Triple H gives Ciampa and Gargano one last match: WWE NXT, March 25, 2020

Triple H gives Ciampa and Gargano one last match: WWE NXT, March 25, 2020

Author: Kevin Mason

100 thoughts on “Triple H gives Ciampa and Gargano one last match: WWE NXT, March 25, 2020

  1. The promo in the end is Romanian, and it translates

    Just one man will win,

    And if you loose

    The weakest man is finished

    You will see pain

    [Can't undestand this part]

    It is a dangerous force,

    The clock is ticking at midnight,

    The end is near!

    Thank me later ! 😉

  2. It's Killer Kross, for people saying it's Arturo, there's two significant differences, Arturo has a huge beard and has already debuted for NXT, Kross has a mostly clean shaven face with the exception of a goatee and was signed but nothing has been shown…yet at 4:35 and 4:40 you can see the face of a man with a mostly shaven face behind a hand before he reveals himself, with virtually no facial hair. It's Killer Kross.

  3. This guy is a coward and tried to dive through a window to escape from me……

    All it need was a ARE YOU BLIND!!!!!

  4. They NEED to let Gargano win this feud. He's Seriously earned it through his storytelling. Not saying he's better than Ciampa but Ciampa technically won their first feud, it'd be nice to see it come full circle to Johnny getting the win

  5. i`m a Romanian and when i saw that the video was in romanian i was so excited, but who is that wrestler? is he romanian?

  6. Triple H tried to say this in 2012 to The Undertaker: “The Streak ends. The Era ends. You get your end.” They fought each other 2 more times afterward.

    Triple H tried to end his rivalry with Kevin Nash in 2003. Kevin came back in 2016 for another piece.

    Shawn had his career ended by The Undertaker and came out of retirement for 1 more shot because he couldn’t live with the fact that Undertaker was better.

    1 thing about WWE rivalries. They never end. This 1 will be no different. It’s gonna TRY to be over but it’s gonna FAIL just like all the others. Just give it time.

  7. I love how Triple H compared Him and Shawn's rivalry from 2002 – 2004 to Tomasso and Garganos rivalry ! awesome segment!

  8. The fact that Gargano rarely stopped looking at Ciampa when Killer Kross did his thing. That is pure storytelling

  9. Triple H Shawn Michaels feud in 2002 to 2004 was a classic same thing with Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Champa feud right now and Kevin Owens Sami Zyan feud was also good.

  10. Killer Kross promo translation from Romanian

    ""Only the man will win and if you lose, the weaker man is done. Now you'll all see pain … there's a very dangerous man coming. The clock ticks at midnight and the end is near.""

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  12. In AEW, they stopped using microphones. Makes much more sense since there's no live audience. Seeing them with a mic seems a bit silly though perhaps understandable.

  13. I gotta say. This is a great promo. But In my opinion. I would like to see CIAMPA VS GARGANO in a STREET FIGHT or I QUIT MATCH or 3 STAGES OF HELL MATCH. Because this rivalry is too damn good to be in a normal singles match.

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