100 thoughts on “Trump meets world leaders amid trade battle with China

  1. "US is winning bigly as China disintegrates" "The US economy is doing its best ever." But now China trade is a national emergency. Go figure. Trump is rattled, unhinged, in meltdown.

  2. Go Trump, he's got the farmers backs that have had doubts, a great deal with Japan. Good trade with the UK. GO TRUMP!

  3. The real root of our problem with China comes from the fact its a communist country. A communist country with a leader in power for life shouldn't be a global influence. Chinese people dont even have access to the entire internet, and they are labeled as a developing country. How can we let this government have major influence on us ? We must stand with our G7 friends and stop communist rule.

  4. To China and to the EU. Tread lightly, there’s a new boss in charge and he’s not in the mood for games. Be fair or be punished. Proceed with caution.

  5. Wow so the American economy is the model for the rest of the world! So is that Nancy Pelosi's economic model?? No, sorry she's too busy trying to impeach Trump to pay any attention to our country's economy😳

  6. Donald Tusk is another EU unelected dictator who claims the US should separate economics from politics. This shows how stupid these EU policymakers are and why they are failing in both economics and policy.


  8. What happened to the fake news predictions of how all leaders at the summit would ignore Trump ?!?
    Seems like they botched another one.

  9. They aren't wildfires when they are lit on purpose. They've been doing it for years on small scales. This time they did way too much at once. Brazil should be protecting the rainforest borders but they don't. It was inevitable.

  10. JD, it's so depressing to see a classic Canadian VJ propping up a divisive, partisan dumpster fire of a network like Faux. Ugh.

  11. this annoying orange is working in what he does best BANKRUPTCY!!!! …7th for this magastupid. superman where are you ??? save US from this clown!!

  12. For the first time in ever, America has been put on the back burner of global politics because of Trump. They didn't put out a join communique because he's an incompetent, incoherent, petulant buffoon who behaves like a 6 year old child. He's such an embarrassment. There's nothing good, no redeemable quality. He's neither intelligent nor well-intentioned. Everything is about him and if he's told anything that he doesn't like, his delicate, dainty little ego shatters and he has to go on the attack. Then he has the nerve to suggest that Put in should be included in the G7. As if that's not bad enough, he called himself the Chosen One. Come on. He's insane.

  13. Tusk is a failed Eurocrat. His speeches sound like a first yr university political science student…. who was drinking all night at the Fraternity House for Low IQ Rich Boys

  14. Congressman Walsh(R): "Trump is unfit to be POTUS." Somebody at G7 please make sure this information doesn't get out to the rest of the World. We don't want Dotard to embarrass America or sell our nation out to a foreign country.

  15. Shame 2
    G7 summit U.S. and Japan agreed to a trade deal yet again and again and again
    President Donald Trump says STFU all you others to disrupt this meeting again

  16. Shame 1:

    Trump conceded regret then reversed course
    wished he’d raised the tariffs higher
    1st head said: I regret
    2nd head said: Should raise tariff

  17. Trump is the first president who achieved so much
    G6, G7, G8, G20, NAFTA, TPPA, NATO, UN, INF treaty, Paris climate accord, Iran Deal, N Korea peace treaty, Immigration Laws
    No Bells, No Bells

  18. The Eu sucks lol why would anyone want to follow there model like 0 growth in that entire block Lmaoo can’t take them serious

  19. China can pound sand. We made China powerful. It was a huge mistake, and a dire betrayal of enforced slavery. We're funding political prisoner slavery, to get cheap azz goods.

  20. Baby boomers prostituted our country to corporations and lobbying interests under the guise capitalism and received the promise of trickle down economics.

  21. People Open Your Eyes This is The sign of The End Of Times Jesus is coming back soon For His People and this Nations are preparing to serve the Beast

  22. The Putin-Appointed POTUS  was outfoxed by the French Prime Minister and now Comrade Trump-ski has French Crepe (pronounced "Crap") all over his Orange Man-Boy Face. Bring out the Baby Trump Blimp.  Putin's Puppet thinks he is the only one who can create excitement and he was proven to be the real fool that he is.  Once he is off his racist platforms, he is seen as the dictator wannabe as the rest of the world sees him.  Little Baby Trump-let was heard oui, oui, ouing all the way home.

  23. I know YOU hate him! BUT Trump will Save America and the WEST.iF HE DON'T DO WHAT HE IS DOING CHINA WILL BE FIRST, and the USA THIRD,AND THEN YOU ALL WILL HOWL,and wonder where your next meal will come from.but by then,it will be TOO LATE !The Chinese Communist government are liars and thieves,you will see their true face soon in Hong Kong.America is a 400 lb heroin addict.and the drug is cheap Chinese crap. We got sold out by 40 years of Traitors,and now we gotta fight back!

  24. As always MSN is reporting a twisted version of an incident when Iranian leader was invited by the French president by saying "How macron pulled a fast one Trump" . When you really understand what was going on, that is a fake news to smear the president.

  25. I am angry that the president really isn't saying anything about Hong Kong in the military action that China has taken over on Hong Kong I want to hear something from him so why don't you all ask him what is he going to say to the leader of China about his military decision on the Free People of Hong Kong

  26. With such a great idea air u give the us 10billion and we can dial back. U dir have no skin in our game and no knowledge

  27. So after costing the U.S. trillions of dollars rescuing France and other European countries in two World wars and BEING THE WORLD'S POLICEMAN, France has the nerve to keep recycling the same fertilizer while accomplishing nothing except causing the wars and aiding and abetting our enemies and dealing with our enemies while they crash the EU economy and letting stupid socialism and global fantasies drive the insanity and ignore the mores which collectively created civilization. sm

  28. USA going trillions in debt, the rich get richer everbody else gets poorer. inequality and lack of decent health and social systems may cause civil unrest in USA. the citizens in the other G7 countries do not want to livve like Americans so why adopt trumps policies

  29. wow, so doing what works best in real life is getting trendy??? I try to do things that successful people do…. I know that's crazy talk…

  30. Please do some research before you speak about the amazon fires. It is mostly a controlled burn for planting crops, and fires were substantially larger in 2011 and 2003.

  31. While the important members of the G7 meet with the Iranian foreign minister, Trump and Boris Johnson did a handsome imitation of Laurel and Hardy.

  32. just so everyone knows, the amazon fires are fake news, there were more last year and they are agricultural fires

  33. The final straw that broke my democrat back and turned me into a Trump conservative, is when the globalist snake Obama relentlessly pushed TPP even though all the unions were against it. Obama arrogantly told them to “trust me.” We know now that TPP would have broken the back of American manufacturing and sovereignty all for the purpose of furthering some authoritarian global order. President Trump is negotiating trade deals in America’s best interest one nation at a time. Slowly making China irrelevant while strengthening America’s hand. Having a strong masculine President who loves America instead of a weak, flaccid, cowardly, globalist empty suit who tolerated America really helps too.

  34. When the president is a rock star and the other leaders flock to him that means The American people did the right thing by voting for this man . Trump 2020

  35. French are so lazy. They eat fast food three times a day and sleep, and that leaves only a couple of hours for work.

  36. The US trade deficit with China is nearly 10x what the EU's trade deficit with them is – if the EU is concerned about China they need to throw a few hundred billion their way – until then mind your own business.

  37. EU Mr. Tusk is a Fool those politicians have no clue just want to keep the status Quo ! All the EU voices are worthless !

  38. Putin gets his money's worth electing the King of B.S., Dumbo Trump, who has alienated EVERY U.S. ally in the world. "Trump’s G7 allies did not mince words either. French President Emmanuel Macron said the group will go on despite Trump’s unorthodox behavior (crazy). “Maybe the American President doesn’t mind being isolated today, but we also don’t mind being six if need be.” Additionally: “We have troubles with not only tariffs, we have troubles with almost every subject,” Willy Wimmer, former vice chairman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, told RT. “And I think the rift between Brussels and Washington, the European Union and the United States, will become bigger and bigger.” Result? Russia wins.

  39. The REAL news fake fox never reports“It’s really, really getting bad out here,” said Bob Kuylen, who’s farmed for 35 years in North Dakota.
    “Trump is ruining our markets. No one is buying our product no more, and we have no markets no more.”

  40. "U.S. farmers lost one of their biggest customers after China officially cancelled all purchases of U.S. agricultural products, a retaliatory move following President Donald Trump’s pledge to slap 10% tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese imports." Clueless Trump fails again.

  41. Little spat? You have got to be kidding me. The problem with China is far more complex than Trump could ever hope to solve with his tiny brain. China is laughing at Trump every time he sucker punches them with new tariffs.

  42. And yet Trump trusts Putin more than the hard working Americans who risk their lives to protect America. Trump is basically spitting in their faces.

  43. French guy ….. getting paid by China.. what a pice of sht… he should be hung for treason.. don’t ever trust the French..

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