Trump set to sign historic USMCA trade deal

Trump set to sign historic USMCA trade deal

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Trump set to sign historic USMCA trade deal

  1. The USMC I want to see in Mexico would drive them all South into Guatemala. That prime real estate should not be wasted on a low IQ failed race. "ARRIBA!"

  2. I want to Thank Fox News for this Simple Thing of Showing My President Trumps Schedule on TV…Seeing that the other Stations are not reporting correctly…I remember a certain person who wanted to make sure Women for Trump would be discouraged…I Stand Strong for My President Trump! Hallelujah!

  3. Unions are a leviathan. They take money from their members, make a ton of money investing it and transfer much of the value into the pockets of the union leaders and the Democrat party. End your union memberships now.

  4. you American people should make BIG MASSIVE protest at 2025 to make this GREAT MAN still your president till he can't…I read your history…no other president can beat this PRESIDENT…

  5. Today at High Noon Mr. Rudy Giuliani will EXPOSE Creepy Joe Biden Corruption!!! Rudy has PROOF that Biden used his Son Hunter to Launder MILLIONS out of Ukraine as did Pelosi, Romney and Kerry ALL of them used their Kids to Launder MILLIONS from Ukraine!!!! Trump will Appoint a 2nd Special Prosecutor who will INDICTE THEM ALL!!!! Now you know why Dems Rushed the Fake Impeachment Sham!!! Google HIDING My Posts because I support Trump!

  6. America does not need to see the tax returns of a billionaire who became a public servant

    America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who becomes millionaires while being public servants


  8. I find it interesting that he didn't talk about the inequality of risk on starting the business, or loosing everything you own when the business does badly.

  9. Good ideas come from all sides, as long as all negotiators are working with honesty and integrity. As long as everyone works together for good, not to get the other guy.

  10. But… but…impeach…russia… russia …russia…muller…orange man bad…impeach…open borders good…free college tuition…sure glad im republican! trump 2020!

  11. As long as Union membership is a choice, it is ok. If we are mandated by law to join the union to get or keep any job, it's bad. Union leaders are trying to get laws passed to mandate union membership. That is corruption. So is robbing the members piggy bank for lavish vacations, etc.

  12. 1:30 the USMCA “ Labor Chapter was unenforceable.” What about “ enforcing E-Verify here. Millions of illegals immigrants undercutting your “Union” and Americans wages!!!

  13. Always nervous when 'labor' steps in and makes demands…usually means HIGHER PRICES for everybody (and raises for them)…

  14. What ever you do trump don't trust two faced back stabbing Trudeau he smile then talk about you badly behind your back like blaming the down Iran fight on you hes not stable mr trump's

  15. I think if the UK took a hint from this and maybe signed trade pacts, trade deals, and worked more closely with other nations like ASEAN, Arab league of nations, the Asian Tigers we could leverage a closer relationship, bigger trade deal with America to greater mutual benefit. I think what this guy is talking about meritocracy rewarding individual merit. And he's right at the end its not just quantity but the quality when it comes to job that counts.

  16. Mexico will pay for the impeachment.
    The most unqualified misleading uninformed vile excuse for a president in history.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  17. President Donald🤴🏻John🕎🎷Trump signs USMCA trade deal and that's how many change in DC. This change comes in all Nations of the Earth. Signed Executive Order to change.

  18. Our union closed our plant and then had the ordacity to take several thousand dollars out of a $25000 buy out from the Union members who lost their job. They also forced Goodyear to lay off maintenance workers(me) on a percent basis related to production lay offs. There fore the company couldn’t do needed machinery serviced while it was idle. They SUCK. So far I have lost 2 good jobs because of Unions. They also blindly support democrats who sold our jobs to China. They SUCK. They ruined 2000 people’s lives the last time. I would like to debate that sob

  19. Know why union membership is down?

    Is because people find out union bosses are just as corrupt as CEOs who they claim they are protecting you from.

  20. George Meany a big supporter of socialism and a known racist. His good friend Walter Reuther was also a big supporter of socialism.

  21. That's what happens when Democrats claim they 'made it better', history shows that the Democrats aren't about 'making things better' for the US.

  22. That Schiff fella is a real nit wit, saying, "Trump will do what is right for Trump" well that is good news! Because Trump happens to be an American businessman, he is part of this country, and is doing what is right for all of us, so far Trump is one of the best Presidents we have ever had.

  23. Unions workers consider the rest of the non union workers scabs, and they are corrupted as hell, while the union members are cashing in on filing grievances to make free money, the union workers get their grievances denied even though they have a legitimate case. Unions are overrated and usually overpayed

  24. Good . The US Democrats have promoted and facilitate all the immigration programs. Everything from Caravans paid by DEMOCRATS AND the FLOODING of AMERICA with Muslims who are total chaos and completely incompatible with USA. This was all by design by DEMoCRats trying to undermine and overthrow the USA

  25. Democrats will be exposed very soon and everyone will know the truth about Mexico and all the damage Democrats have done to all of Latin America


  27. I'll never support a union ever since my dad told me a story. He worked in the Steal Mills of Cleveland OH in the late 70s to early 80s. He had to work July 4th only problem the mill wasn't open on the 4th, but the union members had to get their hours. So he got time and a half which back then he was making close to 17 an hour if I remember correctly for 10 hours while the mill wasn't producing. As a business owner now that disgust me.

  28. Unions are famous for shakedowns, strikes, and closed shops. Unions are controlled by foreign entities like International Communist organizations. You can bet George Soros is working with this guy to get a piece of the pie. This guy is a shakedown artist. He will end up in a cement suit some day. That is how is replacement will get "promoted."

  29. I don't believe the guy saying people wanting to join unions are at an all-time high. The unions did nothing to prevent NAFTA from becoming law or the China joining the WTO. Unions did nothing to prevent U.S. politicians from shipping jobs overseas. The unions were always a money laundering operation between the mob and the politicians. We can see the fall out from unions doing nothing for the workers in the gutted inner cities.

  30. Proud America will never admit that the USMCA is a lifeline to the U.S. economy. Mexico has a strong, steady and diverse economy, and, their debt to GDP is among the lowest in the world. Mexico has a future and the US knows this.

  31. Maria please bring on your show people who do have glaring bias against the President, we get enough of that from MSM.

  32. Another thing that Americans want is to keep cost of living (inflation)and housing low and affordable and allow families to save more money for retirement. Make all types of insurance lower (car, health, home) and taxes (property, sales, income). If wages rises but all these expenses rises there is no gain for Americans.

  33. This trade agreement better not usurp the sovereignty of the USA,Mexico, or Canada… Always beware of the Corporations….they are not the good guys. Especially the globalists. All treaties should protect their nations and their people from the Corporate Powers.

  34. There is no such word in economics as "implosion". People like Trumpka who use the word don't know what they are talking about.

  35. Not an American but feel proud to have Donald Trump as the president of the United States of America and Melania Trump as the first Lady. Meanwhile CNN is trash talking the great POTUS of 21st century America

  36. READ the whole USMCA document. This is just a way for US Government to control these countries and keep 'tabs' on citizens in Mexico & Canada. 'Big Pharma" has a HUGE role in this as are larger US Corporations. CONTROL by deception, fake media, propaganda.

  37. Richard Trumpka is just a dumb schmuck! He can’t even compliment the current administration, yet we don’t see any of his “brilliant” ideas implemented..

  38. The democrat party is the enemy of the American people! We need to carry a gullotine to the DNC HQ like Puerto Rico did! Except that we need to put it to use!!

  39. Does anyone remember the North American Union controversy and the alarm of it eroding US sovereignty and the introduction of the Amero currency… how is USMCA different? Is this just that globalist scheme repackaged?

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