Trump 2020 press: Nothing more pathetic than a Bloomberg, Clinton ticket

Trump 2020 press: Nothing more pathetic than a Bloomberg, Clinton ticket

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Trump 2020 press: Nothing more pathetic than a Bloomberg, Clinton ticket

  1. South Carolina…what the hell is wrong with you people voting for Biden? Good lord, y'all need to wake up! Trump 2020!

  2. Bloomberg needs to take his billions and take Hillary with him and jump off of a large left cliff. They will never get a vote from me, hell I will never vote for a Democrat their idiots and crazy! Trump Train for me in 2020!

  3. When given the choice between a Republican and a republican posing as a “democrat” the ppl will pick the actual republican every time. Has Hillary ever won an election?

  4. Nobody could be that Stupid togive Hillary Clinton that close of a chance to being the President of the United States. Life expectancy days not weeks.

  5. It is funny that trump and his fellow republicans plays the " Iam for the little guy" card when infact all your policy is for the elites and the wealthy.

  6. I cannot understand why you are so against Bloomberg. I mean he is just like Trump; a racist misogyne who is trying to buy the election! There is no difference between the two!

  7. These Bloomberg ads are the absolute best… completely changing my mind and making me want to vote for him and now Clinton for VP…. just kidding Trump train is rolling through!!! KAG 2020!! Vote Trump and vote in new Republicans that support our POTUS

  8. If this skunky Witch would have been President,the hold country would have become a dumpster full of MAGGOT. GOD HELP US;…

  9. Don't forget that Hillarys health was getting bad towards the end of being Sec of State in 2013 when she left that job. Physically, I don't think she could keep up the pace. you

  10. Corrupt-Geo political mafia created aid documents for KGB pipeline projects and real estate business upon morphed-forgery-cloned-Photoshopped documents-pictures of self owned proprietary-intellectual-properties and stealing ID-SSN-W2/W4-Income tax-TDS of President credential's and involved in wire transfer-electronic transfer of currencies and cloned accounts to sell lands-states-country into loaned banking to whom these concubines religious leaders owed a high sum of more than 1,200,000,000,000,000crore Indian🇮🇳rupees which is more than 16,788,000,000,000.00USD🇺🇸PrimeTimeSweep😍😘🤗

  11. 5 reason to vote for trump again
    1 no wars
    2 best economy since 1969
    3 wall
    4 illegal immigrants
    5 americans first thinking

    That's my five reasons I'll vote trump and red all the way down my ballot

  12. Mike must be suicidal, well that's how the media report it after he turns up with a broken neck and six stab wounds. "Clinton 2021"

  13. her idea is as follows become Vp then have Bloomberg wacked like all her other rivals then she will become president…

  14. What do I think ? Heaving comes to mind. But as far as Hillary being installed as the Democrat Candidate, I deduced that early in 2017. Does she still stink ? Yes to both, figuratively and literally. Now excuse me, mmm heaving .

  15. Bloomberg is looking down his nose at farmers, and manufacturing people too. Bloomberg is no genius, this guy is considering Hillary Clinton as a running mate. How could he not suspect she may be facing sealed indictments for her illegal E-Mail attempted destruction which possibly egregiously planned the approval of the sale of 20% of American uranium to Russia for $145M contribution to the Clinton foundation. When the House of Representatives rises from the ashes of Democrat control in Novemer, and she receives a knock on the door, Bloomburg will probably find himself intangled.

  16. JPMorgan ожидает, что европейские акции останутся а рекордных максимумах
    Банк HSBC в течение трех лет должен сократить количество сотрудников до 200 000

  17. Isn’t it possible Hillary also bought votes like they claim Trump did, but Trump strategically bought the correct votes to win the electoral college and Hillary muffed up by not caring what states her bought votes came from? This would be another example of how Democrats hate it when Trump uses their tactics against them and then cry no fair you cheated better than me! Just by being himself Trump has exposed the Democratic Party for what it is, really all of Washington to be fair. Trump isn’t the hero we wanted but his the one we needed! I would have gone on blind to the extent of political corruption that has gone on for so long if Trump hadn’t come along. All of us should be grateful and happily support him for another term! Trump 2020 🇺🇸!

  18. If the Dems are determined to go out in a blaze of glory, might as well take the old sea hag Hillary with you!! NOTHING IN THIS WORLD would make me happier than to watch her get another huge beating! Chardonnay anyone??

  19. Make the most hatedd woman in America your vp! Great strategy, go with an EVIL lying seditious Traitorous demonic luciferian!

  20. Come on Trish let them team up it will be good entertainment there is nothing good on TV lately 😁😁😁😁. Love you Trish you're the best reporter out there

  21. Probably the most ironic video. Everything she said about Hillary Clinton & Bloomberg, could be said about Trump and ten times more..

  22. Deplorables will be voting in full force this year.
    We haven't forgotten what Career Criminal Hillary called half of America.

  23. She won’t be able to walk the streets. She’ll be a sitting duck because she’s America’s public enemy no. 2 just after Obama.

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