Trump weighs in on coronavirus amid Wuhan quarantine

Trump weighs in on coronavirus amid Wuhan quarantine

Author: Kevin Mason

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  2. the incubation period can be as long a two weeks…….so everyone on plane could pass it around… plus not everyone that died had a fever…

  3. I was listening to interviews from China this morning as I heard the news that several Chinese cities were in quarantine.
    "If you call for help, they will not send an ambulance if you mention fever, pneumonia, sickness."
    "If your in an ambulance and arrive at a hospital they will not admit you if your sick but send you back to the ambulance."
    "Hospitals are packed full and not accepting any more patients."
    "My grandmother died. They said it was pneumonia. They were dressed in isolation suites. After they burned my grandmother, they burned the isolation suites. You dont do that for pneumonia. "
    "No matter where you look there is no information at all. Nothing. Not one word."
    Lookin bad.

  4. "Fear mongering"? it started 23 days ago and its already infected 547, which means it doubles every 2.5 days. Looking down the barrel of half a billion infected in 50 days, maybe we should pay attention.

  5. Add Burma to the potential list, my hometown is wuhan and I know some friends who just went there then traveled to Myanmar a day before the lockdown

  6. I like the historical trend, where every 20s, there is an outbreak

    1620s: Italian plauge, smallpox epidemic

    1720s: Plauge, Aftermath of great smallpox epidemic

    1820s: Yellow fever, cholera epidemic

    1920s: Spanish flu

    2020s: *Chinese corona virus? *

  7. So the murderers released the virus in China is that the plan? Military Industrial complex doing what our does best. Poisons people. Waging biological warfare on the world. Just look hop at the skies. They are still spraying us with poisons. Sorry this guy doesn't instill confidence in me.

  8. go to wuhan and bring back the virus ? that's all it takes? The virus must be in the AIr there and all it takes is showing up ! too many coincidences for a short term traveler to bring it home if there are only 800 + cases in a city of 11 million ! wtfu

  9. There are officially 17 confirmed deaths and the put the whole city of 11 million people into quarantine. Something we don't know? I try to update situation to my channel as soon as more info is available about this.

  10. Why don't they bar traveling over there, that's how the zombie virus is gonna spread, if there's an unknown virus stop traveling to those places or bar traveling to US

  11. WHO has been so infiltrated by Chinese Communist Party, it has become the mouth piece of CCP. WHO has lost its credibility! The situation in China is highly concerning! This is way worse than SARS! This doctor is delusional!

  12. I haven’t heard one word recommending any one person building their natural immunity that we were given. Deficiencies cause these illnesses to take hold

  13. Everyone that was in the same plane should have been quarantined.. Notice to every airport that the infected went through should have gone up encouraging people to go in and get checked..

  14. China is doing a good job in trying to stop the spread…but its apparent that these outbreaks are originating from its animal food warehouses that really suck in terms of sanitation and borders on animal cruelty…unless the SOURCE is overhauled, then we can expect more outbreaks.

  15. Have you not seen the footage of the cops in Asia arresting people for coughing yet!!! It is waaaay worse than they are saying. They are terrified of it destroying their economy. Literally all they care about. Wuhan Pathogen Lab is only a few miles from ground zero. CHECK INTO IT!

  16. There's no virus scare. It's a deep state sham by the CDC. They want to hurt wall street and the economy. They think it'll prevent trump from being reelected in a landslide.

  17. But if you can be infected and not feel symptoms for 5 days and it can live on inanimate objects for days?? This is huge. I wish I was better prepared..

  18. Trump always down plays things such as this . They don’t want any panic, we just need info don’t think panic will be an issue ..

  19. We have to be vigilant not complacent. Merv had 30% mortality one out of three taken out. Homo Sapiens tend to underestimate the unknown…

  20. Trump is only saying it's all under control cause he wants to keep the stock market up, the economy going, prevent panic and act confident. His entire existence has been a fraud.

  21. Why hasn't Trump stop all flights form China? Protect our borders already, still only 40 miles of border FENCE put up, no wall in sight.

  22. First thing stop all inbound people from China, Mexico and Canada ! Or we are going to have Militia on the boarder or airport !


  24. If that person in Washington interacted with just one person the US didnt catch or used one bathroom in an airport or touched one door knob they didnt clean we're basically infected. I'm telling you one person is all it takes. The US will spread this just like they did…Like wild fire.

  25. And iif you see this. Virus going away. People. ? In Chicago and Canada are going to become internationally infected. Why would they deliberately let people spread this infectious descease. Is my cousin. And people that Yep getting the same old same old same old

  26. Buy face mask disposable gloves while they're still available! Real talk. Canned food, water, stock up on any medicines you can possibly get, you don't want to be going to the hospital if everybody's sick. See if your doctor can give you a 3 month supply of your medicine or more. They should try and do that for a lot of people anyway it's not good for the elderly in the immunocompromised to go sit in a waiting room every month with the flu going around.This thing is spreading like wildfire. It can be here before you know it! If you got any money you need to go stock up now & you can always use it one day or the other. Trash bags, toilet paper, first aid paper towels, dried brown beans. You may need to bug out at home!

  27. The CDC helped build that lab in Wuhan and stated publicly in 2017 that it was vulnerable to toxic leaks – the CDC also held the PATENT on that Wuhan coronavirus for 15+ yrs – COINCIDENTALLY that PATENT just expired 1 – 20 – 20 ! HOW OBVIOUS CAN THEY BE ?!!!!! THIS IS AN INTENTIONAL ATTEMPT TO CREATE A HEALTH CRISIS OF WORLD PROPORTION ! SCIENCE HAS MUNCHHAUSEN SYNDROME WHEN IT COMES TO PUBLIC HEALTH !

  28. China needs to stop eating exotic food. That’s why it’s happening! It came from a freaking snake supposedly like stop eating snakes china wtf 😂

  29. We are near The Kingdom Come..
    The End Of Times is near..

    God said he’d send us signs.. signs of sicknesses.. etc. those signs are a wake up call that The End Of Times Is Near.

    The Bible is doing everything that’s worded on its pages.. 1 by 1..

    Our Time Is Coming..
    Remember that.

  30. From the isolation gear the hospital is wearing, it doesn't look like the common flu. I get the feeling its way worse than we are being told. They look like they are dealing with the biggest threat I have yet seen.

  31. When it came to Africa and Ebola outbreak all the republicans came hard on Obama even calling him incompetent. Somehow Trump taking it easy with China knowing there is a transmission route difference between Ebola and A deadly flu like virus. Politics (all parties)and people blindly worshipping are contributing to the deterioration of this world. If you ban travel on middle eastern and African countries you can ban travel on Asian and European countries.

  32. Why in the hell would we trust a government who oppresses their people? These people are scumbag commies for Gods sake.

  33. Dr. Anthony Fauci is so calm and cool headed. Just love his no worries attitude. We really need his boots on the ground in Wuhan. Fauci will help calm the concerns of the people of Wuhan with his levelheadedness and calm voice. Let's all kindly demand that Dr. Fauci get on the next plane to Wuhan.

  34. Let's send a congressional delegation to Wuhan. We need brave congressional representatives in Wuhan (boots on the ground). Let's pledge to send Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schift, Jerry Nadler, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and ilhan omar.

    Resist the Corona! Better Together!

  35. Businesses and companies need to decentralize and plan work from home online solutions. This could dramatically decrease the spread of the virus. Most viruses are spread from traveling work and school and any places that have crowds.

  36. Right…nothing to worry about, move along, move along. That's why two countries have closed their borders to China. Fauci is a total stooge. All the government and Fox Business care about is the markets and all the liberal media care about is the stupid impeachment, neither are covering this virus with enough seriousness.

    It's ok, as long as the stock market is going strong, let the populace croak.

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