt Lake City, Utah, and Lincoln fell on this
table, the glass was off of it and we went to lean his body
against it, and the metal hit his lip, cut his lip. He has like a stitches thing right here. His little mark from the
stitches is still there from the little guy. So then when it tried to grow
in, the gums were so hard that it kinda came in
at a funky direction, and he didn’t have space for it so it just came in on the top. This is the man. This is Dr. Burke right here. – How you doing? – Dude
– Good to see ya. – Good to see you too. – Alright, you ready to do this, man? – Yep.
– Alright, buddy, we’re super excited. You have any questions for me? – I don’t think so. – Okay, awesome. (intense dubstep music) – (sighs) That’s nice. (lion roaring) (drill whirring) (mellow electronic music) – First try. – Here we go. Mhm. I got it. – Nice. – [Daniel] There we are. How’s it look? – They feel like rubber,
but I’ll get used to it. – [Daniel] But when you look
in the mirror it doesn’t look as strange as you thought, right? – No, it looks normal. If you look closer you kinda see it, but from far away you can’t at all. – [Daniel] Look at that big boy. – So how many trays do I have? How many will I put in? – So in your particular case, Lincoln, you’ve got 40 aligners, and you’ll wear each aligner for one week. While you’re playing sports,
I know you’re an athlete, you’re a very active kid. With brackets and wires you a lot of times have brackets coming off,
coming unglued from the teeth, or have wires that shift
while you’re eating and end up poking your
cheek and things like that. You won’t have that with
Invisalign treatment, and less emergencies. – [Daniel] Do you feel like you can play basketball with it on? – Yeah, I don’t think it would bother me. – If you want these straight teeth, a lot of it has to do with you. Like how many hours a day
do you need to wear it? – 22, or more. – Do you wear it when you’re eating? – No. – Are you gonna chew gum with it? – No. – He is a little sad
about the gum side of it. He does love gum. (laughter) Every individual treatment
plan can be different. Lincoln’s is once a week. It’s all on you now, Lincoln. – Okay.
– [Daniel] Alright, okay. See ya. You’re a new man! You’re growing up! – It’s like getting glasses again. So confusing. – So confusing (laughs) – We’re going to the gym to go work out. Check it out, he’s got his
Invisalign Clear Aligners in. Can you still play basketball in them? – Uh, I think so. (intense dubstep music) – They shouldn’t impede anything
that he’s doing actively. (basketballs bouncing) (intense dubstep music) On that make, let’s get outta here. Let’s go get some food, you hungry? – Yes. – When he wants to eat he can
just take them out, and eat. So it doesn’t really
limit the type of things that you can eat, you
just need to make sure that you take them out for it. The only thing that you
can’t do, Lincoln… – Is chew gum. – You’re not allowed to
eat ice cream anymore. – Yes I can. – Hey buddy, I’m just outside
parked where I usually am. Aww, there’s the little guy. He’s lookin’ for me. Ha, you fell. – Got ’em in.
– Oh yeah, they’re in there. – Not one person noticed it. – How does it feel on your first day? – This tooth right here,
the one that I knocked out, it definitely feels like it’s
moving just a little bit. – Simba rock. We’re going to Simba rock. One of the coolest things
about where we live, and we haven’t fully
given you like a full on, we moved kind of thing, but
surprise alert, we moved. We’re gonna make a big video
on it, but we have these red rocks behind us, and
one of ’em sticks out, and I call it Simba rock. Because it’s like when
he holds up the thing, (both mimicking Lion King chant) Yeah, just like that. Check it out, up there,
you can see all the way up, there’s that rock up there. So far away. So I wanna show you
because it’s always sunny here where we live. It’s southern Utah. Gloomy. It does not rain very often
here, and it’s been raining for the last two days. Ohh, my car’s gonna be so dirty. (intense orchestral music) Okay, so here we are. This is the airport out there. Southern Utah St. George Airport. Beautiful red rocks. Arizona is actually right
there with all of those. This is a water tank. So all we have to do at this
point is go on a short hike. (intense orchestral music) Look at that view. Whoa, I’m out here. (mimics Lion King chant) Usually, right here
there’s a giant mountain. Kind mountain, it’s beautiful. We didn’t just come up here just to get the view and show you guys, we wanna take a cool
picture for Instagram. (intense orchestral music) This is how we take
Instagram photos, kids. (intense orchestral music) (camera shutter clicking) Lincoln did an awesome job. He took out his bottom one
and put it in the case. I think that Instagram
picture’s gonna look cool. So as I stand here on this
rock, I wanna thank Invisalign for sponsoring this video
and encourage you guys to look at the link in the description and take the Smile Quiz if you are interested in Invisalign treatment, and one of you couple potentially
win one free treatment. And for parents interested in
Invisalign treatment for their teens, click the link in the description to take the Smile Assessment. Lincoln
– Yeah? – Good job. – Thanks. – You’re the real hero. – Yeah! – We’ll give an update on
here about how he’s doing in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that. (mimicking Lion King chants)

Author: Kevin Mason

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