Tracy Wood – Member of Consilience Ventures’ Expert Network

I’m Tracy Wood co-founder of Renegade
Agency we are next-generation marketing And full-service creative agency. I was
attracted to join Consilience Ventures as an Expert mainly because of the pedigree of
the founders, when you’re looking at the Startup and tech market there are lots
of good ideas but carrying those through To fruition is an exceptional trait so,
for myself in terms of the amount of Time we as an agency would like to
invest we want to make sure that we’re Backing a winning horse so, for me Kevin
Monserrat’s pedigree alongside the Rest of the board was very very
important. The main challenge working With a start-up is that when they take
you on you are investing just as much Time and effort as you would for a
global organisation often when they’re In early-stage funding, their budgets are
small but you put in the same amount of Time, energy and effort as you would with a well recognised brand that Everyone knows in their home but clearly
once they receive investment they go Down that line and they become much more
interested in joining some of the larger Networked agencies. The beauty of the
Consilience Venture’s community is that They’re being supported in all angles
which means that we are part of their Team really from the beginning and we stay A part of that team until they’re ready to
go into market. When you begin working With a company if you’re working with
someone that you want to be working with They treat you like a partner not a
supplier. The moment that you start Looking at day rates and client billings,
that’s the moment that you become a Supplier in the relationship and that is
when the human connection is lost so the Ability to take part in the community
and provide services and see a company Grow and to be backed by so many
luminaries in the industry, I think That’s what’s really exciting about it
for us.

Author: Kevin Mason

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