Trump responds to acting Navy secretary resignation

Trump responds to acting Navy secretary resignation

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Trump responds to acting Navy secretary resignation

  1. I can't wait until a week or two has passed and the Navy secretary says something negative about Trump. It's hilarious watching you cult followers backtracking and stumbling over yourselves to find a reason to hate military members that say negative things about your dear leader.

  2. trump is a danger and disgrace to Americans. Thousands are dying because he was to lazy to read the memos warning of this virus.

  3. No question in my mind the captain took his men into a shore excursion in Vietnam that exposed them to the virus. The captain showed lack of judgement in further exposing his men to danger in broadcasting the condition of the ship around the chain of command. Relieving the captain of command is the right move to maintain discipline in the Navy. It is unfortunate the Navy Secretary had to resign. He did not want this to be a distraction and decided to end the circus.

  4. WTF….The old narcissist fool playing President says he didn't know or speak to the Secretary of the Navy???? This is why we are in this CLUSTER F*K with this fool in the Whitehouse??? *GOOD GOD people…….ENOUGH.

  5. Fox News was wrong in firing Trish Regan and her reporting was correct. Once again showing Fox News swing to the left. Be very wary of what you hear from Fox. If they ever were fair and balanced they are moving away from that. I wonder how much RINO Paul Ryan has to do with this?

  6. Modly was simple unqualified. He’s main qualification was that he became wealthy in the private sector. Even though he served for 7 years and he never commanded anything larger than his own copter crew. He didn’t need to call the captain stupid. That was an unforced error. This administration is very undisciplined.

  7. He should not have resigned. The captain should be demoted and never be in charge of men. The letters got leaked to the media by him. He is another Obama pos. Trump should not accept the navy secretarys resignation

  8. It seems that nowadays you can’t do your job because if there’s any controversy it will cost you your job so most people do the least possible stay neutral offend no one and thus do little work to stay employed.

  9. Trump has the best people !
    Thomas Modly should be staked out in a garbage-filled alley, and then left to be eaten alive by rats. I'd feal sorry for the rats, but what can you do?

  10. Amazing, a Coward like Trump who got 5 Deferment so he wouldn't have to serve in Vietnam having an attitude about a captain who put his men first instead of his own career.

  11. If the captain didn’t go public more crew members would’ve been infected. Crozier knew it would cost him his career but he also knew his crew would get proper medical treatment.

  12. Jesus! I’ve never read such incoherent jumbled comments. Are there only trolls posting here or are they all illiterate?

  13. trump order the captain to get fired for exposing the incompetence of the trump administration, as we say in the military " A complete cluster fck",

  14. What the President didn’t say was- We will accept his resignation. Just loose ended words. There is a language to military matters and it seems to be missing from this entire sequence of events.

  15. I would like to see any human being on this Earth walk on water think of that the next time that anyone thinks that they are perfect only Jesus OORAW

  16. Trump appointees don’t last long. Competent people are too smart to work for Trump. Mnuchin seems ok though.

  17. A cop in LA quit his job because of pressure from his wife, what do you have to say about that Mr President and could this have been prevented and what will you do to make sure this will not happen again?

  18. I’m a very conservative America and I believe there is a lot more to this story.
    The crew liked this captain, they appalled him as leader. The Navy Sec. actually boarded the ship and condemned the captain to his subordinates, inappropriate. He resigned because he got reveal as not giving a sh*t about the ship and crew. And, that is a threat to the nation if the crew is going to die or spread it to their fellow citizens and family.
    As the infected captain tried to make it known via “private” channels first, he was denied and hundreds of his sailors were infected.
    Bravely, he essentially risked mutiny to save his crew.
    If this were not so, the secretary would not have resigned and the captain would be a court martial case.

  19. Commendable conduct by the former acting SECNAV. Tough decision but right move…CAPT Crossure needs to be professional not sensational

  20. The Commander and Chief is not responsible for anything… that is deemed to hurt his reputation because of his poor decision making in appointing people who keep resigning FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER on a regular bases.. doing the Commander and Chief's biding LOL

  21. it seems under Trump
    telling the truth is a bad thing.
    He feels all his booboos end quickly
    Deaths are increasing,more people are endangered every minute while federal supplies are dangled for those governors he feel nice about

  22. I voted for Trump, he is good on economy; But it is ridiculous that he is acting the role of respiratory epidemic expert. he hire the wrong people and are leading USA to disaster. People in Fox are blind, too.

  23. You really have to UP your speaking skills Mr President, you repeat repeat repeat, say it once and then move on.

  24. Trump ought to wade in and re-instate Crozier as CO then! He's a good man. Selfless act to end the problem on his ship. Just had a bad day is all. So come on, Trump, get back down in the weeds and save a good, selfless man you've never met.

  25. If the Navy Secretary Resigns, can that Navy Secretary still command the Mediterranean fleets in the Middle East?

  26. Good man, but l didn't know him… L didn't speak to him… He's looking at him… Question??? What are you doing? Your the flippen. President???

  27. May all Chinese government officials and W.H.O. officials get Covid-19 for releasing Biological weapon onto the human race.

  28. WOW. The Acting Navy Secretary (who’s “career” lasted less than 5 months) resigning after audio of him calling the Captain “stupid or naive” is “a very unselfish thing to do,” while the Captain, (who more than likely has over 20 years of service) sacrificing his career to get his Sailors and Marines the medical support they need, makes him “Ernest Hemingway.”

    Apparently, petty, aggressively ignorant and foul mouthed businessmen who never served stick together.

  29. All of a sudden Trump does not know him hmmm seems we heard those words during his own 3 years in office.

  30. His only qualification was that he was cool with war crimes. Now the NAVY is disease ridden and our wonderful sailor heroes are suffering the consequences 🙁

  31. Trump starts speaking….but does not know when to pause ! Rambles on till he puts his Foot in his mouth!

  32. It's not going to hurt this Captain the sit the bench for a little while Earnest Hemingway may have thought he was Francis Scott key.

  33. He was confused about who he had an opinion about until second question was asked. That cued him to which Navy personnel he had never met but didnt approve of his behaviour. Man has no idea! Just immediately goes into “it wasnt me, I dont know the man, I dont approve” mode. Predictable and sad.

  34. Very good man. On camera suggesting the captain is stupid or naive.. yet the captain, who tried his best however you like it or not, didnt curse anyone out, and is ridiculed. You guys have no morals at all.

  35. Europe: Trump:" I do not know him" !!!!! hahahahahaha every time somebody get's caught in his administration,Trump never heard of him or talked to him or anything else.
    Trumptards are Really one the DUMBEST!!! people on this planet!
    PS dumbest states in the US?= states who voted Trump! look it up!
    Plus: US is only at place 27 !in the world so that would put them in place 45 ! = Dumb and dumber are Einsteins compared to these morons!
    FACTS!!! no FOX BULL!

  36. I pray for our president every day. The constant attacks every minute of every day must be horrendous. He does it for us.

  37. Very angry at fox' reporting on this…what, you clowns join the MSM cabal too? The guy went outside proper channels ,in charge of a nuclear carrier overseas, what, he was supposed to get a medal for doing something stupid? Nobody ever heard of Billy Mitchell?? Then that idiot saying modly was trying to be like Trump? Really? You covered that BS? youve lost touch with your audience….remember, woke will get you broke!

  38. Shouldn't trump be fired for the thousands of idiotic tweets he sends out constantly? I mean he said the guy had a bad day? He was trying to save the lives of our soldiers hence doin his job. Trump is just being an idiot causing confusion

  39. How dare the acting navy secretary resign in the middle of a national emergency?! PEOPLE ARE COUNTING ON YOU!!!!!

  40. If Trump was calling the shots and this SNAFU still happened the same way the main story would have been . Trump fails as a Dr. , impeach due to forced unproven drug doses given to sailors. That’s how we know he found out after the fact. Both men will be sad if the drugs save lives and they were blocked from rapid deployment by Most never Trumpers.

  41. How no reporters question trump that all that man was doing was saving american navy countrymens lives wow im shocked america looking more like third world country

  42. Trump is so adept. He understands the core of every situation. Nothing is too big or complicated for him. We are lucky to have him as President.

  43. Trump's words he made a mistake. exactly what was his mistake?. Trump could have stopped this but didn't and now claims ignorance.who is he fooling only his supporters.

  44. Why the captain even took the ship to Vietnam? They're communists and sworn enemies of the US. It is obvious that they deliberately infected our sailors. That's an act of war. The responsible, including Crozier, should be court martialed.

  45. Nothing happens by mistake with concerns to the U.S. government and the Military, …..nothing. Is there more to this than what the public is being told? Things are not always never as they seem, especially in todays world. Smoke and Mirrors people…..

  46. Sounds like Crozier had already talked with his chain of command but they didn’t pay much attention. So he wrote a letter. They are reluctant to take ships out of service when they are 2 carriers below what is needed to begin with.

  47. Geez, what a friggin mess! Not only is the Commander of the USS Roosevelt a twit, as it turns out so is the Acting Navy Secretary with his irresponsible and idiotic follow-up comments to the crew. Now if President Trump intervenes and capitulates on the sacking of the commander, then that is a stupid move as well. The commander of the USS Roosevelt should have been 'fired' because he deliberately did what he did, not following the chain-of-command, to maliciously tell the world that his ship was infected with coronavirus to make the US military and President Trump look bad and undermine his Presidency. But what the commander actually did, was weaken the US Navy in the eyes of the enemies of the US and put his ship and personnel/crew at military risk from an enemy attack of opportunity because of the disarray on his ship that he broadcast to the world by doing what he did. It was right that he was 'fired' for acting in a manner unbecoming of a commander of a USS aircraft carrier — and affected the good order discipline of the Navy — for not following the chain-of-command and either leaking the information directly to the media himself or being careless in disseminating email information about the virus on his ship, in a manner that he knew, or ought to have known, would be leaked — thereby compromising the defensive capabilities of his ship, planes, and crew, and/or would undermine the capacity of the US Military, and/or cause detriment or harm to the command of same.

  48. Man why he up there playing dumb, it was a problem on a ship that Medical team could not handle. The CO was right. And this dumb guy up talking in circles. Really

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